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Acara Day Special

A Baby Acara, Now Yours
by lil_reef

A baby acara so cute and small,
Started to move and then to crawl,
Such a pretty sky blue her fur did shine,
And she was my neopet, yes she was all mine!

An acara so smart and bright she was,
Reading so very many books, just because,
Trying so many new things and learning too,
But soon I knew that she must go home with you!

I miss her dearly and love her still,
I'm certain that I always and forever will,
But I know now that things do not last,
And her time with me is now in the past.

This is a letter to all else and you,
Who my little acara knows and once knew,
To love and cherish her each and every day,
And never let her wander quietly away.

An acara so cute and young and bright,
To each and every day she brings such light,
And I will always remember her, every night,
Knowing that now the home she is in is just right.

Goodbye little acara and happy Acara Day!

Masila The Scheming Acara
by _interrupted_

There is a scheming Acara, 
who is a member of the thieves guild. 
A group for the cunning, 
And not the under skilled. 
She fooled the leader, 
With her deception and lies. 
Pretend to love, 
And a plan was devised. 
For her love belonged to someone else, 
Another member of the guild. 
Who would help get rid of the leader, 
So their power, could build. 
The lead must go, 
The leader must be killed. 
Her plan didn’t work, 
And left her unfulfilled. 
It ended in battle, 
And Masila ran. 
But promised revenge, 
In her master plan.

Vile Vira
by dr_tomoe

The once beautiful Vira
could not hide her vanity
and even though she was grand
she desired more beauty.

Nothing could stop her
for she desired to be the best
and look down upon the less beautiful
with scorn and detest.

But then, she came upon
a foul curse unknown
and Vira became transformed
and reaped what she had sown

Her looks had been stolen
leaving her ghoulish and cursed
and her hatred and vileness
only made her worse

Now, twisted and evil
this Acara shall corrupt
all those that she approaches
and let the darkness erupt.

So beware if you spy Vira
and if so, you best split
for her evil gaze, once upon you
she shall never lift.

It Started With a Structure
by flufflepuff

(For Acara Day)

It started with a structure,
within his modest home--
He gazed so wistful at the sky,
where winged creatures did roam.
With paws of pink more suited for
excursions neath the waves,
and giant ears e'er poised to hear
the hostile ones in caves,
the child felt as if the sky
was ever barred to him.
The thick-set blue fur he did sport
would only help him swim.
His body wracked with longing, he
Let out a rattled sigh.
Within, a plan of dewdrop's size:
Who needed wings to fly?

It started with a structure,
a training regimen,
With races up his mountain home
And never less than ten.
Layer upon layer built
with muscle, inner strength,
To gain the skill to reach the sky,
He'd go to any length.
It mattered not his limbs would cry,
his lungs would oft protest,
Nor wobbling legs or creaking bones--
There was no time to rest.
Full confidence and grace was near,
each block of wood he'd rent,
Each tower climbed until he was,
save for his spirit, spent--
The time had come for his first test,
a rope upon a shelf,
Naught in between, but to be called,
the strength within himself.

One massive leap, paws made to swim
sailed high over the mist,
And latched onto the rope above,
His grip began to twist,

But one more rope beyond him
did the Acara reach,
And past that one, another,
In a game no one could teach
nor learn.

It started with a structure, but
as dusk does turn to day,
a dream of skies was realized

and through the air

		the Acara


Meeting an Acara
by puhapaev

One day I met an Acara,
She said it was Acara Day.
I asked her to tell me more.
Here's what she had to say…

"We are fantastic swimmers.
And love to play and splash.
We just as fast in water as land,
And can get around in a flash!"

"Acaras can stay warm because:
We have nice thick fur.
It's soft to touch but tough to break,
Feel free to pet me, sir!"

She lifted up her head for me,
And I scratched her shell-like ear.
I noticed that she had long horns,
But she told me not to fear.

"Unlike those of a Snicklebeast,
My horns are flexible."
She made them flop and swing about.
It was quite a spectacle!

She had a surprise waiting for me,
And asked me to follow her way,
We walked and ran and skipped and jumped,
And had a fantastic day.

But the best part of it all,
(And it was unregrettable)
We both went to none other than:
The Acara Aquatic Festival!

The Maraquan Acara: A Master of Maractite Marvels
by _brainchild_

Lying on the ocean floor
Is a most amazing store.
It sells splendid weaponry
Sure to meet each fighter’s needs.

