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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

21st and 22nd April
  • SITE UPDATE - We have been experiencing problems with peoples items, shops and neomessages today. This is fixed now and should not happen again. Sorry about this!
  • The Maraquan chefs have been rather busy and have knocked up some amazing new recipes such as their famous Crab Burger, Pickled Eels and Seaweed Sandwiches - mmmmm yummy!

  • The Neopian Times is out now! Catch up on all the latest gossip, stock tips, hints and lots of great stories and articles.
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - The Pant Devil has been well and truly thrashed over 77,000 times since last night (and getting rather annoyed to tell you the truth). Look out for cool features and new opponents coming in the next week!
  • The truly garish Disco Acara is now available!

20th April
  • One Player Battledome!!! Yes, we have finally launched the Alpha-Test version of our One player battledome matches. This means that you can fight against a variety of computer controlled opponents. Click here to play!

  • ONLINE STORE UPDATE - There are less than 100 left of each T-Shirt style. They should be sold out over the weekend, so get yours today!!! Click here to go to the Online Store.
  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today! Good luck! The answer to the last competition was the Scorchio who takes Poogle Racing bets.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight belongs to two brothers, PrincesShadow and Gelert798.
  • Then there were 6... Round out your Robo-Quiggle collection with the last two ultra-rare models - Rainbow and Electric Robo-Quiggles. These will be given out on a limited basis. Click here for more information.
  • Now you can adopt a Fire Chomby!.

  • The latest victim in our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery is Mr. Pickles! Oh no!

  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat an Pineapple Chia Pop!!!

19th April
  • We have now added Blue, Yellow, and Red Robo-Quiggles for your NeoHome.
  • Today's Caption Competition just went up. Great prizes for the funniest submissions - make sure you have a go!
  • There is a great new colour for your Meerca - Glowing. Available at the Rainbow Pool now! UPDATE - We have a Glowing Wocky as well!

  • Today's Site Spotlight is The Aisha's Meow.
  • There is a LUPE SPECIAL in the art gallery today.
  • We had a bug with Scorchy Slots where it wasn't giving out NeoPoints, this is fixed now :)
  • We have added some cool Mystery Island tiled backgrounds... click here to take a look!

  • We have just put up the new Lenny Conundrum (sorry about that, it was due on Tuesday!). The answer to the last one was N and T as the sequence was letters in the alphabet that are made up of straight lines. Hehe.
  • The Gelert has a new web page.
  • Some more Maraquan Petpets have been discovered, why not give your Neopet a pal?

18th April
  • The winners of this weeks Poetry Contest have been announced!
  • There is a new Elephante Web Page.
  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat an Aubergine Chia Pop!!!

  • Added a Neopedia article on the Dung Catapult.
  • Yet more fantastic Alien Aisha recipes - tuck into Rice Lice, Toe Nail Soup or a large ball of Chewing Dung!

  • NEW MYSTERY PIC - The answer to the last Mystery Pic was the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery Header. See if you can guess the new one! Click here to play!

    What am I?

  • Todays Pet Spotlight is Aeronian the Striped Eyrie.
  • Money Tree Mania - Loads of free items will be appearing in the Money Tree all day at irregular intervals. Freebies include snowballs, job coupons, and gross foods.
  • We have added some cool PetPet tiled backgrounds... click here to take a look!

  • SITE UPDATE - In case you we wondering, we have not forgotten about the Trading Card game or the pending invasion of Tyrannia. We are currently working on them both... more news soon!
17th April
  • Oh dear... The Alien Aishas have been making some new recipes... Why not try some of their latest concoctions such as Fresh Clam Jam and Pickled Leeches?

  • Added a Neopedia article about the Tyrannian Jungle.
  • Some more pictures have been added to our Gallery.
  • Add a hint of Mystery Island to your NeoHome with this great Bamboo and Coconut furniture. Available in the main furniture shop now!

  • The Bruce has got a new webpage!
  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat a Pear Chia Pop!!!

  • The 50th Site Spotlight has been uploaded today - it belongs to Ilbga the Wocky.
  • The rare White Mynci is now available in the Rainbow Pool.

  • 5 more Shopkeepers have been added. These ones have different coloured backgrounds.
  • We just increased the prizes in the Neopian Lottery - now the jackpot is going to be over 1,000,000 NP daily. The cost of buying a ticket has also gone up from 10 to 100 NP.
  • Three more Battledome weapons are now available - the Fire Bomb, Fire Mask and Fire Whip.
  • We are now allowing you to create another 20,000 Poogles. Create one while stocks last! Click here to see a list of the most popular Neopets!
16th April
  • Meet RoboQuiggle, the newest robot for your Neohome. Click here for details.

  • More shopkeepers have been added bringing the total available to 257. Click here to see the new ones (they are at the bottom of the list).
  • The Swimming Pool has claimed another victim... yes, today we found another victim in the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery... Lazarus.

  • We just launched this weeks new Caption Competition.
  • Added the Sketch Bruce and the Spotted Grundo. Take your Bruce or Grundo to the Rainbow Pool with the appropriate paintbrush to see these cool new designs!

  • We have a new Storytelling Competition starting today!
  • The Trading Post is back!!! Click here to see if there are any bargains on offer!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is KawaiiMiki the Zafara.
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