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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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14th December
  • News Flash - Robot Challenge and the Space Faerie puzzle have relocated to floors 2 and 3 of the Space Station. You can now go up in the elevator to play these games.
  • The new Caption Contest has been launched.
  • Now the pets say more things when they play with toys.... also if you play with broken toys then they will get annoyed.
  • Say hello to Nisiko, She is the star of the site spotlight today:). Also give a warm welcome to Bananas_5, the new Star Pet!.

    Nisiko Banana_5

  • SECURITY UPDATE - Neositting is not allowed, as this means giving your password out to anybody else. All monitors will now have the power to freeze the account(s) of anybody who offers to Neosit somebody else. If you want your pet looked after, use the NeoLodge.
  • A rather strange figure has been seen dashing through Neopia handing out special gifts. These magical crackers are said to contain great prizes so keep looking out for this mysterious person.

  • The number of items your pet can have equipped at one time is now 7. If you have more than this equipped already, we suggest you unequip your items, as you won't be able to take advantage of the new items otherwise! :)
  • Many new toys were added today in time for the holiday rush. Don't let your pets play too rough though, some toys may break:)

  • Sorry the site was slow earlier, we have fixed the problem and should be fast for the rest of the day!
13th December
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - Now all the damage is colour coded, so attacks appear in red and defence in green. It's all rather fun actually! We should be able to launch the two player version very soon!!! Watch this space...
  • New Food Shop! Check out Frost Bites to see some cool new food for your pet!

  • We have added some new banners for the referral program and a whole lot more will be appearing very soon. Click here to find out more!

  • Updated the Guilds so that if you want to promote/delete somebody then you just have to type in the username, and not search through pages and pages of usernames.
  • COOKING POT UPDATE - Yes, it's been a while but now we have 9 more cooking pot recipes, and beware - one of them requires 3 items to make instead of two.

  • There are now some more cool pics in our Gallery!

  • We added a eighth level to the Ice Caves, this one is a bit tricky!
  • The new Site Spotlight has been uploaded!
  • You can now Link to Us with a whole host of extra buttons (well, four... but we are adding more soon!).

12th December
  • The site spotlight is back! We will be updating the site spotlight every week now, if you think your Web site has what it takes to be a star why not enter? Click here to find out more!
  • Check out the new improved Space Station! Now it is high and low bandwidth versions. Try to see the high bandwidth version just once as it has lots of surprises inside:)

  • There is a new Negg in the Neggery - it's the Plaid Negg.

  • More Poogles and Cybunnies! Another 20,000 of each have entered Neopia, so if you have been waiting to get one all this time, click on 'Create a Pet' over on the left and do so!

  • SECURITY UPDATE - We just found a lot of people using a program that was designed to cheat our flash games. Even whole guilds were taking advantage of this program. Every single person (over 200 of them) has been frozen and will not get their accounts back. Please do not do this, it unbalances the game for everybody else and is blatantly against our terms and conditions (and we can easily track it, too).

    Also, we would like to point out that creating multiple accounts to artificially inflate stocks on the Stock Market is also illegal! Please just play by the rules to make Neopets more fun for everybody.

  • Uploaded a new version of Kiko Match, this one is more fun as it has a timer that counts down... Hehehehhehe!!!

  • NEW GAME - See how many points you can score in our new game Whack-A-Beast.
11th December
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - We fixed a big bug that had been eluding us for a week now, so the fight routine is now finished. Thanks to all the alpha testers for their help. Also, we will be adding lots more cool items soon such as shields that freeze opponents weapons, crystal balls that let you spy on your opponent, and items that let you steal from your opponent. More news soon.

  • We added a seventh level to the Ice Caves, this one has new features - balloons that float upwards to block your path, and also diamonds that give you more points!
  • NEW GAME - It's on the top of one of the mountains in Happy Valley, but it's not on the map yet... yes it's CLIFFHANGER. Try and save the Tuskaninny in this great new quickfire game based on Hangman. You can play every day to earn Neopoints!
  • A new caption competition has been added - click here to play.
  • Welcome to another week of new features on Neopets. Once again we start off with a new StoryTelling competition. More coming soon!
  • Added loads more Animated Greetings Cards - why not send them to all your friends this Christmas!!
9th and 10th December
  • Hope you have a great weekend. We have been working on our servers over the last few days so they should keep the site fast all weekend. Another upgrade is due early next week.
  • Happy Birthday to Donna on the 10th December... she is 22 today!!!
  • The food shop is now giving out a lot more food. Remember to only buy a couple of items and leave some for everybody else!
8th December
  • Now you can put the level of one of your abilities up by using a new Radioactive Negg from the Neggery.

  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is out now. Click here to see the latest stories, articles and tips, and also some information about this week's stock crash!
  • Everybody likes a bit of Christmas Chia! Also, the Buzz and Flotsam now come in a festive format too. You need a Christmas Paintbrush to give your pet this costume.

