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New Features October 2000 (Our Neopets Diary)

This is the NEW FEATURES page. To keep you up to date, we have decided to create a page that lists everything new that we add to the site, so you know what's going on! Keep checking this page for updates.

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  • A whole lot more spooky stories have been added today. Check out the Halloween World!
  • The Jubjub has been added to the How to Draw page. Now there are even more pets to choose from.
  • Over 21's Guild and Elder's Guild Party - The generous members of the over 21's guild and the Elder's Guild have joined forces and will be giving out free chocolates, food and other goodies in the Money Tree today. Why not drop by and take part?
  • Happy Halloween everybody!!! Remember to visit our Halloween World!!!
  • On a less scary note... the new Kiko is uploaded today. The Battledome pictures will follow shortly...

  • The new Acara was released as well (hopefully this will boost its popularity!)

  • Halloween Giveaway! - Mysterious forces will be releasing 10,000 Halloween Paintbrushes into the Money Tree during the course of the day. If you want your pet to have a cool spooky costume, you are going to need one of these!
30th October
  • The Quiggle has been added to the How to Draw page. Now you can draw Neopia's happiest amphibian!
  • Lots more spooky poems and pictures have been added today. Check out the Scary Cave if you dare...
  • The poor little Tuskaninny was fed up of everyone calling him names, and laughing at his funny appearance. Now the new improved beefed up Tuskaninny is ready to prove those bullies wrong!

  • WOOHOO! - Our best weekend yet. The site did not go down at all, and we had a record 87.3 million pageviews over the two days :) We will be adding some more servers soon to make sure the site is always fast.
  • The new Aisha is going up today. We redid the pictures to make it fit in with the cool new Battledome ones. We hope you like it.

  • NEW CHALLENGER - Click here to find out how you can get the Water Faerie as a challenger!

  • You may notice some of the faded images arent working (in Quick Ref) today, dont worry about it, we are working on fixing it.
  • Added loads more insults to the haggling routine when buying an item!
  • Now there is a new feature on NeoMessages, where you can click a button that will only let your NeoFriends contact you.
29th October
  • Lots of progress was made on the Battledome today. There is still a lot to be done but things are starting to take shape.
  • The Peophin has been re-vamped. To match the new improved Battledome version the Peophin has been re-drawn. Here is a sneak preview of the new look:
28th October
  • We are sorting out a lot of the site today... starting with the Mystery Island. You do not need totems to get to it any more, its free for everybody. We are doing this so that everybody has a fair chance when it comes to the Island Battle Arena (coming soon!)
  • NEW CHALLENGER - Yes, another challenger for the Battledome, and some clues on how to get some of the ones hidden around the site. Click here for more information.
27th October
  • The New Issue of the Neopian Times is out, why not drop by and take a look?
  • The Jubjub has had a makeover in time for the Battledome. The cuddly little critter is still its good old self, it just looks a little bit cooler:)
  • NEW CHALLENGER - Click here for details on how you get the new challenger, and also help Neopets out!
  • Lots more cool Halloween costumes were added today including this rather fetching Blumaroo and a very cool Kacheek! Remember to keep looking out for that Scarecrow!
  • Only Three Contestants Remain - It's the penultimate week of our Sacrificers game, and this week the votes will be kept secret and announced next Friday. Make sure to vote now!

26th October
  • When you do a user lookup you can now see the last time somebody logged on.
  • With Halloween fast approaching we have added some spine tingling stories and spooky poems to the Scary Cave. Why not check them out if you dare...
  • 5 MILLION NEOPETS! - We just passed the 5 million Neopets mark with a total of 5,001,753. Thanks for everybody for adopting and creating Neopets, and let's try to reach 10 million before Christmas!
  • We had a lot of problems last night where the shops wouldn't restock, and the auctions weren't running. We are working on these and they will be fixed soon.
25th October
  • The Halloween Costume contest is now open. To find out how to enter and see more details click here
  • Well we are so fed up with people cheating with theme parks that we have decided to make the entry price for ALL parks free. Sorry about this, but if people continue to cheat we are going to have to change the way the game works to stop them.
  • Also fixed a bug with Gormball where people were editing the turns_waited of the other pets :) Now its much harder to beat!
  • More Battledome Challengers! - Yes, there are going to be 10 more characters hidden around the site today... can you find them all? When the Battledome is launched there are going to be big prizes for the person to beat them all!

    Can you find me???

