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Neopets Poems

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Peophin Day Special

by mi_gorilla

The Peophin swoops, the Peophin dives
Dancing through the ocean with the gracefulness of flies
Nobody can, nobody will
Outwit the beauty of her, still

I need to know, really I do
Who can beat the kindness of her
I love my Peophin, I always will
If I could stop, I must have some skill

Sashaying through the ocean, leaping through the air
The most graceful pet that ever could care
She never breaks a promise, and never a rule
Almost as loyal as she is cool.

Peophin Festival
by arachnophilia

Such majestic beauties with luscious manes
Their hooves are cloven; their tails spaded
Through the waters without a care
Peophins frolic and gather from everywhere

"It's the day!" People holler
Aquatic bounties are sure to follow
"Make a wish and throw a coin,"
The Peophins will exclaim with joy

Festivies arise and people chime,
"Brand new colors - what will arrive?!"
Excitement bubbles, people gawk
at this fantastic aquatic Peophin flock

Every July, you're sure to hear
the uprising and riot that Peophins hold dear
Perhaps quirky, perhaps strange
but don't ever forget, Peophins are all the rage

The day comes to an end, but what is this?
Brand new items and brand new sets
Maybe clothing, maybe books
Perhaps a brand new Peophin look

Another day, another year
Peophins with full bellies cheer
Off to sleep in their mossy beds
Peophins make awesome friends

The Majestic Mermaid
by melissa123411

Travel the sea and you will see
The merriest of all to be!
Swimming in the ocean blue,
Will they even notice you?

Sirens here and sirens there,
But you can’t hear them anywhere.
There’s no reason to be afraid
Of Neopia’s majestic mermaid!

Your heart is truly sure to soften
When you find this free-spirited dolphin.
Travelling the entire ocean
Is the elegant and great Peophin!

My Peophin
by chocolatemilk922

My Peophin’s beauty was unrivalled by all
Every Neopian was included
Even the Wocky, the Draik, and the Grall.
When she trotted her hooves, all stood in awe
Word of her beauty spread,
Until the wrong eyes saw.
In a jealous rage, the evil being promised her wrath,
Every Neopian became fearful
Even The Neopets Staff.
To disguise her beauty, I applied a mask
In the middle of her muzzle
It was a heart wrenching task.
In blissful ignorance, we hid for a time
I thought she was safe,
Because she is mine.
Unfortunately, the being was wise
It understood our weakness:
Our undying love was obvious to her discerning eyes.
The being found us, and cackled with a condescending coo
“You, Skeith, resemble a Faerie
How about a Shrew!?”
My flesh started to twist,
And my beloved rushed to save me
The being was faster though, and gave her the tail of a fish.
Alas is the tail, of how we strange Neopets came to be
My kind is banished to the land
And my beloved is banished to the sea.
Alas, there is a light at the end of this tale of woe,
For on the dawn of each new year
We reunite when the tide is low.
And how my Peophin gleams in the cove diffused light
She gleams brighter than Kreludor does
Even when Dr. Sloth lost the fight.
The being is still bitter, that our love she did not wreck
So beware pretty Neopians, 
To keep your beauty in check.

Happy Peophin Day
by she_chose_love

Hip hip hooray,
it is Peophin Day today.
It is time to celebrate Peophins,
and all they have to offer- yay!

The day begins with new paint brush colors,
making Peophins look brand new.
Hopefully colors like marble and candy,
designed in pretty shades of blue.

New Peophin inspired items,
will also come out today.
Things like books and toys,
and maybe some armor in different shades of grey.

Many Neopians wait in anticipation,
to see what the new wearables will be.
They hope for dresses and wings, 
I guess we will have to wait and see.

I hope you enjoy the celebrations,
and all today brings.
Let's celebrate Peophins,
and treat them all like kings.

Happy Peophin Day Neopia,
I hope you day is filled with cheer.
As you enjoy this special day,
that only happens once a year!

The Legend of Peophins
by hectic_haley

Peophins have the grace of a flowing stream,
and brains cunning enough to draw up a scheme.
They are an underrated species, to say the least,
when reality they are a beautiful beast.

Though few have graced our Neopian lore,
the mighty Marak protected dear Altador.
In the sky he is the mighty constellation "The Wave" 
is something we'll remember long after he is in a grave.

We also have Miss Venuquin,
a guide of the sea, always willing to lend her fin.
Legend has is she swam the southern seas,
listening for the pleas,
of sailors and ships in danger.
Though a stranger,
she was always willing to help.

The last living legend is Erli Quinnock,
who is the ultimate jock.
A keeper for Kiko Lake,
so talented that other teams can't make a mistake,
or they'll never score
and the game will be a bore.

