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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

9th and 10th June
  • Tiki Tack Tombola has just been launched today, its our cool new offer. We will be adding many more unique items to the prizes throughout today!

  • 12 MILLION PLAYERS!!!! - Yeah! Thanks to everybody for playing Neopets and helping us reach the 12 million mark!
8th June
  • The new edition of the Neopian Times is out now. Enjoy some fantastic stories and adventures, giggle at some of the great comic strips and pick up the latest tips and tricks to get rich, win at Cheat and dominate the Neopian Battledome.

  • NEW GAME - Play our latest game, ICE CREAM FACTORY now!!!
  • The Battle Faerie has arrived! The last of our cool training missions in the Battledome features the mistress of battle herself. Click here to challenge her!
  • We know that the Battle Faerie is on the Referral Program, and we apologise about this - we intend to change the prize on the referrals to a brand new challenger. Watch this space!
  • Some more pizzas (whole pizzas, not just single slices) have been added to Pizzaroo!

  • We fixed a major scoring bug with Pterattack, but in doing so we had to wipe the top of the hi-score table. Sorry about this :( The hi-scores should be fairer for all players now.
  • We have a new Mystery Pic game today. The answer to Wednesday's competition was the 'Games Cupboard Guild Icon'.
  • Four new Neopet Pets have been released today. Introducing the Babaa, Hasee, Nuranna, and Splyke!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today - Sutioc the Red Aisha.
7th June
  • The Trading Post has returned to Neopia!
  • USUKILAND - A new shop has been set up in Neopia Central specialising in the latest craze - Usuki dolls. Get rare dolls, play sets and accessories here!

  • Saturday will be the last day to get your Golden and Platinum Nerkmids!!! Click here to get yours!
  • INFLATION RATE CUT - The Neopian Inflation rate is now 2.35% which means that the prices of all the items in the shops have been reduced by about 10%. Also more pages now have random events!
  • We have added a Neopedia article about 00 Hog.
  • Many of you may have noticed some Collectable Cards changing. We are updating some of the old cards with characters such as Chiazilla and Edna the Witch.

  • We had a few problems with people cheating scores on Meerca Chase. This has been fixed now, and a new version has been uploaded. We have had to unfortunately wipe the top of the high-score table, sorry about this.

  • The NeoHomes should now be working in all versions of Netscape.
  • Switch-A-Roo is now working again! Woohoo!
  • A new Caption Contest has been launched. Why not give it a whirl?
  • There is a new Site Spotlight, featuring SnugglyDeath the Halloween Cybunny!
  • Some more pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • The Ski Lodge Murder Mystery has now been judged. 16,000 people won prizes and trophies and cool unique items overall - if you are a winner check your neomail! Thanks for playing!

6th June - JubJub Day
  • We have a new screensaver - JubJub Bounce.

  • We added a new Neopedia article about Kalora the Kau, star of Cheat.
  • There are now lots of cool JubJub items including these great books and Battledome equipment.

  • We have a new JubJub-related Lenny Conundrum today. The answer to last week's riddle was '2500 Neopoints'

    Click here for the new Conundrum!

  • Our NeoPuzzle game has been updated with a cool new 3-level Jub Jub Scramble! Trophies and points for JubJub Scramble are seperate from the NeoPuzzle, so give it a go and see what you can win!
  • If you are the proud owner of a Faerie Paintbrush then you can be the first to paint your JubJub into a faerie!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today! The answer to last week's was 'The Super Vending Machine'.
  • The rarity of faeries and codestones has been reduced, so a lot more will be available in the shops!
  • We upped the max bet on JubJub Blackjack to 250 NP!
  • Four new JubJub related Greeting Cards have been added.

  • Now that Chia Bomber has a new scoring system we have wiped the top scores from the hi-score table. Sorry about that :( You will still keep your trophies however.
  • To kick start JubJub day we have a new Pet Spotlight, Aleanora the JubJub. You can expect lots more JubJub related goodies to be added throughout the day :)
  • The JubJub now has three special Battledome moves - JubJub Fire, JubJub Slam and JubJub Stomp!

    Yeah, JubJub's rock!

5th June
  • BETTER THAN YOU!!! - Yes, its our great new Game Show. Click here to see what it's all about!

    I am a GOD at Meerca Chase!

  • Lots of new Full Screen Backgrounds have been added today including a spooky witch, scary clown and a heroic Lupe!

  • We have slightly increased the numbers of items that go into the shops on each restock!
  • The GOLD CHOMBY has been released into Neopia today. A few of you were using the Magical Plushies to turn your pets into Gold Chombies (oops a mistake on our part), well now you won't see a broken image :)
  • We have a cool new Gormball front-page animation!
  • OOPS! - There has been a major Stock Market Crash due to fears of profit taking from the bullish past few days.
  • There is a new Site Spotlight - Kharkia's Journal!
4th June
  • 17 million Neopets!!! Another milestone reached!
  • Plushies Galore - We have released new Usul, Wocky and Tuskaninny plushies. They are available in the Toy Shop now!

  • If you are having trouble finding the Treasure Hunt or Grundos Gym, they are now in the Games Room.
  • Now you can turn your Shoyru into a Fire Shoyru... if you can get your hands on a Magical Paint Brush :)
  • Kauvara has made some great new Zafara Morphing Potions. Get yours at the Magic Shop!

  • Some more great pictures have been added to our Art Gallery

  • Monday means that a new Story Telling Competition has started.
  • Ooh the Christmas Blumaroo and the Faerie Uni have a new look!

  • We have uploaded a new version of Chia Bomber with brand new enemies for you to beat!!!
  • We have a new Caption Competition today!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight features ickle_kevin the Christmas Grundo - and you can read a cool poem about him.
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