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New Features (Our Neopets Diary) - June 2000's News

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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30th June

  • Check out the new Neopian Pound, dare you leave your pet with Ms. Worley?
  • Donna is redoing a lot of the headers about the site to make them look pretty! Watch out for the new ones.
  • Issue 13 of the Neopian Times is out now!
  • The Referral Program is getting a complete facelift, its now much better and you can earn much more!
  • Our new Cool Offers page is going up, check it out. You can get 500 NP from each offer!
  • Proof that artists do have bad days... check out the pets that never made it...
  • Loads more postcards have been added for the NeoGreetings! Ready for the 4th July!
  • King Roo has decided that 1 in 10 Dice-A-Roo games will now have a 10X BONUS JACKPOT MULTIPLIER!!!!. Is this guy serious?!?!
29th June
  • NEW GAME! - Have you played Dice-A-Roo???
  • Now you can add a description for your Neopets here!!!
  • Learn to speak Neopian! If you are having trouble pronouncing the pet names this is the page for you.
  • Meet the Mynci - that's Welsh for monkey! This cute lovable guy has decided to set up home in the tree tops of neopia.

28th June
  • Fixed a bug with refusing Neofriends. You can refuse them now if they have deleted their account.
  • Yesterday was Anthony's(creator of the Blumaroo, Techo, Battle Faerie)B-Day. He recieved over 943!!!e-mails and would like to Thank all those who sent him a B-Day good thought.
  • We have now animated some of the pet abilities... check them out!
  • New game coming soon, Dice-A-Roo! We cant tell you much about it as its not written yet!
  • It looks as if our one millionth signup is going to happen on Friday. Who will it be?
26th June
  • Issue 12 New Look! Issue 12 is here and it is jam packed with great stories, poems and pictures.
  • Nearly at 1 million owners! There will be a BIG Prize for the millionth account! Thank you all for being a part of Neopets!
  • The Lupe Pack have decided to give away Chocolate Chias as a World Event. Make sure you know what time it happens!
  • Five New Random Events! - one of them lets you find any food item randomly on the floor. Is that cool? Also, you may be able to find 500 Neopoints, but this one is VERY VERY rare! Lastly... beware the starfish, he will steal TWO items.
23rd June
  • We fixed the site
    After many sleepless nights and a lot of cola the site is now super fast. We have just reached an all time high for speed, bandwidth and number of players and it is rising every minute! Give a big round of applause to Adam P, Chris, Bill and Adam D who can finally get a good nights sleep:) We will continue to make improvements all the time so the site is going to stay this way!!!
  • A new improved version of Hungry Skeith has been released. This one has several bug fixes and should run a lot smoother. Click here to start playing!
22nd June
  • New look Jetsam and Flotsam: The Flotsam and Jetsam have had a make over. Neopia's top fish have been working out and now look fitter than ever. Say bye bye to the rather wimpy looking Flotsam and Jetsam and welcome the new improved super-fish!
    The New Flotsam
    The New Jestsam
21st June
  • New Competition! Can you design a new faerie? He or she can be of any design you wish. You just need to send us you ideas including a pic and what powers or special abilities they will have. Send your entries to comp@neopets.com. You don't need to be a brilliant artist as long as the idea is there. The most imaginitive entry will be chosen as the winner and will be the next faerie to be discovered on Neopia.
14th June
  • New Look New Features Page - Yes the new features page has been split up into the different months so now the page loads faster and its easier to keep track of the new things we have added.
13th June
  • New Items - Lots of delicious looking food products have been added to the site today including Breakfast Cereal, Pancakes and Toasted Cheese Sandwiches.
  • Hungry Skeith has been put in the Games Cupboard so now it is a permanent part of Neopets.
12th June
  • Made the polls easier for us to add, so there should be more varied polls coming soon.
  • Added Hungry Skeith to the main site. This is one hungry Skeith.... can you satisfy his appetite?
  • Father's Day Greetings Cards - Let your dad know you care with a special NeoGreeting
  • The NeoGreetings page has been re-organized. We added lots of new designs and divided the cards by subject so its easier to find just what you are looking for.
  • The Games Room has lots of new help pages for Battlefield Neopia, Kiko Match, Tic Tac Toe, the NeoPuzzle and NeoCarting. This should make the games a lot easier to understand and hopefully you'll get much higher scores:)
11th June
  • At Last!! The site is running really fast and there are hardly errors, and we intend to keep it this way!
  • To thank you all for waiting patiently while we have moved over to the new system, we have added World Events. The first one is going to be Balthazars Faerie Giveaway Madness, where he puts Faeries in the donation pit. This has a 1/10 chance of happening every day :)
  • Added Health Frogs Vegetarian Giveaway.. he will add up to 200 health food items into the Donation Pit.
  • Fixed a bug with the NeoLodge, its working fine now.
  • Oracle lets us do longer TEXT fields, so the limit on the message boards has now gone up from 255 to 500!
  • The NeoCoins page has been updated, and we are giving everybody one each!
7th June
  • The World Page now displays the count of pets in real time, its not updated daily any more!
  • A new pet, the Techo, has been added today. Techo's are fun loving comical creatures that are perfect for owners with a wicked sense of humor.

6th June
  • The site is running MUCH faster today... nearly back to normal :)
  • The adoption center and wishing well have been recoded so they work on Oracle.
  • Claiming the treasure has now been fixed. We had to pretty much recode the entire site to do this changeover :(
  • We uploaded a new picture for the Bruce Forsyth! It looks much better!
  • Loads new books have been added to the book shop (they are currently broken images but we are fixing this now).
  • There was a bug with buying theme park rides, that is fixed now also.
  • We cant give out 10 NP per day, or put your account up to 50NP any more, because this just isnt possible under the new database system. We will think of other ways to give you points :)
  • The bug with deleting your Neofriends has been deleted.
5th June
  • Ok the site is back up, and we are fixing all the things that have broke as a result of the transfer (bingo, hi score tables, etc...). You should see all these fixed within a day or two, sorry about the inconvenience.
  • We are getting four more processors for our database server on Wednesday morning, we will be down for about 30 minutes but this will double the speed of the site overall :) Thats good news :)
  • Loads of theme park pictures have been submitted. Check out the Theme Parks in the games cupboard.
1st June
  • The New site is up and working with Oracle. If you notice anything that isn't working as it should be or spot any errors please email adam@neopets.com. Let us know the page you were on and what happened and we will try to fix it asap.
  • The new Caption contest is up. Click here to see last weeks winners and the new picture.
  • The New Neopian Times is now out. Click here to read Issue 11 *Sob* Its the last part of End of Badeeks but the good news is there are lots more short stories and new adventures starting this issue.