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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

27th and 28th October
  • THE NEOPIAN TIMES ISSUE 12 has just been released. Make sure to read what is quite possibly the most informative, and interesting newspaper in the world!!! Click here now!!!

  • Just a reminder that you can get some really cool items and Neopoints by braving the evil that is the Forgotten Tomb. We will only be running this promotion until tomorrow.

  • The site was a little slow earlier today, mainly due to NeoQuest hogging all the resources of the site, oops! We have taken it down until the peak period is over, unfortunately on a Saturday its a bit later than usual. We hope to have it back around 9pm or so.

    Xantan the Foul says 'Boo!'
26th October - Korbat Day
  • Hurrah! Yes its that time of year when Korbats around Neopia celebrate being Korbats. Throughout the day we will be adding lots of Korbat related stuff, so keep checking back :)
  • Check out these adorable Korbat plushies that are now on sale in the Toy Shop!

  • More Poems are available for you to read. Congratulations to those who got their poems published!
  • If you can get hold of a Halloween Paint Brush, you can now paint your Bruce!

  • The Breadmaster has been busy making some seasonal treats - look at these lovely spooky goodies!

  • We have a new Better Than You contestant, give a warm welcome to Kefling the Korbat, Meerca Chase Champion!

    You will never beat me!

  • Korbats now have special Battledome Moves - Korbat Screech, Korbat Sonic Shield and Korbat Flap.
  • Lots of new Korbat related books have just gone on sale in the Book Shop!

  • You can now paint your Korbat Starry and Glowing!

  • The winner of today's Pet Spotlight is Battybaby42, the Christmas Korbat!
  • Kauvara has just finished mixing up some special Korbat Morphing potions!

  • Courtesy of Captain Threelegs, Korbats will receive free training all day at the Swashbuckling Academy!
  • To kick off Korbat day we have some extremely cute Korbat Fun Images!

25th October
  • neoquest is up... sssh, dont tell anybody, our servers may break!
  • The new Caption Contest has just been launched.
  • As a special treat to all those NeoQuest fans out there, we have created a new Screen Saver featuring characters and music from NeoQuest!

  • Lots of cool new Collectable Card images have been uploaded including the new look Ursula Usul and Malkus Vile.

  • All next week we will be having a Halloween special in the Art Gallery. Send your spooky Neopet related pictures to pics@neopets.com, and you could get your picture displayed on the site. Don't forget to include your username

  • We have added a new spooky Buzz background for you to download!

  • Today's Site Spotlight features Kavik, a level 14 Lupe who likes to chase and eat Chias. Shame on him!
  • We have added the Starry Scorchio and the Purple Usul to the Rainbow Pool.

  • The Pear of Disintegration is a very lethal weapon and t0tally 0wnz your N30p3t. Good thing the Smugglers only found 15 of them isn't it!!!

24th October
  • NeoQuest is back up!
  • If you take your Plathydon to the PetPet Puddle, you can now paint it Green, White or Yellow!

  • AARRGGGHHH!!! Its hideous! Get it away from me.... Looks like Dr F Sloth has been busy making a new transmogrification potion. This one seems to mutate poor innocent Blumaroos!

  • The trophies for NeoQuest have now been given out. If you complete the first difficulty you will get Bronze, the evil difficulty Silver, and then for InSaNe you get Gold!! The first five to complete each difficulty will, of course, get an extra trophy each.

  • Lots of new Fun Images have been added, including more Lupes, Chombies and Faeries!

  • Collectable Card Update!
    You may notice several changes to your Neodeck, we are in the process of changing a lot of the cards to their final versions. We apologise for any broken images or names not matching the pictures, but this will all be straightened out shortly!

  • Wow! Three artichoke-related foods have been added to the Health Food Shop.

  • Some brand new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery, why not stop by and take a look for yourself?
  • The latest addition to the Smugglers Cove is the powerful Battle Plunger.

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring Ichibutsu the Blue Shoyru.
  • Food Club will be run at 2:00pm today, and in preparation for the huge amount of Neopoints you are all going to win, we have set up a high-score table.

  • The Mystery Pic competition has been launched. The answer to Monday's picture was 'The Hubert's Hot Dogs Button'.
23rd October
  • NeoQuest has just been put back on the site. If you have completed the first difficulty level then you will be given a trophy (and possibly a huge prize) very soon!
  • Don't forget this is the last week you can earn prizes from our Tomb of Evil Offer.
  • FOOD CLUB - Played by the Pirates of Krawk Island, Food Club is a daily eating competition. 20 pirates in total play in five games, and its up to you to decide who wins (and bet, of course), depending on their strength, likes, and dislikes. Games will be played at 2pm every day, the first one starting tomorrow. Place your bets now!!!

  • Due to popular demand we have added a section in the HTML Guide explaining how to add a background colour or image to your shop!
  • Loads of new Fun Images have been added, now there is no excuse to have a boring shop :)

  • We have a Neopedia Article about the Aisha Myriad. Read it or weep!
  • The Snowager is awake!
    Sick and tired of Neopets constantly trying to steal from his hoard of treasure, the mighty Snowager is ready to take on any challengers in the Battledome! He is especially annoyed with those people who create multiple accounts to steal his treasure!!!

  • Oohhh... an extremely rare new Pirate Petpet has been found on Krawk Island, isn't it cute!
  • Today's Site Spotlight is the homepage of Diodorah the Faerie Cybunny.
  • The Alien Aishas have just finished cooking up some more delicious gross foods!

22nd October
  • Friday's Mystery Pic has just been added. Better late than never!!! The answer to last Wednesday's picture was 'The Kiko Species Pop-Up Window'.
  • Some new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery.

  • Halloween is fast approaching, so the Chocolate Factory has just finished baking a new line of Spooky Toffee Apples to enjoy!

  • The new Caption Contest has been launched. Why not give it a whirl? You could win 1000NP and a rare item.

  • This week's Story Telling Contest has been launched.
  • Now you can paint your Turdle Pink or Green at the Petpet Puddle!

  • The star of today's Pet Spotlight is Peartree1 the yellow Pteri.
  • The Toy Shop has got some new JubJub plushies in stock, including the extremely rare Halloween JubJub Plushie!

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