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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

1st April
  • APRIL FOOL!!! - Most of you guessed anyway, but no, we are not changing the Neopets at all. For those of you that missed it - Click here to see our repulsive new creations.

31st March
  • The site was slow earlier today, and we had a few problems with people getting logged out while browsing the site. These should all be fixed now, sorry about the inconvenience.
30th March
  • Why not send your friends one of our new Tyrannian Greetings?
  • Three more Tyrannian shopkeepers images have been added. Look for the Tyrannian Meerca, Tyrannian Elephante and Tyrannian Chia :)
  • If you have already completed the first 9 levels of Chomby and the Fungus Balls, then we have a treat for you - 3 more levels taking the total up to 12!
  • NEOHOME UPDATE - Now you can buy Insurance for your Neohome! You need at least 3 rooms to qualify!

  • The Chomby has got a new web page and a background for your computer!

  • Neopian Times - The 50th Issue!
    Tons of great articles including a guide to Neopia's top tourist attractions, an interview with Count Von Roo and some theories where the Missing Chia has gone.
  • Another Neopedia article - The Purple Megalith!
  • Check out our Neopedia Article on the Wheel of Mediocrity!
  • Some fantastic new Peophin pictures have been added to the Art Gallery

  • NEW MYSTERY PIC - The last answer was the Maraquan Chef who sets the Kitchen Quests, or well his eyebrow anyway. See if you can guess what today's Mystery Pic is!
  • We just received a report from Myncha from the Tyrannian Town Elders. On a mission to scout out the mud flats north of the plateau, he noticed some evil looking creatures slowly headed towards Tyrannia, before running away as fast as he could. If we have any more sightings we will keep you updated.

  • NeoMessages can now be a maximum of 1250 characters now, hope this helps!
29th March
  • TICKETS ON SALE for tonights concert with the Sticks N Stones, Tyrannias greatest Rock Band! Click here to buy one of the 80,000 tickets now!
  • Neohomes now correctly save the depth of each item (ie. if a table is on a rug, it will still be on top of the rug after you save and reload!).
  • Added two Chomby Morphing Potions!

  • Two more levels have been added to Chomby and the Fungus Balls. Now we have 9 levels in total.

    I hate you, Fungusball!

  • NEOHOME UPDATE - Now the plot of land you can build on has been expanded from 16 base squares to 20! Happy Joy!
  • WHEEL OF MEDIOCRITY launches today! Check it out, its only 50 NP a spin.. and you can win Pet Pets, Food, Furniture, and lots more. Oh, you can also be rained on by fire or eaten by a vicious Pterodactyl (but that rarely happens!). Click here to play!

  • There is a new Caption Competition launched today. Remember, if your caption wins you get 1000 NP, a rare item of our choosing, and a trophy!
  • 12 MILLION NEOPETS!!! Early this morning the 12th million neopet popped into existence! Hmmmmm... I must remember to increase the stock in the food shop today.

  • The Tyrannian Furniture shop just opened up! There is not much on sale yet, but more will be added later today.
  • The level 20 Bruce Thump and Quiggle Jump have been added to the Battledome.
  • Todays Site Spotlight features Meikakuna the Green Eyrie.
28th March
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - We have just introduced a new feature called 'QuickFight'. Now you can get straight into a battle with an enemy. Just choose the kind of pet you want to fight, and if there is another pet willing, battle will commence! Click here to try it out.
  • BUG FIX - Now you can view your furniture on every floor of your NeoHome, not just the ground floor. Also, changing Guild logos work again now :)
  • Some more pictures with a Tyrannian theme have been added to our Art Gallery
  • Three more levels have been added to our latest game, Chomby and the Fungus Balls.
  • The Council of Elders are now available as shopkeepers!
  • Trumpadon and Magtile are now available in the Tyrannian PetPet Shop. Tyrannian PetPets will now say things if you speak to them also.

  • It's Mystery Pic day!!! The answer to the last competition was 'The banner on the Trading Post page' - see if you have any luck this week!
  • THE OMELETTE IS OPEN! - Yes, you can now get some tasty food for your Neopet by visiting Tyrannia's Giant Omelette.

  • There are now some Random Events lurking around Tyrannia.
  • BIG CHANGE - Our games have been changed so that the top 3 people will get a Gold Trophy, the next 5 will get Silver, and the next 9 get Bronze! Click here to see the updated hi-score tables!
  • Today we launch the 100th Pet Spotlight. This time it's not really a Neopet, but we let it in anyway!
  • You can change your opponents energy bar in the Battledome by using the Flotsam Flourish or the Jetsam Drain.
27th March
  • Egads! Bye-Gon Jinx has been murdered in our Terror Mountain Murder Mystery... not many of us left now!

  • There is a new version of Meerca Chase uploaded today. This one has a second secret level that you can access, by pressing the Shift Key before pressing the start button :)
  • The Chomby gets his first Battledome move today with the level 2 Chomby Spin. Also added was the level 20 Wocky Snarl.
  • Now you can learn about the Tyrannian Council of Elders. No meetings are currently in session.
  • NEW GAME - Yes its Chomby and the Fungus Balls, at last! Dodge the evil fungus balls to score points!

  • A Prehistoric Chia has been spotted at the Tyrannian Obelisk, writing some strange language onto stone tablets. I wonder what he could be doing?
  • NEW LENNY CONUNDRUM - Click here to try and work out this weeks conundrum. Bear in mind - its not as easy as it looks. Both the Mystery Pic game and the Lenny Conundrum both give out trophies now.

  • Some Tyrannian themed desktop backgrounds have been added. Why not liven up your computer by getting one?

  • Grarrl Keno now has a 'Quick Pick' function.
  • Employment Agency UPDATE! - We have increased our Alpha Test from 100 to 1000 people, and everything is going well. We hope to open it up to everybody either today or tomorrow. You can now do a user lookup on a pet and see their employment history.
  • Todays site spotlight is __tinKerbeLLa__ the Aisha.
  • There is a story about Grundo's Gym in our Neopedia.
26th March
  • New Neopedia Article - Tyranu Evavu, the game that is currently taking Tyrannia by storm!
  • We just increased the prizes on both the new games we added today :)
  • The Tyrannian Map has been updated so you can see some of the new things we have planned!
  • Now you can print out our Cave Paintings!
  • NEW GAME! Grarrl Keno has arrived at last! Choose between 2 and 10 numbers, and win Neopoints if you manage to get a match!

  • NEW SHOP - A new shop has opened up in Tyrannia, and they sell PetPets! Currently stocked are the Stego, Uggatrip, Airax, and more!

  • More Pics have just been uploaded into our Gallery. Today is an Aisha Special!!!

  • We have just launched a new Caption Competition!
  • NEW GAME - Tyrannia's latest game, Tyranu Evavu has just been launched. See how far you can get in this stone-age version of Hi-Lo.

  • BUG FIXES - Neomails werent coming up as events, thats been fixed. Also, two people could get the same NeoHome address, thats been fixed also. We may have to change your address, so if your street number ends up changing please don't worry :)
  • Check out todays Pet Spotlight - Blue_Frost_Mountain the Scorchio.
  • We have a new Storytelling Competition up today! It is a story about Tyrannia (strangely enough!)
  • Todays Battledome abilities are the level 20 Aisha Sneak and the Chia Charge.
  • Had a great weekend, the site was fast and we did well over 180 million pageviews!! The new servers that we added really did the trick :)
  • UPDATE - The Trading Post has a few problems, so its going to be down possibly all week. On the bright side, 2 new games coming today (Monday), and many more additions to Tyrannia, our new world.
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