The greatest Peophins
by smilingpony

The Peophins are a mighty species,
With proud traditions and grace.
Their tails are sleek and strong,
Their manes are as soft as lace.
Marak, The Wave in Altador,
Is one of the protectors of old.
His courage in protecting his clan,
Is a famous tale still told.
Peopatra resides in the desert,
She sells petpets from her stall,
This kind-hearted Peophin is gentle,
And rehomes lost petpets, all.
Peophey is merely a rumour,
Many do not ever catch a glimpse,
But those who have been lucky,
Are rarely the same ever since.
Venuquin the mother travels far,
Journeying leagues across the sea,
She helps those sailors lost or in peril,
And takes them to safety for free. 
These famous four neopets are all,
Friendly, gentle and brave.
And exemplify how marvellous all Peophins are,
As they zoom along in the wave.

The Magic of Peophins
by salvilukas

In Maraqua, deep and dim
You may find the Peophin.

In its ruins, deep and cold,
strewn with citadels of old,
see them, beautiful and bright
in the faint and dancing light.

Hidden deep beneath the waves
in a hundred glittering caves
Peophins do swirling swim
in Maraqua, deep and dim.

Where the Noak and Surzard dwell
there dwell Peophins as well.
Old sea legends tell us this: 
Peophins bring happiness.

Sometimes, in the light of day
you may see them splash and play
spraying water, fresh and cool
every drop a sapphire jewel.

You may find them where the sea
rises unexpectedly. 
See them, riding on the foam,
noble horses free to roam.

Over every crashing wave
hear their singing, strange and brave
in a song that seems to lull
shy, elusive, magical.

Swimming in the dying day
frolicking amidst sea spray
sunset glancing off their fins
graceful, shining Peophins.

Venuquin The Great
by _interrupted_

Year after year, 
A legend is told. 
Of a very special Neopet, 
That never gets old. 
A story of a mysterious Peophin, 
Who inhabits the south sea. 
Swimming through the currents,  
With elegance and glee. 
Coming to the rescue, 
She likes to help. 
By rescuing sailors in danger, 
Who are tangled by kelp. 
It has also been said, 
That she guided ships to the shore. 
after they got lost when the crew, 
Had traveled to explore. 
This Peophin is really special, 
So today we celebrate. 
The mother of the sea, 
Venuquin the great.

Peophin Day
by lewdshi

My oh my, it cannot be!
But I'm positive, for sure, is it not just me?
Out in the waves, moving ever so swift, 
Is that truly a Uni with a most wonderful gift?
Surely not! I think, as I rub my eyes,
Only to be met with another surprise!
A tail that size.. can it really be?
That has to be a Flotsam! what a sight to see!
But as I lean closer and clear up my view,
My oh my, something entirely new!
With a graceful tail, like that of a fish..
With elegant hooves, oh how could you miss!
Why, Of course it is, oh silly me!
Just what else could it possibly be?
A magical creature, fortunate and kind,
Although shy, they're definitely refined!
I wave out to the ocean with a gleeful cheer, 
Peophin, that's you! It's your day of the year!

Marak, the Wave
by panda_girl555

Listen well and I will tell a tale that is true
Of a fierce yet gentle Peophin, a warrior in blue

A great leader of his tribe and defender of the seas
Mighty Marak watches all, every wave and every breeze

One fateful day, against his tribe, fishermen rogues conspired
To protect his fellow Peophins, Marak would do whatever was required

Although he bargained peace, his calls went unheeded
With grim determination, Marak went where he was needed

The Peophins defended themselves against a steady advance
But against these ferocious fishers, they didn’t stand a chance

But beneath the rolling, cresting waves, beneath the stormy skies
Came a creature, of and by the sea, with fire in his eyes

Clad in shining, shimmering plates with a trident by his side
Marak’s mane a lustrous indigo, his heart filled with pride

Like a wave crashed mighty Marak, relentless on the attack
With a steady strike, a fearsome splash, he beat the bandits back

By the great warrior’s trident, the fishermen fled, defeated
His tribe safe, the seas calm, Marak, too, retreated

To this day, from stormy seas many sailors have been saved
It could be mighty Marak’s work, or maybe just a Wave

Peophie's Wish
by 9boogirl9

Peophins, Peophins...
We're so pristine! 
Our hooves always trotting;
Our tails always clean.

We bounce around, big bundles of joy,
Hey, Neopian, spare a toy?
My name's Peophie,
And a toy's my wish.
In exchange for the toy, I'll give you a fish!

You gave her the toy, and she gave you a fish.
You had fulfilled Peophie's wish!
You saw her swim into the bay, as you realized
For her, it was a special day.

She was a baby, nice and young.
She was a true hero, a hero unsung.
She was a nice girl, for all she had to say,
was, "Happy Peophin Day!", as she swam away.

So I went and adopted her, made her a grand cake, but the problem was, it took time to bake.

So we wrote this poem together,
As a symbol of happiness for the day.
And Peophie has one more thing she wants to say: Happy Peophin Day!

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