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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

28th and 29th July
  • The Rainbow Fountain is once again open for business! We haven't finished working on it yet, but you can collect your Fountain Pass by going there now.
  • For those people who never got a chance to adopt a Poogle, we have made another 40,000 available!

  • A few players had problems updating their shops and pet pages due to our profanity filter. We have now updated it so it tells you what we were actually blocking. Remember, chat rooms, IFRAMES and certain javascript functions are not allowed on the site.
27th July
  • UPDATE : A lot of people have been complaining that the Neolodge has not been feeding pets. We did have few database problems, but now they are all fixed, and all Neopets who are staying in the Neolodge will be fed on schedule!

  • The New edition of the Neopian Times, has just been released! This issue has loads of tips for earning more neopoints and winning big with many of our games.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic competition today. The answer to last week's competition was The Mystery Picture Icon from the Games Room. Aren't we sneaky? UPDATE : Oops, it wasnt ready when we launched it... it's ready now!
  • Some more new pictures have been added to the Art Gallery.

  • Tchilli closed his eyes and wished, he wished to be anywhere in Neopia apart from where he was now... Find out what happens to Tchilli in just one of the many Chia and Flotsam books now available for your Neopet to read!!

  • We have a new Spotted Zafara and Fire Eyrie.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight features three Neopets - Kikasete, Rinauko and Iyame.
  • Keep checking the Bookshop, they have some new Peophin books in stock!
26th July - Peophin Day!
  • Can you beat todays Better Than You character? Challenge Peoletta at her favourite game - Kiko Match.
  • Another Battledome character has been drawn and will be available soon - the Shadow Usul.

  • We have been redoing some of the older Neopets. Today's makeovers include the Speckled Nimmo, Checkered Kau and Faerie Peophin.

  • Today's Caption Competition has just been launched, the prize for the funniest caption is a rare item, a trophy and 1,000 NP.
  • The Peophin now has a few more moves to choose from in the Battledome - the Peophin Power Shield, Peophin Glare and Peophin Water Blast.
  • Check out today's Site Spotlight, featuring the homepage of Sweet16renee the Faerie Peophin! She likes omelette and has a large collection of plushies!
  • Cool - a new Striped Peophin!!

  • We have a new Neopedia Article, this time about Spectre.
  • To start Peophin Day off with a bang, there are now special Peophin Battledome and Grooming items. Now your Peophin will not only thwart opponents, but will look good doing so:)

  • GUILD UPDATE - The guilds now have a whole new range of features, including the ability to set permissions for certain members. Check them out here.
  • There are some special Peophin themed pictures in our Art Gallery

25th July
  • Does your Neopet have what it takes to take on the might that is the ... Jelly Chia? This rather resiliant little chap will be released in the one player battledome very shortly :)

    Muhahaha! I will conquer you all!

  • Since there are so many yummy chocolates to feed your Neopet, we have added some more grooming items to keep your pet's pearly whites gleaming!

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been launched. The answer to last week's picture was of course the Fat Cat Greeting Card.
  • BATTLEDOME UPDATE - For a variety of different reasons, we are having to change most of the One-Player Battledome opponents. We will be finished soon, in the meantime here is a sneak preview of what you will be able to fight!

  • Oops, the ghost skull type thing on Mummy Maze was a tad too hard. We made the game a bit easier, and just uploaded a new version.
  • 22,000,000 Neopets! We just broke another record! Click here to see the current population of Neopia.
  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, Raynestep the Blue Aisha.
24th July
  • Some more cool pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • What a confusing Lenny Conundrum we had last week. The key to solving it was that when you win a 3:1 bet at Poogle Racing, you actually quadruple your money (you get your bet back!). Anyway, the answer was 21,184 NP. Click here for this week's conundrum.

  • Check out the Spotted Kau. We realise that this is a totally unnatural and weird look for the Kau, but nevertheless we hope you like it.

  • IMPORTANT - We are doing a routine security check today that means everybody will be logged out of their account and will have to re-enter their password to get back in. Please do not worry about this, it is supposed to happen. UPDATE : This has now taken effect (3:20pm NST)

  • We have a new Neopedia article about the Darkness Scarab.
  • The Mynci gets two paintbrushes today, and its not even Mynci day!

  • We have re-shaded the image of the Scorchio to make it fit in with the other Neopets on the site.

  • We have a new Site Spotlight today, the homepage of Cherry_merry_muffins the Red Aisha.
23rd July
  • Hubert, famous hot dog stall owner and part-time cryptographer, has added some more hot dogs to his stall.

  • IMPORTANT - We have noticed a lot of people having contests and competitions in their shops. We advise you not to participate in these, as there are a few fake contests going around at the moment. If you do lose neopoints or items due to such a scam, we will NOT refund anything. Entering somebody else's contest is at your own risk.

  • Two changes to the shops. Firstly when you put an item in your shop you get the option go straight to the stock screen. Secondly, you can price items up to 250,000 NP now, however the price over which they cannot be bought (100k) has not changed.

  • We did have some problems over the weekend with missing pages in the Battledome, sorry about that its been fixed now.
  • This week's Story Telling Competition just started!
  • We have released the Spotted Kougra, and also re-shaded the Speckled Moehog. To change the colour of your pet, first find a magic paintbrush and then visit the Rainbow Pool.

  • We fixed a small bug on Scorchy Slots and tripled all the prizes and the rate that the jackpot increases!!!
  • Check out today's Pet Spotlight, Stamply the Cloud Chomby.
  • We have a new Caption Competition today. Good luck!!!

  • Hope you all had a great weekend. Just so you know we will be finishing off the Lost Desert early this week, and also taking care of all unfinished business (including the shrine, and prizes and trophies for our crown mystery). Also, we have just started working on the new plot/world, keep checking here for updates :)

  • Tombola is back, and its free! Everybody gets one free spin every day. Click here to play!

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