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9th and 10th February
  • We increased the size of the Default neoHTML to 80 characters from 50. This means you can add more interesting and wonderful tags to your message board postings!

  • Another feature has been added to the message boards called 'QuickChat' - this means you can pop up a text box to chat with, try it, its fun!

  • Yeah! We just added a cool new feature called 'Default neoHTML Tags'. On your NeoChat Preferences, write the word neoHTML using whatever fancy twiddly fonts and colours you like, and then whenever you post a message without tags, your default tag will be used. Got that? Good :)

    this is gr8, lol ^_^

  • The new NEOPIAN TIMES has been launched!! Its been an interesting week on Neopets to say the least hehe, so get all your questions answered in the fantastic Editorial!



  • Neohome Gardens will be launched on the site very soon - in the mean time we have a new sponsor offer where you can get a limited edition Garden Gnome. Woohoo! Click here now!!!

  • Why not send somebody a Chinese New Years Greeting ???
8th February
  • Now the Message Boards have NeoHTML!

  • Now you have to wait 2 minutes between creating message boards, this will hopefully encourage more conversation and less spamming. Spamming leads to pain. Pain leads to suffering, and suffering leads to the Dark Side.

    Yes, since Neopets was launched 816 days ago, over 40 million Neopets have been created!!! Thats over 49,019.6 a day on average! Thanks to everybody for playing Neopets and making Neopia what it is today - very overcrowded! Click here to how popular Neopets are amongst our players.

    There is also a rumour that a new Neopet will be arriving next week... :) Here is what it is most probably going to look like... we haven't come up with the final version yet!

  • VERY BAD NEWS about the Stock Market today... four companies have filed bankruptcy meaning that their stock price is now 0. These companies include... hehe just kidding!

  • MAGNUS THE TORCH has entered the Battledome. If you can find him, you can fight him - but beware, he is known as 'The Torch' for a reason!

  • Give a warm welcome to Candi_Cindle_Cybunny, Luke_Lee_Lupe, Serene_Sal_Shoyru, and Seth_Sawyer_Shoyru, four Neopets who share today's Pet Spotlight!

  • Click here to see a couple of the up-coming features on Neopets...

  • Some more Desert Scrolls are on sale - learn how to turn things into newts, make it rain, and make teeth drop out with these great new curses, malisons, poxes, hexes and of course, minor maledictions.

  • We have totally changed the Guild Message Boards with a new feature called NeoHTML. Yes, now you can use a certain preset list of tags like bold, italic, even use images, and scary glowing text. Well not THAT scary! Look out for NeoHTML in the message boards, neomessages and your user lookup very soon!

  • The latest Mystery Pic has just been launched. Wednesday's picture was 'Caption Contest 129'.
7th February
  • Some new pictures have been added to our Art Gallery!

  • BETTER THAN YOU has just been launched. Only about 220 people managed to beat Hubrid Nox last week... and this week its the turn of none other than Fyora, your favourite Faerie Queen and artifact-saleswoman extraordinaire!

  • We put up a new version of Mutant Graveyard of DOOM in which the chance of getting the rarer items has been increased.

  • The yellow bar search button was being a bit temperamental when you typed in upper-case search terms. We fixed this so more results will be displayed!

  • We noticed that due to the Faerie Caves bug, the T-shirt that was given away as a prize is pretty much as common as sand in the Lost Desert. As a result we have changed the prize, so now when you get a big score you now get the NEW Faerie Caves T-Shirt.

  • Another Stock Market upset today, NTV has declared bankruptcy due to false accounting practices and a mysterious CEO resignation. In other news, the Smugglers of Krawk Island have entered the market with ticker SMUG.

  • The Caption Competition is now live - can you think of anything funny for this picture? No? I can't either...

  • Not wanting to be left out, the owner of the Bakery has just revealed his new range of Valentines goodies.

  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Miaor for Karnamo's Domain!
  • The Gift Shop has some delightful Valentines gifts on sale including these beautiful bouquets!

  • The Faerie Queen has reduced the price of ALL HIDDEN TOWER ITEMS by 10%. I think she feels sorry for this weeks Stock Market crash!
6th February
  • Just in case you didnt see the Love Hurts greeting card, here is another chance! LoL!

  • Thanks to everybody for participating in the CHOCOLATE SWEEPSTAKES. We are drawing the names out of the hat now, and giving out the prizes to the lucky winners. If you find a new and weird chocolate in your inventory, chances are you have won! Enjoy!

  • Why USUKILAND has started stocking these Reject Usukis we may never know! Three more for you to collect!

  • For those of you out there who are completely sick of all this mushy Valentines Day stuff, we have some new Un-Valentines Day Greetings!

  • Take your Meerca to the Rainbow Pool and you can paint them this rather attractive Speckled colour...

  • Whats going on with all these items giving diseases?!?! - the latest Mystery Pic prize seems to be some scroll that gives you NeoPox, not to mention all that Rotten Omelette that has been circulating the site! We advise you to be careful!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic. Friday's answer was 'The Aisha Myriad Neopedia Article'.

  • The owner of the Golden Dubloon has found room for another 20 Neopets - maximum occupancy is now 100!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, featuring Daiben the Lost Desert Aisha!
5th February
  • You can now actually read an excerpt from the Neopian Book 'The Lupe Mysteries'.
  • You can now turn your Hornsby, Walein and Snorkle into hideous mutants at the Petpet Puddle! (If you are into that sort of thing!)

  • The ELECTRIC paintbrush has been updated, now it looks much better :)

  • Let that someone special know you care with one of these adorable Valentines plushies, on sale at the Toy Shop now!

  • There was a nasty bug with Faerie Caves that allowed people to get infinite points. We have fixed this bug and wiped the top of the high-score table, so there! :)


  • Today's Site Spotlight goes to Evil Ruby Angel's Palace.

  • Some more Usuki Dolls are on sale - great news for collectors!

  • We have a lot of questions about yesterday's Stock Market change, so here is the official reason why we did it :

    Firstly, if people bought at 6 NP before it would be impossible for them to lose money. We want the Stock Market to be more like a game than a freebie. Now there is more risk, and as a result the game is more exciting :) Just remember, it's all relative... if you have a million Neopoints, that is great - however if every other person in Neopia has a million too, then its not so great.

    Also - the price of shares can go up if they are below 15. We designed the Stock Market so that it is not 100% reliant on who is buying or selling, its a lot more random than that :)

4th February
  • The regulators of the Neopian Stockmarket are frankly sick and tired of people purchasing shares at 6 and selling them for a 9 to 10 - its just not helping the companies grow. A new regulation means that you can only purchase shares of companies that are trading for 15 NP and above!

    Oh dear... there has been a massive downturn in the market... and a couple of companies have gone bankrupt. We aren't sure of the reasons yet... watch this space...

  • We will be judging the Chocolate Sweepstakes tomorrow, sorry about the delay, but we are getting lots of unique Rarity 100 chocolates created :)

  • Noticeboards can now be up to 3 Million Neopoints!!
  • Reports of this strange mechanical being have been surfacing lately in Neopia...

  • We are still fixing the shopkeeper images that were supposed to be transparent, but weren't for some reason!

  • There is a belated Zafara Day special in the Art Gallery!

  • Times must be hard for USUKILAND, as they have started selling Reject Usukis. These freaks of nature were not assembled according to plan... but they are still a must for any avid collector!

  • We have a new Pet Spotlight today, Davell the Fighting Flotsam!
  • A new Caption Contest has been launched.

  • If you are feeling creative, why not enter this week's Story Telling Contest?
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