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Community - Recommended Fan Site Nomination

While there are plenty of outstanding fan sites out there, it takes something extra special to join the elite ranks of those designated as Recommended Fan Sites. If you’re aware of such a site that has yet to receive its due, then let us know by providing the necessary details below and we’ll see if it measures up...

Recommended fan sites have a few extra perks that go along with the title. Not only are they linked in the Recommended section of the Fan Site Directory, but we also add the fan site URL to our filters so that players can share its glorious links anywhere that text can be posted on Neopets. (Plus, there are a few other perks known only to those who join the ranks! And a secret hand shake.)

So, how does a fan site become Recommended? Well, first it has to be nominated, which you're about to do below! (That's pretty nice of you, by the way.)

Second, it goes through a pretty rigorous screening process at Neopets Headquarters. We don't mind saying we're very strict when it comes to Recommended sites! Some of the criteria we look at are:

  • How long the fan site has been in operation
  • The reputation of the fan site and its staff within the Neopets community
  • Types and quality of content
  • Helpfulness and accuracy of content
  • Staff discretion (this comes in handy for some of those secret perks...)
  • Professionalism

And a slew of other things too numerous to list.

So, if you think your favourite Certified fan site is up for it, select it in the drop down below and let us know why. We'll take a look!

*Note: You will not be notified whether or not the nominated fan site is approved and upgraded to Recommended. Any new additions will be announced in New Features.
Thank you for recommending a Fan Site to become Recommended! We are taking your suggestion into review. Keep your eye on the Fan Site Directory page to see if it is added!