The owner who purveys fine wares
Is an Acara who shares
Grand knowledge of the items sold.
They're worthwhile buys, I'm told!

"How may I help you today?
Would you like a Maractite Mace?
No, not that? May I suggest
A great Maractite Throwing Net?"

I decide upon a sword
And a cool Maractite Cord.
I know they'll help me in my fights.
Victory will be in sight.

This Acara shall help pets
Win their strifes with shields and nets.
If you're a skilled warrior,
Then stop and pick up a sword.

The Tale of Acar-istopher Columbus
by fruit_fanatic24

Acar-istopher Columbus is a traveler at heart--
he sails the seas, forever pleased whenever he departs.
"The flapping of the sails, and the whistling of the winds
Could make a man forever smile!" he bellows as he grins.

"I'll tell you what Acaras want--we want to go explore!
We want to see the sights unseen above the ocean floor!
Acaras just aren't meant for things like that, I do conjecture;
Acaras just don't like the land--they're meant for grand adventure!"

The land was never his abode, and never his domain;
He'd rather bathe in lava than on dirt and stone remain.
He'd rather feel his feet upon the shore or sandy waters,
Or better yet, upon his ship, a place of greatest honor!

But then one fateful day--a day of storms and roaring thunder,
A bolt of lightning comes about and tears his ship asunder!
The sails alight and flaming bright, the winds a raging mess,
The ship is driv'n to rocky shores with terrible finesse!

The sun is shining brisk on Acar-istopher Columbus;
He wakes upon a foreign beach and swiftly checks his compass.
"Oh me, oh my! I'm rich!" he shouts, while dancing on the sand,
"I've sailed upon the daring shores of undiscovered land!"

He makes his home on what today is called Neopia;
He settles there, despite his chronic terraphobia.
He brings his family, friends, and all that he considers dear
To come and revel in his work of finding new frontiers.

Today Acaras love to swim and snorkle in the ocean;
They love to romp and play around, and always keep in motion.
They owe it to our dear explorer, the one who loved the sea,
Who brought them here to live with cheer and energetic glee.

Acara Aquatic Festival ~ Special
by 9boogirl9

Watching the Acaras
Swimming in the bay
With four working paws,
It was a grand day.

Some were Red, some were Blue,
And one was even wearing a shoe.
Some may be Checkered, and some may be Green
But I thought all of them were pristine!

It may be a day or two
Before the lakes clear out
Because the Acara Aquatic Festival deserved
more than a day, without a single doubt!

The beauty of them swimming,
filled my heart with joy.
As I would be buying
My Acara a brand new toy.

We went to the toy store, the colors bright
As my Acara stared up at them with delight.
Her fur was blue, her horns pink.
Yet she was beautiful, whatever they may think!

She picked out a Chia Clown,
to boast and bustle around the town.
I loved her so much, and I had to say
'You're so great! Happy Acara Day!'

She smiled at me, her eyes shining
For today she got the toy that she wanted
Without any whining!

I said I loved her, and she loved me too.
For dinner, we were cooking up some stew!
'Some chips, and Asparagus', she read,
As this whole day hadn't filled me with dread! 
Life was great now, swimming in the bay, 
As we take the time to say, 
'Happy Acara Day!' 
(Acara Aquatic Festival)

Acara Aquatic Festival
by she_chose_love

One of the most unique festivals,
of the summer takes place today.
All of the Acaras in Neopia,
come out to play.

The Bowla will gather,
in a huge school.
Not very far from the shore,
each glimmering like a jewel.

As the Bowla prepare,
to adventure far.
Acaras gather on the shoreline,
as the sun sets like a blazing star.

The Acaras watch the Bowla,
as they glow in the moonlight.
They begin to paddle towards the petpets,
ready for a fight.

When the perfect moment comes,
and all of the Acaras are prepared.
They dive in synchronization,
not a single Bowla gets spared.

Acaras are fast,
and catch their prey.
Victorious Acaras,
splash and play.

As another Acara Aquatic Festival,
comes to a close.
Acaras everywhere smile,
awaiting next years festival I suppose.

Grey Acara Plushie
by indulgences

A sorry thing, this tiny toy,
Dejected and alone.
It looks so sad and sorrowful.
It needs a loving home.

Two eyes are misted with wet tears.
They're rimmed with pink and red.
The head is tilted to one side,
So meek and full of dread.

It sits upon its rear, and waits
For someone friendly who
Will pick it up and hug it close
And push away its gloom.