  • Added a great new Marketplace Map to the site today. The high bandwidth version has sounds, animation, and it actually goes between night and day.
  • Now all faerie abilities (Smoke Screen, Magic Torch, Negg Blaster) have a level... all the abilities your pets have so far are level 1. There will be many ways in the game to increase an ability coming soon. In the Neopets Battledome, the higher level the ability is, the more effective it will be.
  • ICE CAVES UPDATE - The Ice Caves game now has a sixth level... with new features. Play today and win loads of points!
  • The Wishing Well is now giving out prizes four times daily instead of two.
7th December
  • Top Tips for the internet! - we also updated our Golden Rules page today. We thoroughly recommend reading it whether you are new to the Internet or have been an experienced Neopets player for over a year as it contains some helpful stuff.
  • NEOPIAN STANDARD TIME - With all the new stuff that we are adding, including the Battledome, we have introduced Neopian Standard Time (NST). Now when you are meeting people on the site, or want to arrange a battle, use NST, as it's the same for everybody playing the site.

    Neopian Standard Time is always displayed on the front page at http://www.neopets.com.

  • Quest Update - Now when you complete an Earth Faerie quest, she will heal all your hit points in addition to making your pet full of food.
  • And weighing in at a hefty 35 Negg Tokens, it's the new Kaledionegg - wow I wonder what it does ? :) We also added the Spinning Negg today.

  • The Caption contest and the Trading Card game are now back in the Games Room.
  • We've added 1000 new people to the BattleDome alpha test!
    Click here to see if you're one of the lucky testers!

    You can also now search to challenge a pet similar to your own.
  • We fixed a bug where nobody could relocate their shop to the Haunted Woods. You can now :) Sorry about that.
  • New Contest! - A fantastic new contest was launched at midnight on the 6th where you can win real prizes for yourself including a cool deluxe Razor Scooter, a Tekno Robotic Puppy and Neopets merchandise. What's it all about? Click here to find out!

  • Oh, erm did we mention you can get a Christmas Cybunny now... and a Santa Grundo? :)

  • Added another Negg to the Neggery - this one has a secret inside!
  • A new caption has been added - click here to play.
6th December
  • Brand Spanking New Games Room! - The games room has been completely re-vamped. Now all the games are split into different types, so it should be much easier to find what you are looking for. Also we will be having a featured game of the week which will either be the newest game, or one we strongly recommend because it's fun. This week's featured game is Grundo Snow Throw if you haven't tried it yet what are you waiting for?

  • NEGGERY UPDATE - Now the first type of Negg is on sale!

  • THE NEGGERY - Trade in your Neggs (a Neopian Delicacy) for magical Battledome Neggs. It may sound silly, but it's the greatest new craze! Get collecting :) Click here to go there. You will need an Ice Totem as it's in the Ice Caves.

  • Another super rare item entered the game today, the Yellow Korbat Morphing Potion
  • We uploaded a newer version of the Ice Caves, there was a bug in the old one so we had to wipe the high score table for it.
  • If you have the Christmas Paintbrush you can take advantage of the new style of Lupe!

  • We are really sorry about all the technical problems today, but we had to do some last minute upgrades to our database... we hope it won't happen again.
  • The Neggery will start selling its first couple of items today. They will be magic Neggs that will heal your pets, cure diseases and can even be used in the battle dome. Don't spend all your points on the first ones because more will follow.
5th December
  • Added two more pet pets to the pet pet shop!

  • Just so you know, on Christmas Eve, and all through Christmas Day, the Neo Troopz guild will be donating to the Money Tree and loads of random Neopets players!
  • Still working on the Battledome. Lots more bugs have been fixed in the two player game, and it's nearly stable to launch as a beta test. Thanks to all our alpha testers! If all goes well we will be increasing the number of alpha testers from 100 to 500 later today.
  • NEW FEATURE - You can now talk to your Neopet Pet! Click here to try it out! Click on your pet pet (that's if you have one!)
  • There has been a big crash on the Stock Market today. All the big overvalued companies took a beating as investors pulled out at the last minute. As a result, the smaller undervalued companies all shot up in value! CHPS was the biggest offender of blatantly inflated stock prices...they fell by over 94 percent today. Remember, you can never trust in a single stock!

  • A new version of the Ice Caves puzzle game has been released today. Now there are more functions, and you can carry on from the level you left off at.
  • New Christmas Pet! - Today we uploaded the new Christmas Nimmo.

  • Added a new item - the Red Aisha Morphing Potion. Its in the Magic Shop now! Disclaimer : May cause irreversible changes to your pets species and colour. Use with caution!
4th December
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is out now. Click here to see the latest stories, articles and tips.
  • Starting off the week with a new StoryTelling competition. Try it out, it has great prizes!
  • NEW GAME - Today we are launching our new game, the Ice Caves Puzzle. Its actually very cool and we suggest you play it :)
  • There are now some more cool pics in our Gallery!
  • Ice Caves have arrived - yes now, if you collect the Ice Totem you can enter the caves. Beware for the frost beasts! To get to the caves, click here for the Happy Valley, and then click on the Ice Caves link.

  • Now the pets hitpoints on the Quick Ref turn green, yellow, or red depending on how healthy he or she is. This will be important for the Battle Dome!
  • Added TWO more Battledome challengers. Can you find them?
2nd and 3rd December
  • We would like to say hi to all the pupils of Ravenscote and Hammond schools in Surrey, England, who my mum assures me are playing Neopets now!
  • Added some more holiday greetings cards, click here to send one to a friend!
1st December
  • The Battledome is coming along... we plan to finish the alpha test some time mid next week, and then open it up to a lot more people. A week after that, it will open to the public.
  • You haven't forgotten to collect today's prize at the Advent Calendar have you? Tut tut! You can collect the prize by going to Happy Valley and clicking on the Advent Calendar link.