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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

21st and 22nd December
  • Look out for the Red Usul Plushie that is coming to Limited Too stores in the US next week! This will be the last item we launch in 2002! Click here for the Limited Too store locator.

  • A super large seasonal Neopian Times is now out. There will not be a new edition next week as the Neopets writers will be too busy stuffing their faces with chocolates and roast dinners :)

20th December - Borovan Day

  • The latest winners of the Poetry Contest have just been announced.

  • FAO Schwartz news - Some members of the Neopets team will be at the New York store on 21st December (this Saturday) store from 9am to 6pm EST. If you get the chance be sure to pop along for a sneak preview of the new Neopets Voice Activated Toys and to say hi :) Click Here for more info.

  • Mystery Pic and Better Than You will be launched on Monday, sorry about that. Things will hopefully all be back to normal after Christmas!

  • Ixis can now be painted with a Baby Paint Brush at the Rainbow Pool!

  • There is a Desert special in the Art Gallery today.

  • War Update - The war is officially going to be finished on the 24th December at 10am NST - that is when we will judge the winning side (and give out the prizes).

  • If you have a White Paint Brush to spare, you may want to use it to paint your Eyrie or Shoyru.

  • There are some new Lupe Plushies in the Toy Shop. Our favourite is the electric one although there are five to choose from including the super rare Faerie Lupe Plushie :)

19th December
    A1sHaLuVr123 : hi
    illusenrox : hi
    A1sHaLuVr123 : what ya been doing?
    illusenrox : nothing much... its raining here...
    A1sHaLuVr123 : its FREEZING here!!! OMG did you see LOTR2?
    illusenrox : Yeah! isnt gimli hot!
    A1sHaLuVr123 : gimli? eurgh... but hes a dwarf!
    A1sHaLuVr123 : legolas rox tho
    illusenrox : hmpf you dont know what you are saying...
    A1sHaLuVr123 : hey look they have some new faerie kougra items

    A1sHaLuVr123 : aww fae kougs rule, i have two of them
    illusenrox : you have two faerie kougras?? how? fae pbs are soooo expensive
    A1sHaLuVr123 : oh not on neo, i mean plushies
    illusenrox : ahhh... i am in the uk they dont sell those here yet :(
    A1sHaLuVr123 : wow a glowing aisha won the site spotlight award?
    illusenrox : really? what name?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : timothay - owned by xxstreamfaeriexx
    illusenrox : have you entered the caption contest yet?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : i didnt know it was live..

    illusenrox : ooh this contest doesnt end till the 26th!
    A1sHaLuVr123 : i entered just then... with any luck it will get picked this week *crosses fingers*
    illusenrox : so what did you think of gandalf?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : he was cool although shadowfax stole the show
    illusenrox : looks like there are some more usuki sets out...

    A1sHaLuVr123 : usukis are so last year
    illusenrox : no they are not i love my usuki gallery! how can you say the candychan usuki set is last year?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : whateva
    A1sHaLuVr123 : hey look at my acara - isnt that cool

    illusenrox : wow... how did ya do that?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : xmas paint brush - just come out
    illusenrox : have you seen those new morphing potions yet?
    A1sHaLuVr123 : which ones...
    illusenrox : i saw some in kauvaras shop earlier today
    illusenrox : scorchio, kougra, grundo and bruce potions

    A1sHaLuVr123 : aww they are cute... i will look out for them
    illusenrox : anyway i gotta go.. mum is yelling at me as the tea is ready
    A1sHaLuVr123 : ok laterz

18th December
  • Two mysterious looking weapons have gone on sale in the Battle and Defence magic shops - the Cloak of Night and the Fire Flail.

  • There are some new pictures in the Art Gallery today.

  • Kyrii can now be painted this very merry Christmas colour at the Rainbow Pool.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight goes to an Ultra-Pinceron called Sprotchet.

  • The Toy Shop has some new Deluxe Crackers on sale that are simply bursting with surprises :)

  • Some new poems have been added to the Poetry Gallery.

17th December
  • THE FINAL WAVE - Lord Darigan himself has descended from his citadel to put the finishing touches to the land of Meridell. Panicking, Skarl runs into a back room of the castle, and opens a long-forgotten seal, releasing the might of the Castle Defender. Darigan is in the lead by about 100,000 points at the time of writing this... who will win? Its up to you!


  • The new Lenny Conundrum has been launched, featuring Spell-Or-Starve, and yes, we made it hard :) The answer to the last one was '335.41m'. No, the Lupe could not fly, or teleport, or in any way act not according to the laws of physics :)

  • Introducing the newest Wintery Petpet - the Ona. Isn't it cute?

  • We have a Seasonal Special at the Art Gallery today that is definitely worth a visit.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to _Baby_Pooky_ a Baby Draik.

  • Candychans, Felfs, Jinjahs and Polarchucks can all be painted different colours at the Petpet Puddle!

  • The Walein has been added to our How To Draw section.

  • The latest Site Spotlight award goes to GenghisKrawk and Kabutokhan.

  • Kauvara is just finishing off her latest magic brews, this time she has made Christmas Morphing Potions for Kikos, Chias, Blumaroos and Pterii.

  • A new Story Telling contest has just begun, this week it starts off with a seasonal theme.

  • The latest Caption Contest has just gone live, this time it seems someone has become innundated with Snowbunnies.

  • Ooh just look at these pretty new Neggs, I wonder where you can get hold of them?

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