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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

30th November and 1st December
  • The ADVENT CALENDAR has returned!!! It wasn't working early this morning, but its working now :) Basically, during the month of celebrating you get a free item and a cool animation every day. Click here to pay it a visit!

  • Issue 68 of the Neopian Times has just been released. As well as the editorial and weekly news brief there are lots of great new stories, articles and comics.

    *sniff* I wish I had stayed in
    and read the Neopian Times!

29th November
  • PLUSHIE PAINTBRUSH GIVEAWAY!!! The lucky 500 people who were drawn from the hat have now been given their prize - Enjoy! The first two people drawn from the hat also get an extra 1 million Neopoints, so congratulations to borovan and donna who were the winners of that prize!

  • NEW GAME - Yes, help Channy the Mynci escape from the evil Neopet V2 in our latest game - Spell-Or-Starve!!

    Play My Game!

  • The current score is :

    • Meridell 2,767,334 points
    • Darigan 1,279,685 points

    Could Skarl have escaped his attackers... or does Lord Darigan have something else up his sleeve?

  • Have a go at the new Mystery Pic. The answer to the last one was 'A light in the Haunted Ski Lodge'.

  • Kauvara has been busy mixing up these very sought after Draik Morphing Potions!

  • Kacheeks can now be painted a rather seasonal colour with the aid of a Christmas Paint Brush

  • Give your battles a little bit of a boost with these sturdy yet relatively inexpensive Bronze Battledome Items!

  • The latest Site Spotlight award goes to Izzywizard and Mailancia for creating Mailancia's Adobe.

  • If you were lucky enough to win a Plushie Paint Brush, you can now use it on your Chomby!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight has been awarded to a rather small Skeith called Plaidish.

  • Ooh er... something rather nasty has happened to the foods in Meridell. This latest bunch all seem to be completely black!

28th November
  • Well we hope people from the US have a fun holiday today, and everybody else - why not just make up your own holiday and have fun regardless! :) The Neopets Team are off-duty, slaving away over their respective hot stoves preparing food, however we thought we would add something cool to the site, so here it is...

    PLUSHIE PAINTBRUSH GIVEAWAY - Simply fill in the following form and you will have a chance to win one of 500 Plushie Paintbrushes. We will judge the competition and give out the prizes tomorrow.

    I want the chance to win a Plushie Paintbrush


  • In other news, our Advent Calendar starts in a couple of days :) Yay!
27th November - Usul Day (prepare for a shock, we did lots today! :)
  • Singapore News We are having a special event at the Isetan Scotts Shaw House location on Saturday, November 30th. Harris, Kacheek and a very limited quantity of Kadoatie plushies will be available at this location only!!!

  • THE BATTLE IS JOINED! King Skarl has sent the Green Knight to leave the castle and defend Meridell. Lord Darigan has responded by releasing his shock troops - Draconian Skeiths.

  • There is a two page bumper Usul special in the Art Gallery that is definitely worth a look.

  • The Bakery and Food Shop have just unveiled six new Usul related treats.

  • We have just made the newest batch of Poems live.

  • Our Online Catalogue will now determine (using a very complex method that we don't have time to describe here) whether you have been naughty or nice this year.

  • Why not send a friend one of these new Neogreetings featuring Usuls?

  • A new Caption Contest has just been launched, unsuprisingly this week it features an Usul or two :)

  • There are three new Usul themed Screen Savers to choose from, including one featuring the Shadow Usul!

  • Hubrid Nox has just visited Meridell. He has used his vile magic to boost the hit points of the invading army. Whether this was simply for his amusement, or whether there is some sort of ulterior motive we cannot say.


  • Illusen will be donating items to the Money Tree to help the Champions of Meridell until the end of the battle. Please make sure to take these items only if you are helping our heroes (and not the nasty mutant guys).

    Go Skarl!

  • Usuls now have three new Battledome Abilities - Usul Kick, Usul Turbo and Usul Flash.

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today. The answer to the last one was 'The Potato Counter Header'.

  • Oooh a Catalogue!!! - Now you can see all the Neopets merchandise that is currently available and even create your own wish list (pretty handy with the holiday season approaching eh!). Click Here to begin browsing.

  • Usul Skiing Season has officially opened which means there will be a whole bunch of Usuls heading towards Terror Mountain to join in the festivities.