  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - Click here for the latest news!
  • Click here to see the latest pictures sent in by our users.
24th October
  • There is a mummy roaming the site... if you can find him, then you can challenge him to a duel in the Battledome (when it opens)! I wonder if there are any other monsters out there...

  • Ooooh, Someone likes us:) Check out this very cool Halloween cake made by cefcaclone and flarekefka. Thanks for sending us a photo of it guys!

  • Today your pets will be able to break their toys by playing with them too much :)
  • Over the weekend the medicines werent able to cure your pet due to a bug, this has been fixed now.
  • We are adding a new shop - the Apothecary where you can buy all sorts of new spooky mushrooms. These ones actually do what they say :) That is why they are so expensive!

23rd October
  • Check out our new Battledome Update, it tells you how to activate some of our secret characters.
  • As you find new characters to challenge, they will appear on the Battle Dome Opponents page.
  • Added about 10 more super Battledome items to the game...these ones are only given out by the Brain Tree so you had better complete his quests!

  • MONITOR POWER! - We have been working on a whole new set of tools for our site monitors to help stop cheats, so that your time on Neopets is much better. We just added a tool to help us find people cheating the referral program by signing up loads of accounts. Beware - if you do this you will get frozen.
  • COOL NEW OBJECTS - Have you tried feeding an Apple to your pet recently to see what happens? We are working on cool items that do loads of stuff, this will tie in with our work on the Battledome.
  • The Noticeboard has been changed so there are only 10 entries per page...we are doing this to speed up the download time!
  • More scary pets have been added, but you can only get these from the Brain Tree!

  • There are now two more cool offers on our Discount Card now has two great offers. This means that if you have found them all you should be level 9 by now :)
21st and 22nd October
  • Had a really cool weekend and fixed loads of problems with the site. Neopets did over 75 million pageviews over the weekend which we were very happy about :)
20th October
  • Added loads of cool Spooky Pets to the pet shop in Halloween Town! Some of them aren't for sale and will have to be found by other means!!

  • Our Sacrificers game is about to reach its conclusion. Yes, only four people left now (and in new costumes too). Check out the demise of Dr. Monroe, and vote on this week's competition now.

  • The Robot Challenge will now give you 2 NP per click, as many times as you like :)
19th October
  • Loads more contests, games, and an interactive story have appeared at the Haunted Forest!

  • There was a rumour going around today that monitors can access peoples accounts. This is NOT true, and if you witness any monitor abusing their power then please contact abuse@neopets.com.
  • The Esophagor is hungry, and we need you to feed him! I wonder what he is going to tell you if you give him his meal? :)
  • Check out our new quest - The Brain Tree - this horrible morbid fellow will help you out, if only you can answer his riddles.

  • Now the Caption Competition is automated so that you can enter your submissions online. We will be making more of our contests like this in the future.
  • If you haven't seen it already, we have a new logo on the front page. Hold your mouse over it to see the change :)
  • The Spooky Checkered Paint Brush arrives today, so now you can paint your pets with a new pattern (ok so it's not really spooky, but this IS our Halloween theme :).

    Wooohhh!!! I am the Scary Paintbrush
18th October
  • The halloween bug has been fixed :) Yeah!!! Why not check out the start of our new Halloween World by clicking here. Lots more coming tomorrow, and all the way up to the 31st...

  • Can't find that elusive paint brush? Not sure what it is called? Why not try the new Complete List of all the paint brushes!
  • The Cybunny is back by popular demand. Now you can draw the Cybunny with our How to Draw guide.

  • Are you confused about the Stock Market or Training School? Why not take a look at our new Help Sections? They may have the answers you are looking for.
  • Our Chiazilla game now has a high score table. Check it out here.

  • To stop the stocks on the NEODAQ going too low, Nigel the Chia has pumped a lot of his money into these companies as investment. Check out the latest prices!

17th October
  • We have added two more trophies that you can collect now. These are for Pet Spotlight and Site Spotlight. Check Pet Central for more details.

  • We had a lot of complaints that people were repeatedly getting the same discount card upgrade on the kitchen when they already had it. It's been fixed now so that you get a different prize instead :)
  • Added some more pictures to our Contributions Gallery - check them out!
  • Our Britannica Robot Challenge now has a High Score table. Remember the prize for being top is 1000 NP a day, every day!

