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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

25th and 26th August
  • The Space Station map has been redrawn and Grundos now have special Battledome items on sale in the Space Armoury and Weaponry shops. The old space map was a huge 300k in size. The new one is only 50k.

  • We have just rewritten some of the code on the Battledome so that the pages will load quicker during a fight. UPDATE - Quickstock is faster too, and will have less errors in.

  • Bad News : The shops have stopped accepting the Neopian Discount Cards for their offers. Good News : There is going to be another Discount Card offer soon that everybody will be able to participate in!!!
  • There is a four page hand drawn picture special in the Art Gallery, why not drop by and take a look?

  • New Neopian Times!!! - Yes Week 3 of the new-style Neopian Times has just been released. Continue reading all your favourite stories, and check out some of the comics that have been drawn. Also, the editorial section will answer the week's most frequently asked questions.

  • BOING BOING - A new Battledome challenger has been added - the Jelly Chia. To fight him you have to find him first!

  • SITE UPDATE - All this week we have been recoding huge parts of the Neopets site to make it exert less load on our databases (and therefore speed up the site). As a result pages are loading much faster, and yesterday we reached a new record of 158,596,000 pageviews, woohoo!

    Neopets should be pretty fast for the next couple of weeks, and we will keep you updated if we make any more changes :)

  • To speed up our database we are going to have to delete all the sales histories in Neopets. Sorry about this, it won't happen again for ages. :(
    UPDATE : We are only going to log item purchases of over 1,000 Neopoints from now on to save disk space.
24th August - Grundo Independence Day
  • NEW GAME - Yes, its the return of Pokematch!!!. Match up the Pokemon characters as quickly as you can!

  • The Space Adoption Center can now give you a Grundo in Meteoric Purple.
  • The latest contestant on Better Than You is Bug Eye Mc Gee. Can you beat this hardened old pirate at Deckswabber???

  • A TRULY BIZARRE thing happens to a Chia when they eat a Chokato Chia Pop!
  • Keep an eye out for this super rare commemorative Usuki Doll in USUKILAND!

  • Oooh errr... a mysterious character has been seen handing out strange green potions. What ever you do don't give them to your Neopet, you never know what might happen!

  • The Rainbow Fountain that appeared in Faerieland has just dried up :(
  • The Mystery Pic game has just been launched. Guess what the picture is, and win points, a trophy and a wicked prize! The answer to Wednesday's picture was the 'How to Draw Header'.

    UPDATE : Oops, we put the same picture up twice. This has now been fixed and we wiped all the guesses so you can have another go.

  • Woohoo!! There are now 25,000,000 Neopets in Neopia!!!


  • There will be much rejoicing among the Grundo community today, it is exactly one year since the evil Dr Sloth was overthrown and his Grundo slaves were freed!

  • Grundos have three special Battledome Moves - Grundo Flight, Grundo Power Shield, and Grundo Fire...
  • We have added some more pictures to the Art Gallery.

  • Say hello to Ekdippa the Faerie Grundo who is the winner of today's Pet Spotlight :)
23rd August
  • There is now a search in the Safety Deposit Box, but due to database restrictions, you have to use the exact phrase for it to work.
  • If you score points at any of our new pirate-themed games, chances are you may find a Dubloon. Dubloons will be very useful, and you will be able to exchange them for all sorts of items. Hang on to them!!!

  • Read the latest report from the Raging Whirlpool that used to be Maraqua.
  • Arrrr! There be a new game to conquer... avoid the bloodthirsty critters that be after your loot and you could win a treasure trove of goodies. What are ye waiting for ya puny bilge rats, play Deckswabber now!

  • The epidemic at the Money Tree seems to have cleared up.
  • We have a new Caption Competition today, about Pirates. Pirates? I wonder why all this pirate stuff is going up on the site?

  • NOTE : If you are going to send in any Pics or Poems, then you may want to make them about, or featuring Pirate Neopets. We are going to be doing a pirate special soon!

  • Why not try your hand at our newest game - Armada? Its what all the scurvy seadogs around Neopia are playing!

