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12th and 13th January
  • THE NEOPIAN TIMES Issue 22 is out!!! Read it now, and if you do you will most probably win at all the games you play over the next week! Check it out for stories, articles about Neopia, comics and the weekly editorial!


  • Oh dear, times ARE hard for the poor Tombola. Tiki Tack Man is now asking for donations from time to time to keep it running :(

  • Just a quick warning, we are getting VERY strict with multiple accounts. We will freeze anybody who creates multiple accounts in order to gain a financial (neopoint) advantage over others. Basically, if you have a couple of extra accounts to store neopets, or items, or a guild that is fine. However, if you log into multiple accounts on a daily basis and use the shrine, tombola etc.. to get neopoints... then wave bye-bye to ALL your accounts.


    Just to re-iterate, creating multiple accounts to gain extra neopoints with is NOT allowed. It is unfair to people who play by the rules, and heavily scorned upon by the Neopets Team. Please don't do it, and when your accounts are frozen please dont email us asking for them back, because they will never be unfrozen.

    Neopets Golden Rules

    • Your main account must be the only account you use for daily Neopoint-gaining activities such as flash games, Tombola, Shrine, Fruit Machine, Snowager, Kiosk, Mystery Pic etc...
    • You may have up to 4 other accounts for guilds, galleries, storage, and extra neopets (which we hope are fed on a daily basis!)
    • We do not mind if you use your other 4 accounts to gain Neopoints via your Shop, or the Trading Post, as these Neopoints do not come out of thin air, they require you to actually be selling items.
    • If you already have more than 4 accounts, but do not use them to make Neopoints, don't worry thats fine - just please don't create any more.

    Thanks for playing Neopets, and we hope you understand that we make these rules to make Neopia a fairer, and a more exciting place for everybody!

11th January - Buzz Day!
  • Yes its that time of year when the sky is full of the sound of buzzing wings and jelly and ice cream are given out in abundance. To celebrate, lots of new Buzz related things will be added throughout the day. Keep checking back for the latest additions.

  • SITE UPDATE : Our content server is having problems, so the Beauty Contest and Guild Photos may not be working, we hope to have this resolved soon, sorry!

  • If you find the appropriate Transmogrification Potion you can now adopt a MUTANT BUZZ!!!

  • We fixed a couple of bugs with Mummy Maze, so now you can choose whether to send your score or not after each game. UPDATE : Yeah it said Invalid Version for a while (oops!) this is fixed now!

  • We have a new game based on an upcoming film Big Fat Liar. Can you steal back what the nasty Marty Wolf has stolen???

  • The new Mystery Pic has just been released, and the answer to Wednesday's picture was 'Smugglers Cove'.
  • Be sure to check the Battle and Defence magic shops as they have some new Buzz Battledome items in stock!

  • Uh oh... when the ghosts steal your Neopoints now they are going to steal a LOT more... especially if you are a millionaire!
  • Some new Buzz related books have arrived just in time for Buzz day. Go to the Book Shop to get yours now!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to Zeechwo the Red Buzz!
  • If you take your Buzz to the Battledome today you may find they have learnt a special move such as Buzz Glare, Buzz Air Shield or Buzz Assault

  • All Buzz will receive free training at the Swashbuckling Academy courtesy of Cap'n Threelegs!

  • It seems that Grapefruit mania is sweeping Neopia, the Bakery, Health Food Shop and Main Food Shop have all released some new Grapefruit based foods.

10th January
  • Well, after too long of an absence Lenny Conundrum is back, and will continue to come out every Tuesday :) The answer to the last conundrum was in fact totally impossible to guess, but after long deliberation we have decided there were 37 eyeballs in the jar. Good luck with this weeks puzzle!

    UPDATE : We may start anonymously releasing the funniest/worst answers to Lenny Conundrum... so be careful what you write.. it may just be posted :)

  • BETTER THAN YOU, everybodys favourite game show, has just been released. This time we feature Tehuti the Aisha who helps with the Pyramids game in the Lost Desert. She is trying her paw at Swarm - are YOU up to the challenge?

  • Well at the time of writing this there are 107 Krawks in Neopia, so somebody must have worked out how to create them :) We are now going to give away the answer... all you have to do is ** FATAL PHP ERROR, Script Endidsjkngnb

  • More Neoquest Plushies have just been released... once again these are rare so don't expect to see many in the shops! Meet the Dervishes!

