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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

10th and 11th November
  • In case you are wondering about the New Gelert, number three is the winner, however since the votes are SO close we are going to have a recount in the Roo Island constituency. Stay tuned for more information!

  • The NEW NEOPIAN TIMES has just been released!!! Comics, stories, articles and of course the editorial, you simply cannot afford to miss it!

9th November
  • GOODBYE... DOCTOR... Neopets version 2 has just been deactivated (awwwwwww), and the children have escaped. When Sloth heard the news he spilled his mug of Grakle Juice all over the floor, and then stamped up and down in frustration. Oh well! Congratulations to everybody who participated, the prizes will be coming on Monday. In the mean time, click here for the last part of the story!

    If you haven't personally deactivated NPv2 yet, we advise you try... you never know, you may get a prize!

  • Part 8 of the Neopets Version 2 story is now available. Click here now to see it. The four children are still trapped with the evil computer program, who seems oblivious to the fact that they are ever so slowly running out of air... 3 AND A HALF HOURS LEFT!!! HURRY UP!!!

  • Apologies - The site was unavailable for a short period of time due to technical difficulties. We are back up now, but the four Neopets are still imprisoned in Virtulift 4!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today, the answer to yesterday's puzzle was 'Kauvara reading Dr. Sloth's note'.
  • If you pay a visit to the Petpet Puddle, you can now paint your Babaa and Noil!

  • NEOPETS MERCHANDISE will be available in three stores in Southern California tomorrow! You are more than welcome to turn up and see the cool new things we have for sale, and you may even meet a giant chia!!! Click here for more details!

    Who turned out the lights?

    Time is running out! - There are only 14 1/2 hours left now and so far no one has managed to shut down Neopet v2. Things aren't looking to rosy for those poor Neopets :( Click here for a status report!

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery, why not stop by and take a look?

  • Next week Neopets is 2 years old and as part of our birthday celebrations there will be a party/celebration themed picture special. If you want to enter your artwork, email it to pics@neopets.com . Don't forget to include your username or we won't know who you are.

  • Three new Neoquest Lizard Plushies are now available in the Toy Shop.

  • Some great new Neopets related poems have been added to our Poetry Gallery.
  • Get your hands on a Starry Paintbrush and you can now paint your Kiko Starry. We have also added the Faerie Flotsam.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to an Aisha, Kyrii, Gelert, and a Pteri all belonging to Amira_Katoshi.
8th November - Pteri Flying Championships
  • We have a new Mystery Pic, as we were too excited with Neopet version 2 yesterday to release one. The answer for Friday's competition was 'Caption Contest 126'.

  • Strange sounds have been heard coming from the captured Virtulift, as far as we can tell it seems to be a mixture of groans, shrieks and moos! Click here for more details!

  • Now your Neopet can learn everything it ever wanted to know about Pteri with these great new Pteri books...

  • Pteri now have six special Battledome Moves available - Pteri Peck, Pteri Evade, Pteri Dive and the more powerful Pteri Flash, Pteri Air Shield and Pteri Glare!
  • Some new Pteri fun images have been added!

  • The Battle and Defence magic shops have some new Pteri Battledome items in stock!

  • Since its Pteri Day, Captain Threelegs is giving Pteri free training in the Pirate Academy all day!
  • We have a new Site Spotlight today, featuring Shadowfax the Pteri.

  • There are now five more Pteri Shopkeepers to choose from, including wizards, kings and pirates!

  • Argh... the four children trapped in the Virtulift of Doom still have not been rescued!!! We have live feedback from the Space Station life support system... click here to see... oh and do hurry up rescuing them, it seems that Dr. Sloth lied about the amount of air they have left, if the gauge continues at this rate they will all die by Friday at midnight!

  • Today's Caption Competition has just been uploaded, have a go and see if you can think of anything witty!

7th November
  • THE QUEST HAS BEGUN - Yes news just in, poor Billy and Sarah have become the plaything of the evil Neopet Version 2. Want to know more???? Click here now. The first 100 people to solve our puzzle will be rewarded with a prize beyond their wildest imaginations (it will make a scarab look like an orange fuzzle!). Oh, and by the way we made it VERY HARD, like 5.2 times harder than the Crown puzzle!

    Grundos cafe... before the INCIDENT

  • We have added some new pictures to our Art Gallery!

  • Five Lizard Plushies from NeoQuest have just been released!

  • We have a new Battledome Contender, not content with mixing those fabulous Morphing potions, Kauvara has now turned her hoof to fending off challengers!

  • If you can get your hands on a new Faerie Petpet Paint Brush, you can paint your Cadro, Babaa and Moltenore!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight has just been uploaded - it features Kitnia the Kougra!
6th November
  • NEW PETPETS!!! - Yes say hello to Cadro and Babith, on sale at a pet shop near you!

  • After a long absence, Lenny Conundrum has returned! The answer to the last puzzle was '11 bags', with 1 in the first bag, then 2, then 4 , 8, 16 and so on. Ho ho, binary joke! :)

  • The next part of Neopet v2 will be coming tomorrow, along with the start of our very hard quest that you will have to solve over the next five days :)
  • We have also added a Speckled Chomby to the Rainbow Pool.

  • Today's Poetry Contest winners are now live!
  • We have a new Caption Competition today! Woohoo!

  • Just a reminder that we will be making the draw for the Pirate Treasure Game on Sunday!
  • We have a new Site Spotlight featuring Kaliestra, the reincarnation of Isis.
  • Make sure your Neopet gets to read these three latest titles, available in the Neopian Bookshop.

  • We haven't forgotten about the Gelert Competition, we will announce the winner very soon.
5th November
  • Oh yes, and lastly we forgot to mention - HAPPY BONFIRE NIGHT!!!
  • WE HAVE A WINNER! - Yes the grand prize on Better Than You has just been won by two very lucky young Usuls. To find out more about their special prize - click here!
    psst.... this is part two of the Neopetv2 thingy...

  • There is a NeoQuest special in the Art Gallery, why not pop along and see the latest tributes to Eleus and Co?

  • MORE NEOQUEST PLUSHIES!!! Have you managed to find any yet??? Keep checking the Toy Shop to see if they have any in stock!

  • The prizes for Normal and Evil difficulties on Neoquest have been given out to the lucky winners. When the 5th person beats InSaNe mode we will give out the remaining prizes. Congratulations to the people who won!!!

  • NEOPET VERSION 2 - Bored with your cute, fluffy pet? Need something more intelligent, and powerful... well all this week we will be telling the story of Neopet Version 2, and there will be a big prize for the first person who can solve the mystery and save the day! Click here for more details. Confused? All will be revealed very soon...

  • Just a reminder that we will be selling some great merchandise in three stores in the Los Angeles area on November 10th. If you want to come along, click here for more details!

  • Three new Cooking Pot recipes have been added, can you work out how to make them?

  • The winner of today's Pet Spotlight competition is KoKopop the Faerie Elephante.
  • This week's Story Telling Competition has just started!
  • Two more NeoQuest Plushies have just arrived in the Toy Shop, the Archmagus of Roo and a Chaos Giant.

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