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14th and 15th July
  • Hope you are having a great weekend! Just to update you, the Lost Desert prizes will be given out on Monday, along with the Usurper prizes. We have had a LOT of entries to Usurper and it's pretty much too late to enter now :(

  • If you want to earn some more Neopoints this weekend, and help support Neopets, check out the following cool offers.

    • Rare Codestones and other items are being given away free at Qool.
    Friday 13th July
    • Woohoo we just broke 14,000,000 players!!!
    • The new edition of the Neopian Times is out now! Why not check out the new comics, stories and articles for yourself?
    • LAST USURPER CLUE - We know a lot of you have been waiting for this... so here it is... the fifth and final clue. Submissions are open, and we will be collating the results and awarding the prizes over the weekend. Good luck!

    • Can you beat Keeka the Kadoatie in this weeks (slightly belated) episode of BETTER THAN YOU!!!

    • We have also released 6 more Neopet Pets!!! Say 'hello' to the Flightning Bug, Pickulsaur, Moltenore and more!

    • The Lupe and Quiggle have been added to the Sketched Backgrounds.

    • We have a new Mystery Pic today. Last week's was too easy - the answer was 'The play button on CodeBreaker'. The prize for this weeks competition is a Lost Desert Usuki!!!!
    • Now the Lost Desert Shoyru is available!!!

    • Two quick things - firstly the Neo Lodge isnt feeding pets, we know about this and will fix it soon. Secondly, the prizes for the Lost Desert battle will be given out within a couple of days.
    • Some more great pictures have been added to the Art Gallery!

    • Today's Pet Spotlight belongs to 4 Neopets - Infinice, ZephrSurfer, Princess_Zelda007 and Baby_Marron.
    12th July - Tuskaninny Day
    • IMPORTANT - Two new clues are embedded within our newest six Neopedia Articles. If you have been paying attention to Usurper! you will know what to search for. The final clue will be released on the site tomorrow, and 20 Million Neopoints are at stake!

    • There are now special attack and defence items for your Tuskaninny.

    • Two new Tuskaninny Tiled Backgrounds have been added.
    • A lot of the Collectable Cards have been updated today. We have added new characters such as the Space Faerie, the Monocerous, and 00 Hog. If you have any broken images in your Neodeck, simply take the card out of your deck, then put it back in again to refresh the card.

    • Now you can paint your Tuskaninny with a Lost Desert Paintbrush.

    • We have five more Tuskaninny abilities for the Battledome, Tuskaninny Punch, Splash, Growl, Shield and Blast.

    • New Battledome items for Korbats, Techos and Unis have been added.

    • The Grundo Commander is the newest entry in the Gallery of Evil.
    • The 4th clue has been released in our Usurper! game. More clues coming later today, and we will release the last clue tomorrow. Also, we have made the answer-submission grid now, but will not be able to use it yet.
    • The Book Shop has just re-stocked with some new Tuskaninny Tales.

    • Try todays Lost Desert-themed Caption Competition.

    • We have a new Site Spotlight today, a Tuskaninny, of course!
    11th July
      a15ha_234 : hi
      ch1a_luvr : hows it going?
      a15ha_234 : wass new on neopets today?
      ch1a_luvr : hehe a chia got pet spotlight... chias rule, especially white ones!
      a15ha_234 : yeah, did mystery pic come out... the answer was the grundo chef right???
      ch1a_luvr : hehe no... it was the lily pad from nimmos pond
      a15ha_234 : oh... never mind... who wants a desert pbrush anyway? ch1a_luvr : hey have you seen the new pictures in the Art Gallery ?
      a15ha_234 : nope, been playing meerca all morning ... are they good?
      ch1a_luvr wants to directly connect
      a15ha_234 is now connected

      a15ha_234 : hehe arent they cool! the kougra is so cute
      a15ha_234 : they added cybunny and grundo to the sketched backgrounds also...

      ch1a_luvr : who would want those ugly things staring at you from your desktop every day!
      a15ha_234 : lol
      ch1a_luvr : can you help me with usurper btw? I could do with 2 mil np right now!!! the third clue just came out!
      a15ha_234 : i think the lupe did it
      ch1a_luvr : duh he was the victim... im sure the tuskaninny guy did it
      ch1a_luvr : oh cool! they finally fixed the collectable card thing so you can search by species! wow - loads of chias there :)
      ch1a_luvr : hey, you there?
      ch1a_luvr : neopets just released a solitaire game called Sakhmet Solitaire... looks cool!
      a15ha_234 : sorry... brb... just paiting my kougra with a lost desert pbrush - new kougra just came out too

      ch1a_luvr : anyway, have fun, gnite!
    10th July
    • The final part of our story Brucey B and the Lucky Coin has just been released. We hope you enjoyed it! Our next story will be arriving soon.
    • IMPORTANT - Some people have been creating fake accounts just to gain referrals. Please do not do this, it is against our terms and conditions and we will freeze any accounts we see doing it.
    • Loads of cool Chia morphing potions have been released, get yours at the Magic Shop now!

    • Lenny Conundrum is out, so answer as soon as you can to win that rare Lost Desert prize! Click here to play. Last week's answer was '3' (yes it was that simple!)
    • Some more Faerie related collectable cards have been added including this very cool looking Battle Faerie.

    • Pizzaroo is now selling 9 new types of Pizza!

    • The Rock Beast has been added to our Gallery of Evil.
    • IMPORTANT - Sorry about the slowness of the site this afternoon, we are having some problems with our image servers currently, and we hope to get it resolved as soon as possible. Please keep checking here for updates.
      UPDATE - We have this problem under control now :)
    • We have released the second clue in our Usurper! game.
    • The Book Shop is now stocking a wide range of Blumaroo and Shoyru books.

    • We have a new Site Spotlight - the Kougra Kingdom by kitty__katty the Faerie Kougra.
    9th July
    • We have made sure that Wockies are not left out of the newest world by introducing this new paintbrush.

    • Check out the newest game from Neopets - Usurper!. 20 million Neopoints plus a host of rare artifacts are on offer if you can solve the mystery!!!
    • Lots of new Collectable Cards have been added, including Uggsul, Bacheek and many more...

    • Today's Caption Competition has just been launched!
    • We now have a Spotted Koi and a Desert Kau!!! You do know about the magical Rainbow Pool right?
    • The Art Gallery has an 'Owner's and their pets' theme.
    • This week's Story Telling competition has just been launched.
    • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, and it's NutzOh the Acara.
    • Finally, the battle is over. The last episode of our story Brucey B and the Lucky Coin has been uploaded. Click here now!

      Bye Bye Sloth!

    • The Grarrl owner of the Foods of the Desert shop has got some new stock delivered, including a few cool new items!

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