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New Features (Our Neopets Diary) - April 2000's News

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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29th April 2000

  • It's a Saturday and we are still slaving away :( Anyway, we fixed a big slowdown-type-bug in the marketplace so now there should be less times when you buy an item and don't get the NP.
  • We have made all pets unlimited edition for now. There will be more limited edition pets coming in the future, but due to popular demand you can now adopt Peophins!
28th April 2000
  • Cool new game! - Why not try The Great Neopet Hunt. Your pet is hiding somewhere on the net and its up to you to find him (or her).
  • Added a new pet - the Tigren! Also we have another one on the way thanks to our new artist
  • All the auctions that are currently 'in progress' will be finished by the end of today. There were so many that we couldn't process them all fast enough :)
27th April 2000
  • Things are starting to get good now, we have two more artists working here (yes we will update the Neocam soon), and we have nearly finished the transition to our new super-database! The site will be faster soon.
  • I have stopped people from adding HTML to the message boards. Too many people were abusing this and automatically refreshing to shops and items, so sorry it's been taken away.
  • Auctions are running a lot faster now.
  • Oooh we got voted the top fun site in Australia :) Nice to see we are being noticed!
26th April 2000
  • Fixed the Auctions so you don't get pages of Closed auctions any more.
25th April 2000
  • Nearly got the new database finished! Watch this space.
  • Stopped people from cheating with the shops buy getting people to buy things they don't want.
  • Donna added a new Pet Spotlight.
21st April 2000
  • Why not get a Quest from the faeries??
20th April 2000
  • Possibly the cutest pet in the world has been added today, the Shoyru. Get one now!!!
  • Uggh. A Neocam. Donna wanted to do this but we all object. Look at how ugly we really are.
  • Have you seen the current Pet Spotlight - why not write us a story about your pet, a description, and possibly a picture and we may put him or her up there!
19th April 2000
  • The Frogstomp is here!!! Why not adopt one today.
  • Fixed a bug in the slots game
18th April 2000
  • The Create a Pet competition finalists have been announced. Take your time to browse through all the entries. Its up to you to decide which designs will become real Neopets. Click here to check out the entries.
  • Oooooh a new game! Check out our new Tic Tac Toe game now.
  • Meet FrogStomp. This little guy was sent in by Iriss as part of the Create a Pet competition. We thought he was so cute that he had to become a pet. Keep checking back as you will be able to have your very own FrogStomp shortly!
17th April 2000
  • Easter Neggs are now around the site.. Luxury gifts for your pet!
  • Estabilised the database, it can now handle 2,000 people at a time on the site. We are installing Oracle so we can triple that number, so bear with us!
16th April 2000

  • No wonder we get so many technical problems! 1,300 players on the site at one time!!! Check our our new Max Players Ever number on the Whos Online? page.
  • The shops are now restocking as usual... we fixed the bug!
  • If you live in the Glendale area (California), and fancy working for a cool, fun Internet site then why not email us at jobs@neopets.com and send us your resume. We need programmers, artists, support people and people who have good ideas!
  • Remember! The Easter bunny will never ask you for your password... if a fake bunny contacts you then please notify us. Cheating bunnies are not welcome on Neopets!
15th April 2000

  • Added the Easter Bunny. She will be popping up all over the site giving you presents and NeoPoints!
  • Finished the changeover to the new database.... the site should be fast now at all times
13th April 2000

  • We are back! We have a nice new office, and some new servers that will ensure that the Neopets site is always really fast!
  • You can now adopt FOUR PETS!!!!!
5th April 2000

  • We have added a cool new Pet Central page... hope you like it!
  • We have finally left our offices and are planning to come over to the US to our new offices, only a few days left. We hope to have lots of new stuff coming! The main thing we will be working on are new Shockwave games, and the Trading Cards, Battle Dome and Theme Parks!
2nd April 2000

  • IMPORTANT! Please bear with us, we are currently in the process of relocating our office and hiring some new staff so we can add great new things to Neopets MUCH faster than before :) We won't be able to get much done over the next few days, but keep watching this space for news.