  • Nimmo plushies are now on sale in the Toy Shop.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is the home of Liverspot the Striped Skeith!
  • Now you can turn your Usul Cloud or Brown!

  • We added some new Pirate themed Greeting Cards, why not send one today?

  • A new Pirate location has been added to Kacheek Seek. Why are we adding all this Pirate stuff to the site??? Ahhh... well its a secret!
22nd August
  • Now when you do a lookup on an object, you get an automatic link to the Shop Wizard. Try typing in 'Potato Wedges' into the bar on the left to see what we mean.

  • We added some cool Kyrii Plushies to the Toy Shop.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today. The answer to last week's game was 'The Mummy Maze Play Icon'.
  • Ummm... don't go near the Money Tree. Apparently Neopets have been going there and complaining that they feel ill. We recommend avoiding it at ALL costs!

  • Give a warm welcome to the new Pet Spotlight, Zingama the Zafara!
  • Now you can get a Purple Chomby... aren't they cute?

    I think I look rather snazzy!

  • We have changed the way we do NeoMessages to help speed up the databases. As a result you may not see the name of the person who sent you a message (you will see the username however). If you could delete these old NeoMessages we would appreciate it. All messages from now on will work correctly.

  • Some new pictures have been added to the Art Gallery!

21st August
  • Every single person who owned a Theme Park has now been completely refunded for everything they spent. Thanks for waiting, and sorry we retired them, we will soon be releasing lots of cool stuff to make up for it (honestly!)
  • Two Neopet fishermen who were near the Maraquan whirlpool give their accounts in this Eyewitness Report. More news soon!

  • New Rule - To stop the overcrowding of auctions, you may only have five items from your inventory in auction at any one time.
  • THE TRADING POST IS BACK!!! It hopefully should not crash any more! The main change is that once trades are complete the items will be swapped on a timed delay (like auctions). Click here to start trading!

  • We also have a Split Poogle. Check out the Rainbow Pool for the full list of Neopet and Colour combinations!

  • Some Maraquan recipes washed up onto the shore of Mystery Island earlier this morning and they are now being sold in the Tropical Food Shop!
  • Wherever this poor Flotsam goes, he always ends up making a lot of food for a very hungry person! Yes, the Kitchen Quests are back, and they are now located on Mystery Island.

    A Flotsam Chef's work is never done!

  • Mystery Island has a whole new look - it's map has been redone!
  • We have a new Brown Jetsam and Purple Kiko!!! What pretty freckles!

  • The images on the site were loading slowly this morning. This problem has been fixed now, and the site is much quicker as a result.
  • Ever since the destruction of Maraqua, hardly any Koi have been available in Neopia. They are now limited edition :(
  • The star of today's Site Spotlight is Lunanar The Snow Lupe.
20th August - Annual Usuki Doll Convention
  • Wow! The newest Usuki Play Sets have just been announced - aren't they adorable!

  • Some of the older items on the site (that won't be named *ahem*) have been replaced with these cool UsukiCon posters!!

  • USUKICON, the Annual Usuki Convention will be donating thousands of Usuki Dolls at the Money Tree over today and tomorrow!
  • Some people were cheating on the Auctions by having multiple accounts placing bids. They cannot do this any more :)
  • We have a new Caption Competition today!!!

  • Four extremely rare new Usuki dolls have been unveiled at the convention. Keep a close eye out for them in the shops :)

  • A funny thing happens to Chias when they eat a Lemon Chia Pop!!!

  • All the Usuki Dolls in USUKILAND have been reduced by 66% today, and twice as many of each are in stock!
  • The NeoDAQ value was not changing much, so we have made it a lot larger. This doesn't affect the Stock Market at all, it just means you can notice smaller fluctuations in the market.
  • We are 50% of the way through the process of refunding people for their Theme Parks.
  • We have a new Usuki Doll Screensaver!

  • Some new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • Today is, of course, the Annual Usuki Doll Convention, where Neopets around Neopia gather to see the latest releases from Usukiland. Look out for new dolls, accessories and more, coming soon!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight is Kewix the Striped Wocky.
  • We start off the new week with the latest Story Telling Competition.
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