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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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25th January
  • NEOPIAN TIMES ISSUE 24 has just been released! This week we advise you NOT to read it, as it just gives away so many secrets about the site it wouldn't be fun playing if you knew them all...

    Very Interesting...

  • Woohoo! New Game! Click here for the Return to Neverland Matching Game, in association with Disney :)

  • Gourmet Club prizes have now been awarded, and this will happen daily from now on!

  • Krawks now have their very own webpage. To view your Krawks webpage go to 'Pet Central', click on 'Pets Page' then click on 'View'.
  • Oooh! There is a new CLOUD petpet paint brush! Get your hands on one of these and you can paint your Uniocto, Miamouse or Kadoatie with it!

  • Take your Kacheek to the Rainbow Pool and you can paint it Checkered!

  • Four new ULTRA RARE books have been spotted in the Book Shop!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is shared by Jesmere0081, and Shanacha, two Neopets that didn't see eye to eye when they first met.
24th January
  • The new Lenny Conundrum is out! The answer to last week's very confusing conundrum was '29 days'. Yes the trick was that we were using the Fibonacci Sequence, but you had to cumulatively subtract each value in the sequence from a million... or something like that...

  • The latest Better Than You has just been released. Can you beat Scraglox the Gigantic Mutant Kadoatie at Mutant Graveyard of DOOM?


  • Be sure to pay a visit to the Art Gallery today, some new pictures have been added.

  • Does your Neopet turn his or her nose up at some of the more common foods in Neopia? Bored with Omelette? Sick of Chia Pops? Tired of Tchea Fruit? Yes, I bet if your Neopet has one more Bagguss he is just going to blow chunks... well enough of that - what your Neopet needs is to visit Gourmet Club, a place for those individuals with a more exquisite taste in cuisine...

    Between you and me madam, the number three

    UPDATE : When the prizes for Gourmet Club are judged tonight we are going to give the runners up (everybody in the top 200) an extra prize, so if you missed the top 17.. don't worry :)

  • Brighten up your shop and webpage with these Zafara, Scorchio and Nimmo Fun Images!

  • You can now paint your Nimmo SPLIT

  • There are only a few Collectable Cards remaining to change. Lots of new cards including everyone's favourite Grundo programmers have just been added.

  • Try your hand at the latest Caption Contest and you could be the lucky winner of a rare item and 1000NP!

  • Krawks now have three Battledome Moves - Krawk Bite, Krawk Fire Breath and Krawk Death Stare!
  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Preciousisprecious for Little_Nylorac's Poogle webpage :)
23rd January
  • The NEOPIAN BOOK AWARD has just been released! Which Neopet has read the most books??? Well now you can find out. The trophies will be given out daily, starting tomorrow.

    UPDATE : The Book Award Prizes are now automatically given out daily, so if you qualify (are in the top 17 places), look out for a nifty trophy on your pet lookup page!

  • If you are lucky enough to be a proud owner of a Narwhool, you can now paint them Red, Yellow and Black at the Petpet Puddle!

  • Now you can paint your Kiko with a Fire, Fire, Pants on Fire Paint Brush and make it mega cool :)


  • We have a new Mystery Pic today, the answer to the last one was 'Chomby and the Fungusballs Play Image'.

  • Three Buzz Books have just been added to the Book Shop!

  • Mutant Graveyard of DOOM also got a bit of an increase in scores :) Gee aren't we nice :)

  • We have doubled the amount of points you get from each game of Chia Bomber, as the game was not giving out enough!

  • Just a quick note, because people are still doing it - using programs to play the site will get your account frozen. This is not allowed!!! Bad!!! If your friends are using bots/autobuyers/kacheek seek players etc... then please tell them to stop as we are still freezing about 50 people a day for doing this.
22nd January
  • You can now paint your Krawk Faerie, Spotted and Purple!

  • We have blocked some sites from displaying images on Neopets. Currently this only happens in the guilds, but we will be adding it to shops and noticeboards soon. One of the sites blocked is Angelfire, who weren't letting you display images anyway. Any bad images will be replaced by this :

  • Some new Neopet related pictures have been added to the Art Gallery

  • The Elephante has been added to our How To Draw section!

  • The winners of the latest Poetry Contest have been announced.
  • Mallards can now be painted White, Blue and Red at the Petpet Puddle!

  • Rumours are circulating that Neopia is heading into a recession... maybe its all these autobuyer cheats, we will never know... anyway the Bank has just cut its interest rates by another 1%

  • Now your Usuki can be the ultimate in glamour with these fabulous hair, nail and jewelry sets. On sale at Usukiland now!

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to Kes123's wonderous webpage.
21st January
  • Remember, using artificial bots or programs to play the games on the site is NOT ALLOWED - this includes programs that buy items for you, take items from the donation tree, play Kacheek Seek, Switcharoo, Tug-O-War, manage multiple accounts, whatever... it is not allowed. If we detect people using bots we shall freeze their accounts immediately. This is only going to affect like 0.01% of the players we have on the site, so if you have no idea what we are talking about just ignore this message :)

  • We doubled the number of points you get from playing Grundo Snowthrow, it just wasn't giving enough!
  • Main screen turn on. What happen? Somebody set us up the Caption Competition!!!

  • Four new EXTREMELY FATTENING foods have gone on sale in the Bakery!

  • There is a bumper Moehog special in the Art Gallery today!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to shenzi5, a brave Fire Shoyru who has faced Sloth's minions twice and won!
  • If you take your Slorg to the Petpet Puddle you can paint it blue, purple or pink!

  • The latest Storytelling Contest has been launched.
  • Good news for Scorchio owners, the Battle and Defence Magic shops have just got a whole new range of Scorchio Battledome items on sale!

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