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New Features (Our Neopets Diary)

To keep you up to date with the ever-changing Neopets, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates!

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14th January

  • Fixed a whole host of bugs in the Battledome, such as text appearing twice in a battle, non-activated abilities in the drop down list, and some other little tweaks here and there. Watch this space for more Battledome news!
  • Faerieland has opened up its latest attraction, the Faerie Bookshop. This library of magical volumes will help your Neopet gain intelligence, and they have the ultimate in magical protection - when you read them they vanish and reappear back in the shop!

  • Added loads of potions to the Neopian Magic Shop, including LOADS of healing potions for the Battledome!!!
  • We also added another 12 Morphing Potions. These are much much more expensive however!

  • The Water Faerie has now started selling limited healing items in her shop! Click here to visit!

13th January
  • Increased the number of items you can equip your pet with from 7 to 8! We also made the Faerie Quests *slightly* easier to complete.
  • Now you can go to the Faerieland Springs to heal your pets at any time! Cool huh? The Water Faerie's magic will help your pets be better competitors in the Battledome.

  • It is rumoured that the Queen Faerie has a store of artifacts in her tower in Faerieland... artifacts are like magical items, but so much more powerful. One item that has cropped up lately is the Cement Mixer. This rarity 200 Battledome Weapon will create a Stone Snowball on every turn. Can you find it? :)

  • We did loads of bug fixes around the site today, and also tried to get it running faster. Sorry its been running quite slow all day, we will be adding more servers to speed it up as soon as we can.
  • COLOURING GAME - The Faeries have just released a new game in which you can paint a pet different colours, frame them against different backgrounds, and then print it out! We have done a couple of pets so far and will be releasing other types soon. Check it out by clicking here.

  • The Neopian Stockmarket now has a news report every day. Pay attention to this as it will affect how the stocks change during the day!

  • The Neopian Times Issue 39 is out! There are tons of short stories in this issue including MaTrice's Crush, In the Moonlight and The Morphing Potion. Also the NeoMarket Report's guest speaker is Balthazar the Bounty Hunter, see what he has to say about the sudden rise in faerie prices. Don't forget all the articles, mini series and the editorial!
  • There is a new Pet Spotlight today! The picture on this one is very cool indeed!
  • We added some cool Kiko toys into the Toy Shop! These ones are waterproof, and the colour won't run when you play with them in the bath.

  • We will be doing some more additions to our Trading Card game over the next few weeks. Check out the Spoiler List by clicking here, we updated the card back pictures and also did thumbnails of each trading card!
  • The Neopets Battledome has been up for the past 12 hours or so with no problems (other than a few minor bugs that we are fixing now!). Over 19,500 matches have been played so far, we hope you like it, there are lots more features to come! We have added a FAQ to the main page which should answer most of your questions. Click here to read!

    11th January
    • BATTLEDOME BETA TEST - We shall be opening up the Battledome to everybody today, just for a short test. You will only be able to play for a while, we are doing this to stress-test our servers. Click here to enter the Dome!

    • The Randomise-A-Name when creating a pet now adds three numbers to the end. There are so many pet names gone that otherwise it was impossible to randomly generate one that wasn't taken!
    • Added some more NeoDolls to our Link To Us section.
    • Some Scorchio Plush Toys have been added to the Neopian Toy Shop. Apparently there is a problem with demand... it's almost as if some monster has been stealing and hoarding them!

    • People were reporting problems signing up with their NeoDrive earlier to get a Free Techo Toy!. We fixed the problem, so please try again.
    • We have added new Pics to the Gallery of users work today - why not have a look?
    • Today we will also be going through and replacing a lot of the old items with better looking new designs. Check some of the newer books out here!

    • The Cave of the Snowager has been added to the Ice Caves map. The Snowager is a great icy worm that guards a pile of treasure. Keep checking back, as at some times during the day he sleeps... and when he does you can steal his items! :)

    • Two more characters have been added to the Single Player Battledome! Here are their pictures, see if you can find out where they are! :)

    • We added a new Site Spotlight today!
    • Now you can keep track of all the books your pet has read - just go to Quick Ref, and click on the word next to 'intelligence'! Remember, reading makes your pet smarter!
    10th January
    • IMPORTANT - In order to give everybody a chance with the Flash games, we have now limited the high score tables to one entry per person. If you beat your previous score then your score will change... only your best score will register per game. We had to wipe all the high score tables to do this however, but we hope it will be fairer overall.
    • Three more Neopedia stories went up today. Learn about Lilac Island and how it was created!
    • NEW BATTLEDOME ITEMS - Some of these new items are only found in the Ice Caves, but they have new powers never seen before in Battledome items.. such as the Genie Orb that can create snowballs for you, or a magic wand that can destroy your opponents items! Good luck finding them! All items are rarity 110+!

