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Koi Day Special

A Kid's Koi-Themed Eating Spree
by _brainchild_

A myriad of Koi-themed treats
Awaits me at the store.
These dazzling edibles are sweet—
They're all I want and more!

"Gimme lots of waffles, please."
"Of course, coming right up."
My culinary spree won't cease—
I seldom become stuffed!

"One Koi Sticky New Year Cake!"
"Yes, miss. I'll get it soon."
I start to get a stomach ache
From all my scrumptious boons!

I think I'll manage just one more.
"One Chocolate Koi Biscuit."
Yet then the owner of the store
Tells me, "You're getting sick!"

"No, really, you have got to go."
"Just one more treat for me."
"Kid, the answer shall be no!
Let's end this eating spree!"

I saunter home, and then I lie
Right down on the couch.
My stomach hurts from cakes and pies.
Rumble, grumble, OUCH!

Koi Life Preserver
by indulgences

This is my favorite item made
Exclusive for the Koi.
It's something bright and scarlet hued.
It fills me with such joy.

The edge is stamped with K-O-I.
It's striped with fabric white.
The funny thing is, Kois can swim.
In water, they're all right.

This item is ironic, and
It makes me laugh and smile.
This Life Preserver is absurd.
It surely does beguile!

It's whimsical, it's ludicrous.
It's silly through and through.
It makes the Koi look laughable,
Hysterical to view.

I'll own a Koi myself one day.
She'll wear this thing, for sure.
She'll look so entertaining, with
Such humorous allure!

Coy Koi
by cmdrjane

A well known fact about Koi is they are often hard to find
Glistening beneath the waves, could it be?
Oh, please, oh, please be mine

This Neopet is clever and knows its way around
You'll have to be perceptive
Because they don't want to be found!

A lucky enough Neopian might find themselves a friend
In a Koi that pokes their head above the water now and then

Even though they're shy, and as pets they are quite rare
On Koi day they are celebrating just about everywhere

So if you want a Koi and you just can't seem to find one
Keep an eye out on this day and you just might happen by one!

Happy Koi Day
by she_chose_love

Today is very exciting,
It is a very special Day!
On this day we get to celebrate,
for it is Koi Day, hooray!

Koi's are one of the smallest neopets,
they love to laugh and play.
Their favorite pass time is swimming,
they could do it all-day.

Koi's are very smart,
and love to use their minds.
They are great at solving problems,
they love to solve all kinds.

Koi's are native to Maraqua,
and are attracted to shiny things.
They love anything that glitters,
like pearls and diamond rings.

Koi's are very outgoing,
and a great friend to all.
They are a very playful species,
and rarely ever fall.

So let's celebrate Koi's,
on this very special day.
Happy Koi Day Neopia,
this is the best day in all of May!

A Koi Day Visit
by hogwartsbean3

Swim, swim, swim, swim, 
Around Maraqua we Koi go, 
Swim, swim, swim, swim,
Where exactly we don’t really know. 

A visit to the petpet shop, 
Theres nothing there to see, 
So off to the bubbling pit we go, 
But alas a paint job isn’t free. 

The smells from Kelp are delicious, 
But the Scorchio says LEAVE, 
We’re starting to think its a wasted trip, 
Homeward bound in disbelief. 

With one last peak we take a look, 
Perhaps a beautiful shell, 
We’ll take it home for all our friends, 
They’ll be enchanted under its spell. 

A kind Aisha with a beaming smile, 
hands a beautiful blue shell our way, 
And with a special little wink, 
She wishes us a very ‘Happy Koi day’.

The Cute, Courageous Koi
by pedunculatingly

Even in the most frigid
bodies of water
a fierce Baby Koi
can never feel bothered
He swims right along
doing all that he could
to explore Maraqua,
his own neighborhood. 

Often underestimated
for cuteness and size,
this 'Pet happens to be
a warrior in disguise. 
The wee Koi explorer may be small,
but so brave,
swimming past whirlpools for
trinkets to save

He's once fought 
sea creatures
with teeth 
pointy and large
To collect treasure from
an old, sunken barge.

At the end of the day,
the Baby Koi 
swims home,
fins clenching stuff
From wherever 
he roamed. 

How lovely and freeing
must it be to be a Koi
swimming wherever they please
that brings them much joy.

The Elegant Koi
by kahlen369

If you love sweet Maraquan pets,
Then the Koi is one of the very best,
With its swishy fins and flowing tail,
The lovely Koi will never grow stale!

Have a look at the mesmerizing Rainbow,
Whose shifting scales are always aglow,
From red to yellow, and green to blue,
The colours seem to move whenever you do!