  • The FUNGUS CAVE has just been uncovered on the scurvy Krawk Island... folks have been talking about strange creatures popping up all over the island... they look like Krawks but are much much bigger. Can you work out what is going on?!?!

  • The Chocolate Factory has just released some more sugary surprises.

  • The latest Caption Contest has been launched. Think of something funny to say and you could win 1000NP, a rare item and a shiny trophy for your cabinet.

  • Some silly Petpets have got in the Christmas spirit a little late, oh well they do look rather cute :)

  • The winner of today's Site Spotlight is Kalolia's Hangout, a page designed for Peophins everywhere!
  • SITE UPDATE - The site was down for 4 hours last night, due to some unexpected problems with our database. Everything is back now and working 100%, so sorry about that!
9th January
  • Our newest sponsor offer is The Great Chocolate Sweepstakes. Yes, you could win a years supply of great Neopian Chocolate for your Neopet, rare unreleased items, plus one million Neopoints!!

    I WON!!!!

  • Loads of Collectable Cards have been updated to their new improved images today. Don't worry if some of the names don't quite match the pictures, it will all be sorted out very shortly :)

  • We redid the Glowing Wocky!

  • We have a new Neopedia Article about the Shadow Usul... *SHIVER*
  • The new Mystery Pic competition is out. The answer to Friday's picture was 'Cheesy Apple Stick'.
  • Stop by the Art Gallery when you get a chance to admire the new pictures that have been added.

  • We made the Snow Faerie give out better prizes for her quests!
  • A new challenger has wandered into the Battledome ... prepare to face the might of the ROBOGRARRL!!!


  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to Breeshuka, the adventure loving Meerca.
  • Take your Pfish or Spirkle to the Petpet Puddle and you can change them into new colourful versions!

  • We have raised the rarity cap of the items you can search for in the Yellow Bar to 97.
  • The winners of the latest Poetry Contest have been announced.
8th January
  • All the Glass pets are currently being changed to Tyrannian, we hope you like the new versions. Look out for more Tyrannian-style Neopets coming out soon! In the mean time, here is the Tyrannian Shoyru.


  • Thursday's Better Than You has just been released, and Laura Usul has returned. Can you beat her at Mummy Maze???

  • Most of the questions from the editorial section of the Neopian Times have been added into our Help Section. If you have a question, why not try looking here for the answer?

  • We have gone through some of the flash games and added more size options, and quality select options so they will be more customisable :)

  • The Alien Aisha Scrambler has been added to the Smugglers Cove, but there aren't many of them, and they are pretty expensive!

  • You just have to buy these adorable petpet Usuki sets from Usukiland. Its what every stylish Usuki doll wants!

  • The winner of today's Site Spotlight is Usul Peak, created by Star_solo.
  • Here's the first glimpse of the Tyrannian Nimmo and Quiggle... aren't they beautiful!

  • We had a problem with Cliffhanger giving out points - its fixed now!
  • The Book Shop has some great new Techo themed books in stock!

7th January
  • WARNING - Spamming Neomails is NOT ALLOWED, this slows down the entire site and causes people to become generally miffed and put out. We will be freezing the accounts of anybody who manually, or automatically sends out spam Neomail.

  • UPDATE - Following the results of our poll, we are changing the Glass paintbrush to a new more interesting one. All pets that are painted glass will be the first pets ever to be painted Tyrannian! Stay tuned for more updates.

  • We have retired four magical Paint Brushes - can you guess which? These four brushes will never be given out as random events again.
  • Some great new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • After two months (finally!) the super-cool XANTAN BATTLEDOME ITEMS have been given out to the first five people to complete NeoQuest InSaNe!!!

  • Uhhh... there was a bug with the Tombola that meant you got some Neopoints every time. This wasnt actually supposed to happen, so its been fixed now.
  • Keep refreshing a page and you may see one of 4 new buttons advertising such great things as the Virtupets Space Station and Pterattack!
  • Take your Anubis to the Petpet Puddle and you can paint it Christmas, Red or White!

  • The Chomby has been added to our How to Draw guide.
  • Some new Shopkeepers have been added including Lupes, Skeiths and Nimmos!
  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to Arenshuphis, the Desert Eyrie.
  • The Toy Shop has three more rare Neoquest plushies on sale!

  • Now you can easily add a poll to your Guild!!
  • The latest Caption Contest has just begun!

  • There are some new Fun Images to brighten up your shops and webpages.

  • The new Story Telling contest has just been launched.
  • The Chocolate Factory has just released some rather unusual varieties of Jelly Beans.

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