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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

14th and 15th April
  • 13 MILLION NEOPETS - Yes, we just hit the 13 million mark this morning! Hurray!
  • HAPPY EASTER - Not only will we be giving away magical Neggs in the Money Tree all weekend, 50,000 more Cybunnies have just arrived in Neopia!

  • Added some more cool Pictures to our Gallery!
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is out now! Check out all the great hints, tips and stories sent in by players just like you :)
Friday, 13th April (uh-oh)
  • We have added some more cool Tiled Backgrounds, they look really good when on your desktop :)

  • NEW MYSTERY PIC - The answer to the last competition was the sick Uni in the hospital. Have a go at this weeks mystery picture by clicking here.

    What am I?

  • Today's Pet Spotlight belongs to three Neopets - Brightsp0t, Chaberine and Kaeko_pussifoot!
12th April
  • Last Chance to get a Limited Edition T-Shirt!
    Now you can own a part of Neopets history, there are just a few shirts remaining and these designs will NEVER be printed again. Grab yours here! We did say we werent going to sell any more, but had a couple of hundred left over and don't want them to go to waste :)

  • The Jetsam is now available in Purple and Strawberry.

  • There was a problem with the Tyrannian Shopkeepers showing up as Count von Roo, it has been fixed now. That devious Blumaroo had been playing with our servers again...
  • Now you can see a list of all the Pet Pets in Neopia!
  • And then there were fourteen... Mr. Insane is the latest victim of the Ski Lodge Murderer. Eek!

  • We have added a Screen Saver with an easter theme - download it today!

  • MORE BATTLEDOME ITEMS - Yes, now you can use the Mad Clock, Hat and Umbrella in the Battledome!!

  • The latest addition to the Hidden Tower is a powerful artifact from Tyrannia - the Dung Catapault. UPDATE - We have also added an artifact called the Everlasting Apple.

  • Can you think of anything witty for this Thursday's Caption Competition?
  • Today's Site Spotlight belongs to PsyFireAngel the Shoyru.
11th April
  • NEW SHOPKEEPERS - Check out the Tyrannian Moehog, Shoyru, Buzz and 'Thing', now available as Shopkeepers. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see them.
  • Get ready for Go! Go! Go! Its the crazy new card game from the volcanic regions of Tyrannia. Battle your way up the ranks against challengers such as Sabre-X, Kyruggi and Sargug to be the Go! Go! Go! Champion of Neopia.

    You will never beat me!

  • Illuminate your Neohome with one of these great looking lamps.

  • The Easter Cybunny arrived in Neopia today, and is giving out Easter Neggs as random events! Also - she will be filling the Money Tree full of these great new Neggs all day today and Easter Sunday!

  • YEAH! - The NeoCam is working again!
  • We have a new Mystery Pic game today. If you are one of the first 500 people to guess what the picture is, you will win a nice prize!
  • Destruct-o-match! Smash everything in your path as few moves as possible in the latest craze that is sweeping Tyrannia.

  • New just in - Shoyru Plushies, aren't they adorable :) Get yours at the Toy Shop now!

  • There is a new Star Pet, say hello to Bandrel the Quiggle.
  • SITE UPDATE (5am NST) - We have finished our scheduled upgrades to the database, the site is back up and everything is running smoothly!
10th April
  • TRADING CARD GAME UPDATE - Yes, we have some big news about our plans for the Trading Card game - click here for more details!
  • Added a story about Pacha's PetPets to the Neopedia.
  • Chomby Plushies - We added 6 Chomby Plushies to the Neopian Toy Shop today. There are also some magical plushies lurking somewhere around the site...

  • If you missed a Meerca Plushie the first time around, you can get one in this new offer (sorry, its only available to 18+). Click here for details.
  • A new really bizarre screensaver has been added featuring all of the April Fools Pets, check it out by clicking here. It's called Shoyru Bursts In.
  • We have added a new animation for the Shoyru - click on the Shoyru below to see it!

  • There is a new Lenny Conundrum today - click here to play. We apologise if last weeks one was a little hard :) The correct answer to last week's was Thirty-Four as it was in fact referring to Mulvinn the Wocky.
  • We have added some more great Pics to our gallery of your work!!! Keep sending them in!
  • NEW GREETINGS - We have started to add Easter Greetings to the site! Click here to view our current selection. Once you are on the greetings page, click on the greeting to preview it.

  • There is a new Site Spotlight today - Retam the Korbat.
  • SCAM ALERT - There is a new scam going around where people are posing as staff members and asking people to change their passwords. The Neopets Team will NEVER ask you for your password, and they will NEVER ask you to change your password. Please report anybody who does this to abuse@neopets.com.

  • We start the day with a new paintbrush for the Chomby, an attractive mixture of Purple and Orange.

9th April
  • Trading Card Update - We are going to announce big news concerning the trading card game tomorrow, but in the mean time you can get free Trading Card Booster Packs by helping us out. Click here for more details! One word of advice - don't open them, they are going to get more valuable in the future!!!

  • Bye Bye Wolverine - the latest victim in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

  • Two new pages have been added to the Gallery including the exquisite Mona Aisha :)
  • Time Machine Quests have just been added to Tyrannia! A mad old professors time machine has crashed, and needs you to fetch him some items to fix it. Click here if you want to have a go!

  • DISCO! This funky Disco Chomby could be yours if you find the right paintbrush. We advise wearing sunglasses at feeding time however!

  • Rainbow Chomby - Yes, this Chomby was painting and accidentally tipped its paint all over itself. Yes, Rainbow Chombies now available at the Rainbow Pool. UPDATE - The Cloud Chomby is available as well.

  • Grarrg the Grarrl and Sabre-X from Tyrannia will now challenge you in the Battledome, but you have to find them first!

  • A new Story Telling Competition starts today!
  • Todays Battledome Moves are the level 20 Koi Flap and the Chomby Stomp.
  • The new Tyrannian Caption Competition is ready to go!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Tusitala the Wocky!
  • 9 MILLION PLAYERS! Thanks to everybody for helping us reach this landmark! We shall be filling the Money Tree with Pizza all day to celebrate!


  • Site Update - We said earlier that we were going to take the site down for an hour, this doesnt apply any more as we can do all our maintenance while the site is still running. Cool! Neopets should be much faster over the next week as a result.
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