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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

29th June
  • Part 12 of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin has just been released!
  • New Neopian Times! Loads of great articles including The Ultimate Battledome Guide, Conquering Pyramid, Buying and Selling and all the normal comics, short stories and mini-series.

  • We have a new Neopedia Article, the Acara Twins Birthday Suprise.
  • We just released the Desert Chomby!

  • I wonder what these Magical Morphing Potions do...

  • More of your Poems have been uploaded to the site.
  • We have added 5 more Acara Morphing Potions, a bit late for the Aquatic Festival yesterday, but never mind.

  • We don't think you will be able to guess today's Mystery Pic. We have made it EXTREMELY hard. The prize for winning is a scroll of Professional Curses, currently going over 100,000 in the Shop Wizard.
  • Check out the cool new pictures that have been added to the Art Gallery.

  • We know the bank interest isn't working currently (sorry about that). It will be a big job to fix it, so please bear with us. When we do fix it we will refund ALL lost interest.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight features Ruby_Hue the red Aisha.
28th June - The Acara Aquatic Festival
  • Sloth has entered the Pyramid, with Brucey, Capara and Ferny following behind. Check out the latest exciting instalment of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin by clicking here.
  • We have improved the Caption Competition so that each person can only vote once every three hours... to make it fairer.
  • The new Caption Competition just went live!
  • Fire Acaras are the newest thing to enter Neopia!

  • There is a scam going around where somebody will ask you to change your email address to something else. NEVER DO THIS! If you do they will be able to request your password and get into your account.
  • Acara Books!!! Even if your Neopet is not an Acara they could learn a lot from reading these. We have also added Acara Battle items too!

  • New Screensaver - Acara Bubbles

  • Some new Acara themed pictures have been added to the Art Gallery

  • We added the Desert Pteri. You may have seen it being drawn on the Neocam :)
  • NEW GAME!!! - Its a multi player board game called Geos and its just been launched in the Desert World! Check it out! Create geometric shapes to score points, and bomb the opponents pieces to stop him scoring.
  • The new Better Than You has been released. Beat Peopatra at Chute and win a ... (drum roll please) Lost Desert Paint Brush.

  • Three more Acara Abilities have been added to the Battledome - the level 1 Acara Dunk, level 5 Acara Squirt and level 10 Acara Tsunami.
  • Faerie Quest now gives out 4 times as many Neopoints!
  • We have a new Site Spotlight - featuring YuMMieCaNDy the Acara.
  • In case you are interested, we put a counter on our flash games yesterday to measure who was playing what. Here are the most played games between 2pm and midnight yesterday. Incidentally, 280,000 games of Scarab 21 were played overnight!

27th June
  • SCARAB 21 - Its the newest game on the site. Play 5 hands of Blackjack at once and try to get as many points as possible. Find the secret combinations to score extra points. Confused? We are! Click here to play!

  • You can now build your NeoHome in the Lost Desert.
  • We have an extra-specially hard Lenny Conundrum this week... so good luck!!! If you manage to get the answer we have a very rare pet pet, Geb as the prize, as well as a trophy and neopoints!

  • CodeBreakers hasn't been working over the last few days - but its fixed now!
  • You can now give your Chia some of the latest Lost Desert Fashions.

  • IMPORTANT - Some people have been using a program to auto-buy items from the Neopets Shops. This is considered cheating as it gives you an unfair advantage, so we are now freezing the accounts of everybody who does it (and yes, we can tell when you are doing it :). Hopefully more items will be available to everybody from now on.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today also. The answer to last weeks Mystery Pic was the 'Shooting Gallery in the Theme Park'.
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Aralagadoo the White Lupe.
26th June
  • Our plot continues... check out part 10 by clicking here.
  • This week's Poetry Contest has just started. Send in your poems to us and earn 1000 NP plus a rare item!
  • We have added quite a lot of Lost Desert Greetings. Send one to a friend today!
  • Even more Desert Pet Pets have just been added!

  • NEW SHOP - Sutek's Scrolls has been added to the Lost Desert Map. Make sure your Neopet is fully educated on Lost Desert culture!

  • 13 MILLION OWNERS!!! - Hurray! 13 million accounts have now been made on Neopets!
  • We fixed a bug in Kacheek Seek so that it works for all players now!
  • More desert foods have been added to the Foods of the Lost Desert shop! Mmmm mmm!

  • There is a new Site Spotlight all about Kokosio The Fire Wocky.
  • Part 9 of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin has just been released!
  • Today's Art Gallery has an 'Owners and their Neopets' theme.

25th June
  • More Desert Pet Pets have just been added! Where Peopatra finds these critters we will never know.

  • Ever wondered what the Lost Desert looks like at night? Well check out our new Lost Desert Screensaver.
  • Check out our new-style Help Section. You can even search it to find the answers to your questions!
  • Today's Caption Competition has just gone live!

  • Poogle Racing has been fixed and re-released into Neopia!
  • The Desert Lupe has just been made available!

  • We have a new Storytelling Competition today!
  • Some great new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery.

  • Give a big hello to Fire_Nishuru our new Pet Spotlight
  • If you adopt a Neopet from the Pound they will now be fully fed!
  • Now if your Neopet has won any trophies they will be displayed on the Pet Lookup page. Currently we only really have Neopet trophies for Site Spotlight and the Beauty Contest, we will be adding more soon.
  • 19 MILLION NEOPETS!!! Cool, we have reached another landmark - only one million to go till the big 20!
  • Our Help Section is now searchable. Try typing 'password' into the yellow bar search box on the left for an example. We will be adding more to this soon.
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