Then there's the elegant Spotted Koi,
Who makes for the perfect Neopian envoy,
With his classic cleanly all-white look,
Broken by orange and black spots as his hook!

They come in many pretty and unique colours,
Like Christmas or Biscuit or even Checkered
There are so many choices, so many paints,
All of which prove the Koi is here to stay!

Famous Koi
by floopeh

As Koi Day approaches, there must be mention,
Of some famous Koi that deserve your attention.
Each of these Koi come from a different background,
But there is no denying that each is renowned.

The King of Maraqua, a ruler most revered,
Is none other than the famous Koi King Kelpbeard.
Defeating the pirates as well as Captain Scarblade,
Proved King Kelpbeard is a ruler completely unafraid.

Another Koi that is sure to impress,
Is none other than the Maraquan Chef.
A loyal Maraquan citizen, sworn to defend,
He is a Koi on whom you can depend.

In Shenkuu you'll find the Fanciful Fauna Shopkeeper,
Selling petpets that you will not find any cheaper.
A gentle soul that is so kind and caring,
No other shopkeepers are worth comparing.

In the spirit of the Altador Cup lunatics,
Another Koi that must be mentioned is Tonie Plessix.
On Team Maraqua, where he tends goal,
There is no doubt he keeps the Yooyuball in control.

Now you are aware of these Koi and their impact,
They are critical to Neopia, and that's a fact!
There is now only one thing left to say:
Everyone have a happy Koi Day!

Koi Day
by lil_reef

They splish and they splash,
And have a real blast,
At the Koi Day bash. 
This day will not be the last,
With oyster cake and,
Races so very fast. 
There is no land,
Quite like the Maraquan sea,
Nothing quite so grand. 
There is no place I'd rather be
Then with the koi of the sea
All of them my family. 

Koi shimmer and shine,
With their scales so divine,
As they glide through cerulean waves. 
Koi quiver and dive,
Through the sea so alive,
As the rays of sun beam brightly through. 

There is no day like Koi Day to me or to you!

The Koi Warrior
by dr_tomoe

For a quick dip within
the Dome of the Deep
where the water flows
and the fishes sleep.

There is a battler
to test ones might
and open to anyone
who wants a fight

The Koi Warrior waits
ready to reveal
his aquatic abilities
and awesome skill

And when not in battle
he stays to defend
the old Maraqua ruins
from pirates and brigands

So test your skill if you dare
against the strongest of the Koi
You might find it is a 
battle you will enjoy.

Feeling a little koi?
by vivie_n

It’s okay to be feeling a bit excited
as it’s the day of celebrations for this special pet
If you travel to Maraqua, you’ll see them
They’re super friendly, so no sweat!

They swim fast and happily,
spending most of their time gliding through
If not going underwater, they like to invent
Putting their minds at work, creating something for you!

You’re bound to make a new friend
when you visit the aquatic habitats
These outgoing and playful creatures
will entertain you with endless chit chat

The Exquisite Koi
by uncatena

If you peer into the depths of the oceans,
Deep into Maraqua where waves breathe tales,
You'll glimpse upon beauty unveiled,
A life of swift underwater motions.

Illuminated by the rays of sun,
A shimmering, sparkling, glimmering delight,
Gracefully swims the Koi in all of its fun.
Beauty to behold within the sight. 

They shine despite their old home being destroyed.
What was once a thriving kingdom, now a void. 
They carry on, with a smile on their face,
No trace of sadness, just the fluid gait of grace. 

The sun sets along the Maraquan shore,
The city and Koi glow with an orange glory.
Quick! One last glimpse at how the Koi elegantly soar
Through the waves of Maraqua, they are quite the story. 

Dive deep into the depths of the oceans,
Deep into Maraqua where waves breathe tales,
You'll swim amongst beauty unveiled,
A life of swift underwater motions.

About the Koi
by wolflurks

There's a special type of Neopet,
That you'd find quite hard to forget.
It's swimming and scaly ball of joy.
That's right, I'm talking about the Koi!

Whilst they cannot fly, or walk, or run,
Koi can do something a lot more fun.
With an elegant tail and powerful fins,
They can do that thing - that's right - it's swim!

Koi will conquer all in a swimming race,
But certainly win with a lot of grace.
They're the friendliest fish you'll ever meet.
With loving hearts, they're all so sweet.

There's famous koi, like King Kelpbeard,
Who saved Maraqua before it disappeared.
There's also Karpoh, who hunts for treasure,
And finds riches, beyond any measure.

If you decide to see Maraqua (their home),
Under the sea waves and the frothy sea foam,
Say 'hi' to any koi, who you see around -
After you make sure that you do not drown!

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