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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

2nd and 3rd March - Uni Day
  • We didn't do Friday's Mystery Pic - so here it is! The answer to Wednesday's puzzle was 'The Neopian Times Advert on the World page'.

  • Three new ultra rare birdboxes and shrubs are now available from our Neohome Offer!

  • All Unis will receive free training at the Swashbuckling Academy all day on Saturday!

    Yeah, its Uni Day at last!

  • The Poetry Contest have just been launched.

  • Don't miss the Latest Issue of the most popuplar newspaper in Neopia, packed full of comics, short stories, articles and stories about piles of sludge!

  • Unis now have three new Battledome Moves - Uni Bite, Uni Smile and Uni Joust!
  • As it is Uni Day there is an extra special Site Spotlight that goes to Candy246_angel, a Faerie Uni!
1st March - St. Davids Day
  • Happy St. David's Day to everybody!!! Don't forget to wear your daffodil (or leek) with pride today!

  • Krawps now lets you play with 300 NP Chips. Scary :)
  • The technical problems we had this morning have now pretty much been fixed, sorry about that!!!

  • Our Back to School shop is now stocking three more great items, two Chia Pencil Holders and a Backpack!

  • The Newbie Packs have changed somehow...
  • Today's Pet Spotlight are giggles174, Acara_1245, Aymee222, and lotta_bux, all belonging to angels_on_cloud_9, and also featuring some great artwork for you to look at.
28th February
  • Inflation just suddenly hit Neopia across the face like a big wet slapping thing. All items under 200 NP have been tripled in price.

  • BETTER THAN YOU has just been launched. Can you beat Senator Palpus at Nimmo's Pond?!?

    I don't think so...

  • BIG UPDATE - We have redone the way the shops restock today so they are now random. We have ALSO redone the way that you purchase items from shops. We have made these changes for two main reasons : Firstly, its more balanced now, so the people who used to get every item from the restocks will now find it harder, and everybody has a more equal chance. Secondly, we should have hopefully stopped all the 'autobuyer' programs now :)

  • All Tonu now have a new webpage - Oooooooohh!

  • We have had to ban flash files on the Noticeboard as some people (now frozen) were abusing them. Sorry about this!

  • Did something just happen to restocks? There have been a couple of Neopian shopkeepers talking about redoing the way they stock their shops, but nothing came of it until now...

  • You can now play Krawps at 200 NP per chip!
  • The newest Caption Competition has just been launched!

  • Cool! Three more Back to School items have been added including the super-rare Pencil of Nova! NeoSchools are on the way!!! (of course this means NeoHomework as well).

  • NEW GAME!!! - Yes in association with Disney Pictures we have a new game Grundo Squash, our very own version of the film The Rookie. Control Zygron the Grundo in this two player bat and ball game and try to beat successively harder opponents!
27th February
  • We are not sure what this strange Metal Wand is, but there are 10 of them on sale in the Smugglers Cove.

  • The Mutant Usul has just been given a makeover!

  • Awww! One of these adorable little Tonu plushies can be yours if you are lucky enough to find one in the Toy Shop!

  • NEW SHOP - We are opening up a Back to School shop today (yes NeoSchools may be coming in the future, I hope your Neopet has been reading!). Anyway, only three items on sale yet, but look out for lots more soon.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is scary_dino_53213 the Grarrl!
  • The winners of our Poetry Contest have just gone live!

  • Wow, now you can paint your Tonu Purple, and White by taking him or her to the Rainbow Pool.

  • The new Mystery Pic is ready to go! The answer to Friday's picture was 'Branston the Eyrie Neopedia Article'.
26th February
  • This pesky Chia Clown has been squirting anyone who goes by with his plastic flower, maybe its time someone taught him a lesson... Click here to challenge him in the Battledome!

  • We have a new Lenny Conundrum today!!! The answer to the last puzzle was '362,880 combinations'. Good Luck!

  • What is Hubert thinking of? These rather unusual treats are now on sale at his Hot Dog Stand!

  • The Mutant Chia just got a makeover!!! (not that it deserved one!)

  • Now on the Neopet Homepages, the link at the top of each homepage doubles as the referral link (meaning if people click it and sign up you get a referral!).
  • The Chocolate Factory has just released some new goodies including Rock Candy and Root Beer Barrels!

  • We doubled the chance of more Tonus being put into the world. Remember, it is a random event that can happen at any time!

  • Today's Site Spotlight belongs to adriane503 the Shoyru!

  • We fixed an 'issue' with Ice Cream Factory, and as a result we have wiped the top of the hi-score table. Sorry about that, the game is more fun now :) We just didn't want people who abused the erm... glitch.. to get an advantage.
25th February
  • We forgot about these four Mynci Battledome Items on Mynci Day last week, so here they are!

  • Sutek's Scrolls now has four new immensely rare tomes in stock!

  • If you take your Teasqito to the Petpet Puddle, you can now paint it Red or Green!

  • SECURITY UPDATE - Everybody on the site will be logged off today, and asked to re-enter their passwords as part of a routine security check. Don't worry about this, it is quite normal!!!

  • Pop by the Art Gallery today and you will see many new pictures that have just been added.

  • The NEOPIAN TIMES is finally ready to be launched, sorry for not getting it up on Friday.

    Neopian Times Week 28!

  • Today's Caption Competition has just gone live! Can you think of anything witty to say about this picture?

  • Today's Pet Spotlight is NeiFai the Eyrie!

  • Look out for three super-rare Neohome Garden Items that have just gone on sale, including the highly-sought after Bonsai Chia.

  • Our weekly Storytelling Competition has just started!
  • Good news for all you Krawpers... the maximum bet per chip has been raised to 100 Neopoints. Click here to play!
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