  • We sorted out the Hi Scores page a lot more, and also there is now a page where you can look at all your entries on the high score table!
16th October
  • Hi! Welcome to another week on Neopets. This week we shall mostly be working on Battledome! Just so you know it's going to be about 2 weeks of solid programming, and over 2500 images (every pet in every colour in every pose!).
14th and 15th October (Weekend)
  • We have had a lot of technical problems this weekend, please stay patient we are trying our best to work it out. The site just came back online 1:50pm PST on Sunday, and it should stay up from now on.
  • IMPORTANT - Lots of people have been posting cheats on message boards. We are freezing the accounts of everybody who does this, because its not fair on anybody else playing the game. We have fixed all the cheats anyway, none of them actually work :)
Friday the 13th...
  • IT'S THE FINAL DAY OF OUR STORY - Find out what happens. Will they rescue the professor? Who is behind the kidnapping? Why does he want the Battledome so badly? Click here to find out!!!

  • GAME UPDATE - Check out our new NeoWardrobe, now with 2 more pets, and some spooky halloween costumes!

  • Now you can draw the Skeith with the aid of our how to draw page.
  • Four more great poems sent in by fellow Neopets players have been added today. Congratulations to the lucky winners. Click here to see them!
  • Only Five Contestants Remain - Remember to vote on the remaining contestants in our Sacrificers game. This week we are doing a Friday the 13th special :) Click here to vote!
  • Four new picture have gone up today. Check out our new look Picture Gallery to see them all.
  • The Neopian Times is out - Issue 26 Reports on Maraqua, the Battledome and the Stock Market as well as short stories, a new series!
  • Everything is fast now after our big server upgrade, we hope the site is fast throughout the entire day. Just so you know we have been working on completely rewriting the Trading Post and that should be up very soon.
  • The quests are back working now. Sorry about the inconvenience.
October 12th
  • Also today, there was a bug when creating a pet, this has been fixed now, along with the quests - they are back also. Sorry about that! It's been a very tiring 24 hours!
  • We have finally finished moving our servers over... sorry about the downtime, but now we are back and faster than ever. Thanks for your patience!
  • Our Terms and Conditions have been updated. Please make sure you read the revised version ASAP.
  • Oh No.... Maraqua is under attack. What can the King do? Who can save the Koi? Catch up on everything that happened in Maraqua today to find out!
  • A new menace has appeared in Neopia. It's half Chia, half machine... it's MechaChiaZilla!
October 11th
  • The Water Faerie Arrives to Maraqua to prove the existence of the Battledome to the king. Will he be prepared to go and rescue Chesterpot? Check out the latest episode by clicking here.

  • The Send Greeting page has had a make-over...why not check it out?
  • You can now use Bold and Italic on the message boards. More smileys coming soon
  • Referral Program Update - Now for 75 Referrals you can get a Discount Card Upgrade. Check out the Referral Program here.

  • Now, if your shop description is messed up and you can't edit it, there is a link on the Market page to clear it.
  • There was a bug in auctions that meant some people could bid on their own auctions, we have found this and fixed it!
  • We have added some more Pictures to the site!
October 10th
  • Oh no - HAKA, Hakaheke Island flights went bust today on the Stock Market. Looks like they weren't making a profit - a warning to all companies!
  • GAME DEMO - We are working on a new game for the Space Station. It's just in alpha testing at the moment, but why not check it out here.

  • We have added a new Underwater Theme Screen Saver - Sub 3. This one does have a BIG Suprise, but you have to watch it for ages!!!
  • NEW GAME - The Sub Game has been launched... click here to play!!!
October 9th
  • UNDERWATER KITCHEN - You wanted quests back, and here they are!!! Check out our Underwater Kitchen and see if you can fetch the items the chef needs!

  • IMPORTANT! - Professor Chesterpot is missing! Click here for more information. All that they found was his stick... with a note on it.
  • Two new How to Draw files have been added today. Now you can draw the Poogle and Cybunny too!
  • We all hope you had a great weekend! To start off today, why not check out our new Caption Competition! Remember we are giving out trophies for the winning captions :)
  • Some halloween smileys have been released - can you guess what the codes are?
October 7th and 8th (Weekend)
  • Fixed some bugs around the site, stopped a few cheaters (which was fun).
  • This weekend we are doing a lot of work to the servers and database...we won't have to take the site down to do it, and hopefully it will be much faster next week.
  • You can now remove a pet from the NeoLodge at any time using a link on the Quick Ref page.
October 6th
  • Oh...all the restocking times just changed :)
  • Just in case you didn't know, our adventurers wake up in a strange underwater city... in the house of the very man they have been searching for!! Why don't you check out the latest installment of our plot now.
  • NEW PET! - Straight from the Underwater City of Maraqua, adopt a Koi today.
  • Neopian Times Issue 25 is here. Catch the final episode of Celest the Magic Lupe, stock tips, articles, and more!
  • Maraqua, the underwater home of the Koi has been revealed. Be the first to check it out by clicking here
  • Added Two More Screensavers!!!
  • Three More Shops have been added! Visit the Underwater City and check them out!