    • Added a new level to the Ice Caves, poor old Garon, he must be so tired by now!
    • We just bought a new NeoCam (the old one wasn't too good), and the pictures on this new one are much clearer. Click here to see what really goes on in the Neopets office!
    • Check out todays Pet Spotlight!
    • Now the Toy Shop stocks loads of Neopet Keychains. There are quite a lot of them, so if you are thinking of collecting the set you have your work cut out!

    • We changed the pictures of the bottled faeries to better reflect what they are. Look out for a lot of faerie stuff to be added in the next few days (there is a reason why but we can't tell you just yet...).
    • The Neopian Stockmarket just invested in a NEODAQ ticker - check it out! ** UPDATE ** Now you can click on the scrolling names to bring up the company profile!
    9th January
    • BIG T-SHIRT CONTEST!!! - We are going to make four designs for T-shirts that will be on sale on the site next week, and this is your chance to shape history and choose the four designs that we will choose! Click here now!
    • We also added some more Faeries to our Link to Us page. Including the vampy Snow Faerie and cool Water Faerie.

    • This story is for everybody who has found some of the rare items on Mystery Island. Click here to learn about the Volcano Crystal.
    • Just when you thought the Snow Faerie's Quests were complicated, here we go and release 11 more Chia Pops onto the site! Check them out at the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop!

    • Fixed a bug on the NeoDrive! Now if you sign up and change your password afterwards you will still be able to access your NeoDrive. Also - The Neodrive now has four more Techo Toys that you can get at random (only one per person!).

    • We have added two more levels to our Faerie Quest, including the evil bat level!.

    • The Special Moves that you signed up for a while back are now fully implemented in the Battledome! You will be able to select them in your drop down list now!

    • We have added new Pics to our Gallery! Check them out!
    8th January
    • Ooohh, now you can see what the faeries look like on their days off:) We have added just a few as a sneak preview, lots more will be added very shortly. Why not put one in your shop today?

    • NEW GAME - A mysterious wocky has opened up a Scratchcard Kiosk in the Ice Caves. They are 500 NP each, but the prizes are apparently out of this world! Why not check it out today?

    • Magical Battledome Items formed out of the Ice Caves themselves are now on sale in the Ice Crystal Shop. Be warned, they are rather rare and expensive!

    • Added a new Caption Competition. This one features two pets entering the Neopets Drawing Competition!
    • FREEDRIVE OFFER - If you return to your FreeDrive then there will be a special prize waiting for you - a Techo Plush Doll! There are 5 to collect, including a super rare Rainbow one. Click here to return to your FreeDrive account, and if you don't have one - get one today!

      To get the toy, download the 'neopets_link' file from the Neopets Special Offers part of your FreeDrive and follow the instructions!

    • The new Storytelling Contest has been launched. If you are feeling creative and want to win 2000 NP and a rare item, why not give it a whirl?
    • There is a new Pet Spotlight today!
    • Added a short excerpt about Count von Roo to the Neopedia.
    • Uploaded a new version of the Faerie Quest game, this one is faster, has a few more improvements and a new level! Also, the Ice Caves game has been supercharged - it runs about three times faster than it used to!
    7th January
    • Just wanted to say that the site had a great weekend, it was available all of the time (no unexpected issues at all!), and that we did over 114 million pageviews in total, which is pretty cool, and our best ever! Thanks for playing Neopets, and check back tomorrow morning for some cool new features!
    • Terror Mountain just got a little more interesting today. Mika and Carassa, two Chias have started a garage sale in their Igloo. Fancy popping along to see what they have to sell? Click here now!

    • In case you have forgotten, Count Roo is giving away free Rare Blumaroo Toys!!!
    • The Snow Faerie is a little bored in her hut on top of Terror Mountain, so she has decided to play around with a few spells. Unfortunately she doesnt have any ingredients, and its SO cold outside not even she wants to leave her warm fire. Want to help her? Click here now.

      The quest prizes are pretty good, they are about to get better on Monday (wait and see!)

    • We had a problem where rare food was being stocked in abundance in the shops! We fixed this now so you should only see 1, or 2 items of rare food on the food shop shelves!
    6th January
    • LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT RUN - We are going to start selling T-shirts via the Neopets.Com web site. Interested? Well please let us know by clicking here. We need to know roughly how many people are interested.
    • Added a geographical profile of Mystery Island to the Neopedia.

    • We are updating a lot of things on the Winter World today - uploading a new ice caves map, fixing broken links, adding a lot more places where you can get random events, and lots more.
    • We have added 1000 more Battledome Alpha Testers! Please click here to see if you are one of the lucky ones. Keep the feedback coming, it has been very helpful so far!!!

    • In the toy shop you will now be able to find some cute Skeith toys.

    5th January
    • For all budding artists a new How To Draw lesson has been added. Now you can draw Neopia's number one ninja, the Nimmo!

    • Five new poems have been added to our Poetry Gallery.
    • The Path through the Ice Caves has been cleared and now you can travel to the Top of the Mountain. Don't forget to sample some of the Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop's chilly delights:)

    • Two new entries to the Neopedia today, Snowy Valley High, and a story about Poogle Racers.

