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25th May - Koi Day
  • THE SKI LODGE MURDERER HAS BEEN FOUND!!! - Thank you all for playing our Murder Mystery over the last three months. Did the murderer escape or did he claim his final victim.... click here to find out!

    A Bad Person

    For all those people that guessed correctly, prizes will be given out at the start of next week. We will be designing some special items and trophies for the occasion!

  • We also have a cool new Koi Tiled Background.
  • Five Koi Battle Items and five new Koi Books have been added. Get yours now:)

  • The NeoLodge can now be booked up to 28 nights as opposed to 14!
  • The latest edition of the Neopian Times is out now. All the great articles, stories and comics have been sent in by players just like you!

  • Now if you feed Aquatic Food to a Koi, it will regain three times as many hit points as normal!!
  • Two more Neopedia articles - The Dark Faerie and The Legend of Chiazilla.
  • KOI GETS A MAKEOVER - We have redone the Koi, and we hope you will agree it looks much better :)

  • Three Koi Morphing Potions are now on sale in Kauvara's Magic Shop.

  • The cost of upgrading your NeoDeck has been dramatically reduced!!!
  • Notice to all Koi owners - The Koi has a new webpage, why don't you check it out :)
  • New abilites for the Koi in the Battledome today - the Koi Flight, Koi Bubble and Koi Squirt.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight features the sad tale of Little_aquaball.
  • Owners and their Neopets is the theme in today's Art Gallery.

  • Some of you may have found it hard to make some Cooking Pot items such as Tropical Pudding, Frump Soup and Negg Sundaes. We have updated the recipes so you should find the ingredients more easily :)
24th May
  • THE MURDERER HAS BEEN REVEALED - If you have been following our Ski Lodge Murder Mystery then click here to find out who the killer is!!!

  • New in! 6 fantastic Usuki dolls including Prom King and Queen, Cowgirl and Cheerleader Usuki. Get yours now!

  • The third faerie has entered the Battledome, the Earth Faerie. If you manage to beat all the faeries you will be entered into the upcoming Battledome League Championships.

  • 25 more questions have been added to Lenny Trivia to test your knowledge :)
  • We are so happy with the new improved bug-free Trading Post that we have upped the maximum trade to 400,000 NP. More improvements soon.
  • A funny thing will happen to a Chia if it eats an Apple Chia Pop...

  • Now if you get a score of 800 or more in Chomby and the Fungus Balls then we will reward you with a Magical Chomby Plushie that has the power to turn your pet into a Chomby!

  • WOOHOO! Today we reached a total of 16 million Neopets in Neopia!
  • We have a new Caption Competition today. Make sure you enter!! :)

  • Today's Site Spotlight features Sentinella, the white Lupe (it may take some time to load however!)
  • We changed the (unbuyable) on items back to (special) as it was causing some confusion!
  • If you haven't got any Golden Nerkmids yet, then make sure you get some today at our Alien Aisha Vending Machine!!!
23rd May
  • A new Neopedia article about Neopia's favourite hag - Edna the Witch has just been added!
  • Another Faerie has joined the Battledome, now everybody can fight the Water Faerie as well!! We have also made the enemies in the Battledome smarter, so if they pick up one of your items, they will use it against you!

  • We have a new Lenny Conundrum today (sorry, it was a day late!). The answer to last week's conundrum was 2,616 legs.
  • Some great Kacheek Plushies went on sale today in the Neopian Toy Shop.

  • We added some more pictures to our Art Gallery today. The lucky artists got a Chia Bomber Plushie and 1000 NP! :)

  • Depending on your mood, you can now have both happy and sad AIM Icons.
  • We have a new Mystery Pic Competition today. The answer to last week's competition was 'The NeoKnights Play Button'.
  • The Shadowed Kougra gets a makeover today, and also the Faerie Lupe.

  • There have been far too many cute things added to the site lately. To make up for this we have added some new Scary Poems and Scary Stories to the Spooky Woods. There are also 9 rather delightful Evil Fuzzles that are now on sale in the Toy shop :)

    We want to be your friends!

  • There is a new class of objects... retired ones. A Retired object is something that has left Neopets and will never be coming back (and therefore worth a lot of neopoints!). These will be denoted in Your Items as (retired). We have also gone through and changed some of the rarity levels.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is dragonfire_67 the Gelert!
22nd May
  • SITE UPDATE - Just so you know, the site will be down for around 20 minutes tonight for some scheduled maintenance! We promise to be back soon. This has now been completed - thanks for your patience.

  • The size of each page on the site has been reduced again by another couple of percent due to optimising the yellow bar :) Hopefully this should speed up the site even more over a modem!
  • We fixed a bug in Kacheek Seek that was preventing a few people from playing it.
  • Your Moehog can now proudly wear specialised armour into Battle. Look for these great new items in the Battle Magic shop now!

  • Quite a gross end for poor old Mr. Shankly... which only leaves three people left in the Haunted Ski Lodge... watch out for the finale coming soon!

  • Kauvara didn't want Neopets to be disowned just because there is a new addition to Neopia. Instead she made these fabulous Pteri Morphing Potions - how kind!

  • Quite a few of the items on the site are getting makeovers today... here are some items that have been redrawn already.

  • We have done a lot of work on the NeoHomes to try and get the furniture to load more successfully!!! Check it out and please email us if there are still any bugs :)
  • Today's Site Spotlight is THUNDERKATE's Battledome Guide.
  • 11 MILLION PLAYERS!!! - Another landmark reached! Woohoo!
21st May
  • We have updated the Neopian Calendar - check to see what cool Neopian events are coming soon!!
  • SITE UPDATE - We have reduced the size of some of our pages (such as Pet Central, World and the Front Page) by up to 20%, making them much faster to load over a modem :)
  • The Shadowed Shoyru received a makeover today!

  • We updated NeggSweeper so that each page is much faster to load! We hope this helps!
  • The makers of NeoCola have come up with five great new varities of their familiar product. Now Neocola is available in Apple, Grapefruit and Raspberry blends - and regular NeoCola is available in Big Gulp format!

  • Wow! Three new cool Battledome weapons arrived in Neopia today, based on the powerful Ultranova. Rumour has it there is a Rod of Ultranova somewhere in Neopia, but then again, its just a rumour...

  • We added a Neopedia Article about Usuki Dolls!!!
  • Check out the newest additions to our Art Gallery including Taikile and Artemyst here:

  • Show off your literary skills by entering in our weekly Story Telling Competition!
  • We are doing a Plushie Giveaway at the Money Tree all day today.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight features Pantalaimon_ the White Meerca.
  • We have a new Caption Competition today!

  • We found a bug with Chomby and the Fungusballs which meant you could not reach the last three levels (13, 14 and 15). This has been fixed now!
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