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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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21st and 22nd July
  • Important - Please do not put pop up windows on the noticeboard. If you do so we will remove your notice and not refund the money.
  • We have just opened the Rainbow Fountain. Its not working yet, but you can get your Fountain Pass today! UPDATE : We are currently having some problems with the fountain - it will be back later.
20th July
  • Need help decorating your shop? Why not check out the new and improved HTML Guide.
  • Ooohh! What have we here? It seems you can now get your hands on a Brown Skeith...

    He he.. bet you don't know how to get me!

  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times is out now!
  • We added some more of your Poems for everybody to read!
  • Oops! We kinda messed up with the mystery pic this week. The person who did it made it too hard, and then he went on holiday, so we have no clue what it is. As a result, EVERYBODY WINS!!! (Well the first 2000 people to enter do anyway). This hopefully will not happen again. Click here for this Friday's competition.

  • Now you can choose from some of our fantastic collectable card images to decorate your desktop. Check out the Faerie Backgrounds now!

  • 50,000 More Poogles have just been made available in Neopia!
  • USUKILAND has just come out with a television advert!!! Click here to watch. It may take a while to download (440k), but we think its worth it!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring SandStormDarude and Tailre.
  • Check out our new offer where you can earn 500 NP and a rare item!
  • Sorry we are a bit late, the Sakhmet prizes are still being given out. The prize will range from 5,000 NP to 30,000 NP depending on how many bad guys you beat! UPDATE - All done!
19th July
  • THE CROWN HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!!! Yes, finally, it was lying on a beach on Mystery Island all the time :) Click here to see the full solution to the hunt that has been going on for the last two days! Prizes will be given out soon!

  • We are currently giving out prizes for the Lost Desert Battle... so if you won a battle some Neopoints will be coming your way today :)
  • The Tuskaninny has been added to our How to Draw section.

  • We also have a new Better Than You today. Can you beat Dr. Thunder at Mummy Maze?
  • We have a new Desert Poogle and Grarrl today!

  • Princess Vyssa says 'Look, can you hurry up and find that crown. Malkus just told you exactly where he was... its in the note. Hurry up!'
  • The Tooth Faerie has had a make-over. She looks a lot happier now :)
  • A new Caption Contest has been launched, why not try to win 1000NP and a rare item?

  • Today's Site Spotlight is the webpage of Galiborble the Blue Kyrii. Its very pretty!
18th July
  • Read about the Meerca Brothers in our newest Neopedia article!
  • Now you can adopt a Lost Desert Kyrii!!!

  • We also have a new Lenny Conundrum today. The answer to last week's conundrum was 'Sporkle Leg'. It was not Kelp Oglers, Greek Polls or even Grakle Soup :)

    NOT a Sporkle Leg

  • We made the Blue Mynci a bit bluer today!
  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today! The answer to last week's competition was 'The Money Tree'. We promise to make them harder in the future.
  • How is the quest for the crown going? Maybe you should look at the Meerca who signed the note, it looks like him and his brother had something planned...


  • We fixed loads of flash games today that werent working on Macs. Most of them should work now!
  • Give a big hello to MyLittleAngelDude, the newest Pet Spotlight.
  • Six new Sakhmet themed pictures have been added to our Art Gallery, why not take a look.

17th July - Kiko Day
  • Oh no! The crown of King Coltzan has been stolen!!! Click here now!

  • NEW GAME - The latest addition to the Lost Desert is Mummy Maze. Explore the tomb, collect the gold, and avoid the nasty-things-that-set-you-on-fire-or-blow-you-up.

  • We have 2 new Screensavers today, Wall of Kikos and Kiko Pong.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is Mooncheesey the Kiko.
  • The Book Shop has got some great new Kiko titles in.

  • Kikos have three special Battledome moves - Kiko Bubble Shield, Kiko Splash and Kiko Bounce.
  • Also, why not try these Kiko Battledome Items?

  • We also have a new style Kiko today - the Disco Kiko!!! We also redid the Speckled Cybunny.


16th July
  • The Trading Post will be back up for the next few days (and hopefully longer) while we test it.
  • BATTLE SCARABS have arrived!! These powerful Lost Desert items are worth over a million Neopoints each, and will be given away as special prizes for future competitions.

  • USURPER! is over. Thanks to everybody for playing!! We have given out the prizes to the first 100 people to get the correct answer. In case you were wondering, here is the correct solution.

    • Senator Barca, Spoke Loudly, 2 courses, Fried Ummagine
    • Princess Sankara, Sniffing, 4 courses, Cheops Omelette
    • Senator Palpus, Looked Shifty, 5 courses (pig!), Tut Trout
    • Princess Vyssa, Burping, 1 course, Grakle Stew
    • Advisor Wessle, Ate Messily, 3 courses, Sphinx Links
    • The murderer was Princess Sankara.

    We hope you enjoyed this game, we will be doing others like it in the future!

  • Some more new pictures have been added to the Art Gallery.

  • New out today - the Rainbow Peophin!!

  • The trophies for the Lost Desert Battle have now been given out. We now also show the number of victories you achieved for both the Lost Desert and Tyrannian battles, along with a rank! The trophy will appear on the user lookup page (type your username into the search box in the yellow bar).

    We will be giving out Neopoints later today to everybody that participated!

  • We have made the NeoDeck less expensive to upgrade.
  • Check out today's Caption Competition!

  • The new Story Telling competition has also been launched!
  • We also recounted the number of Neopets from the database and we have just broken the 21 Million mark!!!
  • Hello and welcome to a new week on Neopets! We start off the week with a new Pet Spotlight.
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