  • Sacrificers - Mr. Plaid has now gone... only six contestants remain. Check out our Sacrificers Game - its getting exciting now!!!
  • More robopets have been added, but you wont find these ones in shops....
October 5th
  • A strange discovery on the Space Station. The Grundo's have discovered a Empty Chamber. What could it be?
  • More Pet Pets for you - this time a selection of really expensive robot pets, from the Space World - visit the RoboPet Shop now!
  • New Caption Competition - click here for details.
  • Shop Update - now there is a button on your shop, which you can use to take objects out of your shop, and into your inventory (at long last!)
  • The HTML Guide is now complete. Today Banners, Neocircles and Tables were added.
  • 3 million registrations!!! - Thank you for helping Neopets get so popular... we have now had over 3 million signups! (cue pizza....)
  • Dice-A-Roo has been added onto our game hi score tables - check out the new prizes here.
    Dice-A-Roo Champion!
  • A lot of people couldnt get the Muntando Fruit, and not enough people were getting in the Training School - so the natives have decided to let everybody in free :) How nice of them :)
  • We have made the Spotted Paint Brush - see if you can find one

  • CHIAZILLA STRIKES - Argh!!! What will happen to our poor heroes next??? Check out the plot by clicking here.

October 4th
  • Scorchy Slots and Chia Bingo have now moved their high score tables to the Game Scores page - yes this means you can get trophies!
  • What is this? It seems its not just our three friends who are discovering things. Benjamin the Chia has found something very interesting on Mystery Island.
  • Oh dear... something very sinister is watching the progress of our adventurers... Click here for more information...
  • Some cool new pictures have been added to our Pictures section. Thanks to everybody who sent in their work! We also made the contributions page easier to navigate.

  • Added cool smileys to the message boards!!!

  • News in the hunt for the Battledome - Our intrepid adventurers head out to Mystery Island in the attempt to find the elusive Dr. Chesterpot. Follow our story by clicking here.
  • More Cybunnies! Not to be outdone by the Poogles, 20,000 More Cybunnies have appeared in Neopia, which takes the max available to 50,000!!!
  • We will be resetting the flash hi-scores at lunch time today. Now we are giving out prizes and trophies for the top three players in each game. Check out the Trophy Cabinet for more details. Top place gets you 1000 Neopoints per day!!!
  • The new Caption Competition is out - and also you can now get prizes for the caption competition to go in your Trophy Cabinet
  • There was a bug in the adoption search engine where sometimes you couldnt find pets, this has been fixed now! :)
  • Now some neopets dont like certain neopet pets... :)
October 3rd
  • Rumour has it that the Neopian Library holds many secrets about the lost Battledome. Why don't you check it out.
  • Catch up on what has happened to the three young pets who found the Battledome brochure on the New Discovery page.
  • More Poogles! Yes, a lost colony of 20,000 Poogles were uncovered today, meaning there are now 20,000 more to adopt!
  • The Cartoon Theatre has returned, with a permanent link from the shops page. Now it has an extra game, new characters, and you can earn more points!
October 2nd
  • Oooohhhh a new Space Map was added today, including the mighty Gormball!
  • Updated the neopet pets - now you can remove them from a pet as well as add them, so if your Neopet is bored with its Triffin, why not give him a Moink!
  • IMPORTANT - We put up notices on the message boards to try and stop people spamming cheats all over them, but it hasnt worked. If anybody starts posting cheats and bugs then we will delete their accounts, and possibly ban them from playing altogether. Its not fair on us or the players of Neopets.
  • More Neopet pets have been added - but these ones arent available in stores...
  • NEWS JUST IN - Three pets have discovered an old brochure in their attic... a brochure about... well you will just have to click here to find out more!!!
  • We have redone the Faerie Quests - the faeries are tired with giving out so many of them, so now instead of going to them for a quest... they will come to you!
  • TRAINING SCHOOL IS OPEN - Yes, now you can go the the Mystery Island Training School and make your pets more powerful!
  • Its a brand new month and today sees the launch of our new 2 week theme. The Hunt for the Battledome. Follow the adventures of our intrepid heros as they try to find the location of the long lost Battledome.