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24th and 25th May
  • UPDATE - Adam and Donna are back off the plane so we can finally start adding some news :) Thanks to everybody who turned up at Hamleys on Saturday it was a lot of fun, and for all of you who queued up for three to four hours to get a Neopets picture drawn, thanks a lot for your support, hope it was worth it! (of course it was!)

  • The Glowing Grundo finally got a much-deserved makeover.

  • Neopets are in London!!!
    If you are around London, UK today be sure to drop into Hamleys toy shop to say hello to Adam, Donna and get a picture drawn by one of the Neopets artists. You will also be able to get hold of Neopets merchandise that hasn't been released in the UK before there including the voice-activated Neopets :)

  • Oops - We had a big problem with restocking shops this morning, it has been fixed now!
23rd May - Koi Day (well nearly)
  • To start off the celebrations all Kois now have three new Battledome Abilities - Koi Squirt, Koi Flight and Koi Bubble.

  • The Book Shop has some new Koi themed book on sale that are sure to make your Neopet super smart.

  • Koi can now be painted Checkered and Fire at the Rainbow Pool!

  • There are some new Koi related goodies on sale in some of the Neopian shops.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to a Faerie Koi named IcyFishy.

  • Brighten up your shop and webpage with these new Koi Fun Images!!

  • Make sure you take your Koi to see Cap'n Threelegs this weekend. He will be giving free training to all Kois that visit his Swashbuckling Academy until the end of Sunday! (isn't that awfully nice of him)

  • Not wanting to be left out the Toy Shop has created three new Koi day balloons!

  • Make your Koi the best dressed Neopet in the battledome with this rather snazzy new Koi-only battledome set.

21st May and 22nd May
  • Sorry the news didn't go up yesterday as Adam and Donna have flown over to the UK to do the Hamleys launch. The good news is that tomorrow is Koi day (well sort of) so there will be lots of Koi related stuff being added AND we should have some embarassing video footage of the event going on the site next week!

  • We didn't put a link to our 99Dogs T-Shirt Archive, so here it is -> 99Dogs T-Shirt Archive. It is basically a list of all the T-Shirts we have ever made on their site!

  • Remember, tomorrow is Koi Day so send in your Koi-related poems, pictures and site spotlights so we can feature them on the site.

  • Give a warm welcome to Maggie May the Meowclops, this week's Petpet Spotlight winner.

  • A new Caption Contest has begun. As Monday is a bank holiday it will be ending next Tuesday so you have an extra day to vote/think up something funny.

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight award goes to Gwillyn for their gallery of Mathematics and Intelligence.

  • Barbats, GX-4 Oscilladroids, Harris and Bilguss can now be painted SPOTTED at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Congratulations to Aquafire, they are the latest Neoadventure Spotlight winner with their adventure - A Chia's Quest.

20th May
  • In case you missed this last week, here it is again (and remember to go to the E3 Playstation Site and give us an AWESOME vote!)

    We are proud to announce The Darkest Faerie - a game for PlayStation that is going to be released in November of this year. It features an epic quest set over the worlds of Neopia featuring Tormund the Lupe, Sally the Aisha, Illusen and a whole host of other characters!

  • The Desert Aisha T-Shirt is launching next Saturday, May 31st, at 99Dogs. The Blue Kougra T-Shirt will no longer be available as of that date :(

    Also, they now have a page where they show *all* the special edition T-shirts they have ever made. Most of these are so rare that Adam and Donna don't even have them *cough cough*

  • At long last the Isnewee has been magically transformed into a Mazzew - fancy that!

  • The Battle and Defence Magic shops have some new weapons and armour designed specially for Ixis.

  • Jhuidah has just cooked up some new and exciting recipes in her Cooking Pot, can you work out the secret ingredients she used to make them?

  • Make your stamp collection the envy of all your friends with these three new Neoquest Designs.

  • There is a Korbat special in the Art Gallery today.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is shared by Shunaumi and Taruto_Chan!

  • Faeillies can now be painted Pink, Blue, Green and Brown at the Petpet Puddle.

19th May
  • To start today off we have a new Pet Spotlight winner - Ozmodeus the Mutant Korbat.

  • Ooh, guess what colour petpets can now be painted? That's right you can now get your hands on a Glowing Petpet Paint Brush if you are super lucky!

  • We have doubled the Neopoints you can earn from Defender Trainer!

  • If you feel you were cheated by Sidney's scratch cards now is your chance to get revenge. Sidney has taken some time off of his busy schedule to challenge anyone who thinks they are tough enough in the Battledome.

    Sssidney likessss fightssss!

  • The first petpets to be painted with the Glowing paint brush are - Babaas, Wadjets, Zumagorns and Miamice!

  • Be sure to enter the latest Caption Contest, you could win a rather nice prize!

  • We have updated the tool bar on the Shops Page to include some more useful quick links.

  • Test your creative abilities with this week's Story Telling Contest.

  • There is a new addition to our Shops Map, the General Mills Kitchen where you can feed your pet yummy cereal for free.

  • A new Beauty Contest has just begun.

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