I hope someone will find this toy
And give it love and care.
This Plushie's tears and wretchedness
Are more than I can bear.

My pets all have too many toys,
And do not need one more.
But maybe someone else can buy
This Plushie I adore.

They'll hug it fierce and mightily.
They'll wipe away its tears.
They'll keep this Plushie close at hand.
They'll soothe away its fears.

This Grey Acara Plushie is
A toy of deep despair.
Please purchase it and keep it near.
Please hug it, and take care.

The Prettiest Acara
by dragonsfriend1021

Once upon a time, far from any city,
There lived an Acara who was very pretty.
She would sit in lush green fields for hours
Brushing her hair and braiding the flowers.

As she sniffed a daisy, taking in its sweet scent,
An observer might think she was quite content.
But underneath the Acara's charming exterior,
She had a motive that was truly ulterior.

This young maiden had a deep-seated goal
that she yearned for in the depths of her soul.
She wanted her looks to entrance and enthrall -
She wanted to be the fairest of all!

Even though she was pleased when she looked in a mirror,
She knew there were others out there who were prettier.
And this Acara was so utterly vain
That another's good looks were cause for disdain.

And so as she sat, playing with her hair,
She whispered her deepest wish into the air.
"I wish," she began, twisting her locks into a curl,
"I wish to be the most beautiful Acara in the world."

Little did she know, there was someone who heard her!
And a shadowy voice replied in a murmur,
"You are very pretty, but not the prettiest one.
I can make you stunning, second to none."

The Acara was taken aback by this spirit.
She had made the wish without expecting someone to hear it.
"You can really do that?" she gasped. "Is it true?
How would it work? What do I have to do?"

The shadowy voice let out a deep, dark snicker
As excitement in the maiden's eyes did flicker.
"Are you certain that you want to know?
Are you sure you can do it? To what lengths would you go?"

"Oh yes," cried the Acara. For once, her goal seemed achieveable!
"I would do almost anything conceiveable.
I would fly to Kreludor or swim to the depths of the lakes.
I want this more than anything. I'll do whatever it takes!"

The spirit's voice changed as if it did smile
As it greatly approved of the Acara's style.
"Ok," it said, "You won't have to keep guessing.
Your willingness means that I'll give you my blessing."

The young vain Acara felt rather strange
As her features shifted and started to change.
Once the magic around her all had cleared,
she couldn't wait to see how she appeared.

She rushed back to her home to look in a mirror,
Getting more excited as she drew nearer.
And when she finally viewed her reflection
she saw exactly what she wanted: perfection.

Her fine hair was gorgeous, no piece was astray.
From such beauty she couldn't tear her gaze away.
She stared at her figure, her eyes full with a glimmer
But then the image started to shimmer...

When the magic cleared a new image was born.
A grey-green Acara with two twisted black horns.
"You yearned to be pretty," the dark voice said smugly.
"But instead, you'll be punished by forever being ugly."

The young Acara screamed with frustration.
She was extremely upset with this situation!
She tore toward the door, her face twisting into a sneer,
Wondering if she could find anything that might bring her cheer.

Outside her small house was a little garden
Where the sight of a few daisies seemed to enhearten.
The young Acara smiled and reached out to touch one.
At her contact, the blossom shriveled from poison.

As the flower withered, all crinkled and cracklin'
The maiden's heart similarly started to blacken.
Before she was vain, but this evil was worse.
And now she suffers from that dark shadow's curse.

Perpetually hurt and alone, the Acara wanders near and far
And any 'pets she encounters, she will punish and mar.
She uses magic mirrors to harm their mentality,
For after her touch, the mirrors twist 'round reality.

She'd wanted to have looks that were superior
But instead gained looks that matched her interior.
And this charming young 'pet who was an Acara
Became the villain known to all as Vira.

An Acara's Lament
by saraforpres

My Acara is so pure and green,
The fairest to behold.
There is a lab in a deep ravine,
Where her soul would soon be sold.

We step into that murky lab,
The scientist scuttles out of sight.
Onto my Acara I move to grab,
With her face so full of fright.

But alas, I am too late!
He swipes her from my hands!
O you dreadful Scorchio of fate!
I cannot bear to glance.

My Acara cowers under the lab ray,
The wickedest ray in all of Neo!
The scientist begins to tap away,
And soon my Acara becomes a Kiko!

My Kiko is so round and green,
The roundest to behold.
Morphed to flatter the self-esteem
Of a scientist so cold.

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