    • Not to leave out any Kougra lovers, we have released six Kougra soft toys into the Toy Shop. These toys have been lovingly handcrafted by the Pango tribe of Mystery Island. There is one for each of the normal colours, and rarer purple and silver ones to collect.

    • Today is your last chance to submit an entry to this week's Storytelling Contest. We need a really exciting ending, if you think you are up to the challenge why not give it a whirl? You never know you could win 2000NP and a rare item!
    • BIG GUILD TRANSFER - We are transferring all the guilds from one database to another (so they will be much faster in the future!). There may be a few things that will be a bit strange with Guilds today, but just so you know, we are working on them, and we hope to have them running smoothly by the end of the day.
    • NEW GAME - Show off your downhill skiing skills with our great new game, Usul Alpine Challenge.

    • Fixed a bug with Codebreakers where it wasnt giving Neopoints to some people. Now you should be able to get NP to your hearts content!
    • Issue 38 of the Neopian Times has been launched. In Issue 38 we discuss the Billion Neopoint offer, the Neopedia, and there is also an excellent editorial that will help solve some of the common problems people have on the site!
    4th January
    • Now on the Battledome (and this only applies to the Alpha Testers), you can see how many fights your pet has won, drawn or lost. Click here to see. If you aren't an Alpha Tester, don't worry - we are adding a lot more soon!
    • We have a beta version of a new game - Faerie Quest. It's only in testing, but why not get in some practice now, and earn some Neopoints? :)
    • Read the story of Ryshu the Nimmo in our Neopedia!

    • We will be shutting down the guilds temporarily tonight to do some maintenance work. It should only take an hour, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
    • Added a new Caption Competition, this one brings back a familiar face from the past...
    • Kauvaras Potion will be now appearing in the magic shop, and we have also added a story about it to the Neopedia. It's quite possibly the most powerful item so far in Neopets. Do you have one?

    • For the first time in 2001, we have added new Pics to our Gallery! Check them out!

    • Our Quick Stock feature now gives you the ability to Donate your items as well as Discard!
    3rd January
    • We added profiles of Kauvara the Magic Shopkeeper, and Flame the Tame on the Neopedia.
    • We have changed 93 headers on the site today!! Phew! We updated old looking pets, colour coded them, and also made them a smaller file size.
    • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - Nearly there! We have been spending the last few days preparing to launch, and adding some cool new features to the Neopets Battledome. Now all the ability animations are nearly completed, and we are adding a table where you can see your pets wins and losses.
    • The front page now displays the correct date in the top right hand corner, as opposed to that silly earth date!
    • HALF PRICE DAY! - Yes, on the 3rd day of Sleeping, in the Year 3, all the shopkeepers got together and decided that from now on the third day of every month will be half price day! Yes, all the items in all the shops will be half price!

    • We have updated the Neopedia with a description of Kiko Lake!

    • We have five new puzzles in our New Cartoon Theatre, check it out - you can now earn another 500 Neopoints from playing! Also, you can click on the pictures on the main page for some cool results!
    • LATE MAILS - Oops! An apology from us, our mail server decided to break 2 days ago, so any automatic mails that are sent out by us (birthdays, auctions, lottery) will be a bit late. It will be fixed by the end of today, and shouldn't happen again :)
    2nd January
    • New pictures have been added to our Gallery! Look out for Count von Roo in an up and coming story :)
    • NEW CHOCOLATES - We have gone chocolate crazy today, and filled the shops with calorie-laden Chocolate Orange, and Dark Chocolate pets. Mmmmmmm. If you own a Lupe, make sure that you grab it some Chocolate Orange Chias today!

    • Issue 37 of the Neopian Times has been launched. This issue has great tips about the Battledome, and also some great adventure stories to read!

    • The toy shop now has scooters in, there are about 8 of them in total ... ranging from the basic red and yellow scooters to the ultra rare Rainbow Scooter with extra boost power and Shoyru-Red tail lamps!

    • There is a new version of Ice Caves out that lets you skip to the 5th level if you want to practice!
    • Don't forget to enter the Story Telling Contest. The first part of this weeks tale has been added today. Click here to see last weeks winners and the new beginning.
    • Give a big hello to the new star spotlight Tarae the Aisha. Tarae wasn't always an Aisha though, click here for her story.

      I like being an Aisha!

    • A new Caption contest has been launched. This picture is a little bizarre but there should be some interesting captions for it:) Winners will be announced on Thursday 4th January so get your thinking caps on!
    • Added a new article to the Neopedia, a profile of Roo Island.

    1st January
    • Welcome to 2001 - Well, we had a great year in 2000, and thanks to all of you for making the site what it is today. There will be more of the same, and loads new cool features to come in 2001!!!
    • The Neopedia now explains how Dice-A-Roo began.