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New Features (Our Neopets Diary) - February 2000's News

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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29th February 2000

  • Withdrawals now appear in your shop history.
  • You can equip your pets with the attack/defence magics... battle dome is getting nearer!
29th February 2000

  • Three cool new banners have been added at the Link To Us page!
  • The shops can hold 24 items instead of 16 now! More chance to get what you want!
  • You can upgrade your cards in your NeoDeck by spending NeoPoints.
  • You can now win the Treasure Map Game!!! Look out for loads of NeoPoints and rare items!
  • Adding the Neopian Calendar - have a look to see if there are any special events coming soon.
  • The Bank now has a Safety Deposit Box where you can store things away from thieves and evil monsters!

28th February 2000

  • If you have less than 100NP at the end of each day, we will put your account back up to 100 NP!!!
  • There is now an authorisation check on new signups, putting an end to bogus accounts.
  • Rarity picture has been added to the trading card spoiler list.
  • Neopets Theme Parks coming soon!
24th February 2000

  • Loads of new updates to the trading card game, and you can also remove cards from your deck now.
  • #LEVEL now can be used in pet homepages.
21st February 2000

  • The weekly crossword competition was launched today, can you find the mystery word?
  • Also, the Neopian Beauty Expo was launched. Here is a chance for you to send in pics of your favorite Neopet all dressed up. The top three prettiest pets in each species will win a prize.
  • Lastly we added the Neopets Guidelines to Internet Safety to the help section to make sure that your time on the internet is as safe and fun as possible.
20th February 2000

  • The latest edition of the Neopian Times is out with even more stories than before.
  • A new page has been added where you can browse all the past editions of the Neopian Times, just in case you missed one. Click here to go see.
  • Optimised the database so that the site runs faster and handles far more visitors.
18th February 2000

  • The chat program now has a block function!!!
  • Supercharged the image servers so that they can handle twice as many images!
  • Fixed the pet homepage bug so you can now edit/delete it as normal.
  • Stopped the swearing on many parts of the site.
  • Updated the noticeboard so that the messages expire after a week (stops it getting too clogged!)
17th February 2000

  • New Trading Cards!!! - Lots more new trading card designs went out today, including many images designed by you.
  • Color Coding - To make identifying rare trading cards easier we have color coded all the card backs that you see in the shops. To find out more go here.
15th February 2000

  • Re-vamp!!! - The Games area has been revamped and is now a rather attractive toy cupboard.
10th February 2000

  • New feature - limited edition pets!
  • New pet (and what a suprise its limited edition!) - the Peophin! Only 1,000 in the world!
  • You can access your NeoDeck, and upgrade its size. Your NeoDeck is where you can put your trading cards.
8th February 2000

  • Trading Cards are now in the shops :)
  • Pet Fighting arena coming soon. Don't worry, they can't really die!
  • The Battle Magic shop and the Defence Magic shop have been opened up!
  • Item Lookup has been vastly improved, you can get more information about the object you click on.
7th February 2000

  • Every day we are now sending out birthday cards to people!
  • You can now reset your pet's homepage to the default template.
  • The drop down menu and login bugs have been fixed, so you shouldn't be logged out while browsing the site now!!
  • Pet Central has been re-vamped, now you should be able to find your way around more easily.
6th February 2000

  • Issue 2 of the Neopian Times is now out - you can open it up by clicking here
5th February 2000

  • The Neopets Website has been transferred to bigger and better servers. The site will now be much faster. Sorry about all the downtime but we have been working all week to get the site back up and running!!!
1st February 2000

  • All the Neopets are available in both milk and white chocolate to buy in the shops. Some are rarer than others though, so keep looking for them all.