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Neopedia : Brightvale

Brightvale Location: Southwest of Meridell
Government: Monarchy
Current leader: King Hagan
Population: 240,000
Main exports: Higher learning and stained glass windows
Current diplomatic status with neighbouring lands: Peaceful
Weather: Temperate, with sunny summers and sleet in winter
Terrain: Splendid farmland and rocky hills
Brightvale logo Unlike the neighbouring kingdom of Meridell, Brightvale is best known for its educated populace and endless supply of scholars. The kingdom is ruled by King Hagan (also known as Hagan the Wise), who (by an almost comical twist of fate) is brother to Meridell's ungainly King Skarl. Though Hagan's citizenry understands that he is nothing like his laughable brother, His Majesty still feels a deep embarrassment about his family ties and therefore does not have a close relationship with Skarl. At this point, the two generally meet for strictly political reasons and hold only a fragile alliance between their two kingdoms.

Aside from Brightvale's relation and proximity to Meridell, the two kingdoms have very little else in common. The citizens of Brightvale celebrate knowledge and learning above all else, treasuring their fine literature and history. From the outside, many other Neopians seem to look down upon the residents of Brightvale, thinking them snobbish, though Brightvalians appear to neither notice nor care.

Places of Interest

Brightvale Castle - Home to the royal family of King Hagan and his court, Brightvale Castle has stood for hundreds of years. Built of pale Brightvalian stone, the massive castle includes dozens of treasuries, storerooms, guest chambers, and of course, the Great Library. It is said that more books are stored in the Great Library than have actually been written. Scholars are still arguing how this is possible.

Wheel of Knowledge The Motery - The Motery is home to the marvelous elemental beings known as Motes, thanks to Brightvalian scholars conducting decades of research here. Whether you intend to use them in the Battledome or just admire their happy faces, the Motery is the best place in Neopia to acquire a Mote collection.

Brightvale Fruits - Some say the best fruit in Neopia comes from Mystery Island, but they've clearly never tasted a Dewy Apple! This fruit shop hosts fine fruit harvested from acres of orchards and farms across the kingdom.

The Wheel of Knowledge - This Wheel is wildly popular among scholars for its pithy phrases and somewhat less popular in the general populace for its tendency to provide phrases instead of items.