    Throughout the day we will be adding a lot of Usul themed goodies, starting off with these super cool Usul Fun Images!

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight goes to Jaxy, a Harris owned by APhobos the Strawberry Usul.

  • The Book Shop has some new Usul themed volumes in stock including our current favourite - How to be a Gormball Champion.

  • Usuls can now be painted with the Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Don't forget to take your Usul to see Cap'n Threelegs at his Swashbuckling Academy today. He will be giving free training to all Usuls that pay him a visit.

  • Give your Usul the upper hand in any battle with this ornate sword, shield, gloves and collar combo. On sale in the Battle and Defence magic shops now!

  • Put your Usul in the tiki mood with this splendid new Island paint job.

26th November
  • BUG FIX - If your Neopet gets stuck in a battle, and does not appear on the one player page then to 'unstick' him or her, simply visit the Status Page that lists your two-player battles, and it will magically be fixed.

    The reason this is happening is because our database is not happy with the huge amount of battles going on, but if you remember this neat trick you shouldn't have any problems.

  • THE BATTLE HAS BEEN JOINED - Lord Darigan has sent his Draconian Moehogs down to Meridell to fight, and in response a Peasant Militia Mob has joined the fray. To join the fight, select an alliegance in Meridell and then head to the Battledome, and to check the score click the shield above!

    You will never take our orb!!!

  • We have updated the Score page so you can see who is earning the most points for your side!

  • We have some new Poems for you to look at!

  • If you want to be a true Battledome Champion, you will need to get hold of these superb Golden battledome items! Pick yours up at the Battle and Defence Magic shops now.

  • PLUSHIE PAINTBRUSH - Giant Neopet Plushies have been spotted walking around Neopia. No, it's not some bizarre curse from Jhudora, it is merely the newest paintbrush. They can be found as random events and this new combination will be available at the Rainbow Pool asap!

  • LORD DARIGAN is most unhappy, why is nobody joining his side when he is clearly in the right? Maybe you should think twice before joining Skarl, the betrayer. We have news that the battle will be joined in a few hours time!

  • Snow Wars now gives out trophies - get to the end and you get the Gold one! As an extra special wintery treat we have also doubled the number of snowballs you get from a win, but now it does cost 100 NP to play.

  • Get your hands on a Robot Petpet Paint Brush and you can paint your Doglefox, Mallard, Poppit or Spyder!

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to KittoRukei and Omusubi.

  • There is a War special in the Art Gallery today.

  • Awww... the new Baby Quiggle is just adorable! You have GOT to get one of your own!

  • Give your Neohome a touch of class with some of Osiri's new hand painted pieces. On sale in her Pottery Shop now!

25th November
  • The site maybe a bit slow, mainly due to the fact about 30 battles are currently started every second in the Battledome! We are doing our best to keep things fast, so please be patient!

  • THE WAR HAS STARTED - Yes, from his floating citadel, Lord Darigan has commenced attack on Meridell. His orb was stolen by King Skarl years ago, and now he has come for it back. Who is at fault? Who is truly good and truly evil - well its up to you to decide. You can sign up for whichever side you want at either Meridell Castle or The Darigan Citadel.


  • You can click here to see how the battle is going! It is updated in real time!

  • The first challengers have entered the battle. From the heights of the citadel, scary Drackonack Petpets have landed and have started to chew up the Meridell ground. Morris the Quiggle has entered the fray armed with his wooden sword and fake lupe ears.

  • A new Story Telling contest has just been launched. This week the contest will be a little shorter than normal and will be ending on Wednesday so you had better start sending in those entries if you want a chance of winning :)

  • When you join up with either Meridell or Darigan, you get a cool shield on your User Lookup. You earn points by defeating the bad (or good) guys, and the more points you get the higher your rank goes!

  • While the war is in progress you will not be allowed to attack any other opponent, just so you know.

  • Today's Caption Contest has an Attack of the Marblemen theme to it.

  • Poppits can now be painted Green and Red at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Attention all Faerie doll collectors, the Toy Shop has just introduced the Jhuidah Faerie Doll, complete with new pink floral wings.

  • If you own a Lupe, you can now paint it a rather fetching shade of Purple!

  • The latest Pet Spotlight award goes to a red Scorchio called Alvaira.

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