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New Features (Our Neopets Diary) - March 2000's News

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know whats going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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31st March 2000

  • Loads of bug fixes and cheat fixes all over the site, including fixing the auctions!
  • We haven't done much for a while because we have been completely swamped!!! Soon we will be getting more staff so look out for more cool features!
24th March 2000

  • There are now levels in each guild, and the leader can promote you, so you had better be nice to them.
  • Some of the guilds have their own message boards, more coming soon.
  • Two new guilds added, the Ultimate Lupe pack and the Uni Friends.
23rd March 2000

  • The Guild HQ pages are getting better! Check them out and see if you have any ideas for us :)
  • You can now leave the guild if you want to sign up with another one
  • Bank loans are now debited from your account each day, so if you start to lose NP then maybe you shouldn't be borrowing :)
22nd March 2000

  • We have added a pharmacy to the list of shops now, this will work with the hospital.
  • The guild application forms now work, so choose the one you want, and sign up! You will be able to leave the guild later.
  • Fixed a bug with the Neomessages that meant if you got a message full of spaces you couldn't delete it.
  • The Shop Wizard now has a few extra powers.
21st March 2000

20th March 2000

  • Added 2 more stores, the Arcade and the Video Rental store... no items yet :(
  • Added another database server, the site should now be much faster.
17th March 2000

  • Why not add a NeoBadge of your favourite pet to your web site?
16th March 2000

  • If you go on holiday then leave your pets at the NeoLodge.
  • We have added loads of new items as well, books, attack and defence items.
  • There are now two more accounts at the National Neopian!
  • We are adding a tower of the Light Faerie to Neopets - can you find it?!?!?
15th March 2000

  • We finally got round to updating our Future Things page.
  • You can now feed your pets at the Soup Kitchen if you don't have many NeoPoints.
  • We got a bigger database server! The site should be much faster at peak times now.
14th March 2000

  • You can remove items that you have given to pets for the battle dome now.
  • LOADS more trading cards added today.
10th March 2000

  • Loads new trading cards!
  • Fixed loads of bugs on the site that let people get NeoPoints by cheating.
  • The Wishing Well now gives some of its money to the Money Tree.
8th March 2000

  • More random events, in which your pets will talk to you!
  • The Soup Kitchen is a cool place to feed your pets if you don't have any money :(
  • Hide... and Seek, with our great new game Badeek Seek.
  • The Wishing Well has been added to the marketplace!
  • We have been working to really speed up the site at peak times, so it shouldn't be so slow any more. In two weeks we are getting a new database server :)
6th March 2000

  • We have added the Thieves Guild back to the Shops section. Find out what it really is!
  • Now your pet can actually have a Beauty Trophy if you enter our Beauty Competition.
5th March 2000

  • The cheaters have been found and stripped of their NeoPoints. Also, the bugs that allowed people to cheat and get NeoPoints for free have been fixed.
  • Chia Bingo is fixed... your numbers will not change in the middle of a game any more :)