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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

2nd and 3rd June
  • We have just judged Friday's Mystery Pic competition (a bit late - oops!). The answer was 'The Ice Arena Battledome Navigation Button'.
  • We had lots of database problems on Sunday, so if you did notice anything strange happening to your Neopets account, please let us know at support@neopets.com. We hope to get things back under control as soon as possible.
1st June
  • Just in case you didn't notice... the faeries are now giving out cool Battle Sceptres if you manage to defeat them enough times. Click here to join the fray! The Dark Faerie and Air Faerie are now ready to battle!

  • Grundo Snowthrow and Faerie Caves were not allowing you to score Neopoints ... Doh. These games have been fixed now!
  • Issue 59 of the Neopian Times is out now! This week's issue includes comic strips, hints, tips, articles and stories. There is even an interview with the mighty Snowager!

  • We have added some more Pics to our Gallery. These pictures have been drawn by hand and sent into us via mail.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight features Jainny, Mairey, DorthyAnne and Santannaa who have finally made it after trying for ages!
  • MORE PLANTS have been added to the Garden Center in preparation for the NeoHome Gardens, one of many exciting upgrades we have planned for the Neohomes.

  • We have a new version of Pterattack up today - this one has a fixed scoring mechanism (you actually get points for it!), an extra gun, and a cool new bad guy that should scare the willies out of you!
  • No more Booster Packs! We have taken down the Booster Pack offer now, so they should increase in price and rarity (woohoo!). Thanks to everybody for helping us out!
31st May
  • The pictures in our Art Gallery have a Tyrannian theme today!

  • BUMPER CARS IS HERE! - Our new multi player game has just been released today. Click here to play!!!

  • The Shadowed Lenny received a makeover today.
  • A new neopedia article has been added, about Brucey B!
  • We made the game of Chute a bit faster and more optimised. Sometimes the k key wasnt working, that should be fixed now.
  • A new Pizza Shop has just opened up in Neopia Central selling over 20 types of uniquely-flavoured pizza!!! Click here to buy one before they all sell out!

  • Its Thursday... which means that our new Caption Competition has just started!

  • Today's Site Spotlight features Hieronymous Poshe the Striped Aisha.
  • Today it is the turn of the Shadowed Grundo to get a makeover!

  • Uggh - sorry about the site being down earlier, our technical problems are now fixed and the site is back to normal.
30th May
  • NEW LENNY CONUNDRUM - The answer to last weeks Lenny Conundrum was 19 (her father will be 51 and her brother will be 17 in seven years time). Anyway, check out this week's difficult conundrum, all about one of our favourite Cheat players... Brucey B.

  • BIG OOPS - The items given out by the Faeries aren't working yet, so we suggest get some practice and tomorrow morning they will be given out. Sorry for not telling you earlier!
  • For all those people who chose Maverick as the murderer, your prizes will be coming soon (we haven't forgotten!!)
  • Whack-A-Beast now features more things to whack and more good Neopets not to whack!
  • We have now made Broken Links more interesting. Click the link and refresh multiple times. Repeat until bored :)
  • We have a new Mystery Picture today, the answer to the last one was the Safety Deposit Box Header.
  • In preparation for the NeoHome Gardens, we are redoing a lot of the items in the Gardening Shop today. As most of the items like the spades and trowels are useless, they are being replaced with plants that you will be actually able to put in your garden!

  • Check out the new Circle of Faeries!!! Each of the Elemental Faeries has a secret item to give away... and if you beat them enough times in training then its yours!
  • A new challenger has arrived in the Battledome - the Light Faerie. If you can beat her enough times not only will your Neopet will be rewarded, but you may get a special item!

  • We have re-shaded the Blumaroo so that it looks more like the other Neopets!

  • We have also updated Site Spotlight so that it is easier to navigate.
  • Read our coolest new Neopedia article - about the Deep Catacombs.
  • The newest addition to the Rainbow Pool is the Split Koi.

  • We have also updated the Pics Page so there is easier navigation!
  • We uploaded a new version of Destruct-O-Match that is twice as fast to play!
  • Oops! We had a few problems with the Shop Wizard overnight. He is working fine now, and to make up for it we have improved him slightly so he gives better error messages and tells you what you are searching for.

  • There is a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring GGJolteon the Wocky.
29th May
  • We have added 40,000 more Chombies into Neopia!
  • Six more Neopet Pets have been added to Neopia - including the Chezzoom, Kadoatie and Boogie, pictured below.

  • Now you can specify a range of values when searching on the Shop Wizard!
  • More pictures have been added to our Art Gallery.

  • The Shadowed Gelert gets a makeover today!
  • Now you can own a Disco Koi! or a Striped Koi.

  • Oops - we forgot to put the Mystery Pic game up on Friday, so here it is now... click here to play!
  • There is a new Screen Saver and some Tiled Backgrounds for all you Koi lovers out there. Check out Koi Splash!

  • The new Story Telling Contest has been launched.
  • We have a new Caption Competition today!! Enter and win big prizes!

  • Kauvara has been busy mixing up a new batch of special potions, now you can transform your Neopet into a bouncing Blumaroo :)

  • Today's Site Spotlight features _Jaye_ the Cybunny.
28th May
  • We had a great weekend, over 208 million pageviews were requested from the Neopets servers, and the site stayed up all the time! Thanks for playing!
  • Neopia's more magical inhabitants have been left out recently, so today our Art Gallery has a Faerie theme.

  • There is a new Neopedia article about Papuno the Handy Fish. Why not check it out?
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