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5th and 6th July
  • The 98th issue of the Neopian Times is now out. This week has some great articles about Neopian etiquette, making Neopoints and the Maraqua mystery that should not be missed.

4th July
  • Sorry, we didn't add any content today as we were all tired after celebrating Flotsam Day. We promise to make up for it next week :)
3rd July - Flotsam Day
  • This week's Better Than You has just been launched. Hmm, thats a pretty good score, you are going to have to work hard to beat it...

  • There are three new Flotsam Battledome Abilities - Flotsam Splash, Flotsam Fountain and Flotsam Water Shield.

  • Whoever said Flotsams were useless in the battledome obviously hadn't seen the latest in Flotsam fighting gear! Available at the Defence and Battle Magic shops now.

  • There are some Flotsam themed Poems in the gallery.

  • Flotsams can now be painted Pink and Checkered at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Make sure you take your Flotsam to see Cap'n Threelegs today or they will miss out on all the FREE training!

  • Congratulations go to Wrayndragon, their adventure - Sloth's New Clothes is this week's Neoadventure Spotlight winner.

  • Give your Neopet a real treat with one of these new Flotsam themed foods.

  • Give a round of applause to Cheshirecatssmile and AzureWaves, they are the winners of the latest Site Spotlight award with their webpage - Azure's World.

  • A new Caption Contest has just been launched!!!

  • The Book Shop has some great new books on sale, rather unsurprisingly they all featuring Flotsams.

2nd July
  • The STRIPED KACHEEK T-SHIRT is coming to 99Dogs.Com on Saturday, July the 5th. Remember, the Striped Kacheek plushie will be launched in Limited Too on Saturday as well!

  • This week's PPL has been judged, and then winner is FAERIE SLORG!!! Congratulations to all 160 winners!

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today. The answer to the last one was 'The Shoyru's Pencil Holder from NT 96'.

  • Usukiland has just received four new Usuki Dolls to add to your collection.

  • The Yellow and Green Cybunny have been updated.

  • If you own a Meowclops you can now choose to make turn it into a Plushie, Spotted, Rainbow or Cloud version.

  • Roo Island has been added to the Explore map.

  • Congratulations go to Bug_lover_forever, their shop Bug Collection has just won the latest Gallery Spotlight award.

  • Some more Neogreetings have been added.

  • Krawks can now be painted with a Darigan Paint Brush.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to a White Crokabek called Warbek.

  • Let your Baby Neopets sleep in comfort with these adorable new cots. There are four to choose from including the *ULTRA LUXURIOUS* Cloud Cot.

1st July
  • We have randomly decided that everything today is going to have a bit of a Rainbow theme so expect to see lots of VERY brightly coloured new things!

  • The Rainbow Cybunny has been updated.

  • There are some new Poems in the gallery.

  • Alkenores, Harris and Boweens can now be painted Rainbow at the Petpet Puddle.

  • Today's Site Spotlight is shared by Lobine and Lobine for their great Roo Island Guide.

  • Buzzes and Kyrii can also be painted Rainbow !!!!

  • You will be pleased to know that all our Multi-player Tournaments have restarted today.

  • If you want your neopet to be super smart you had better get your hands on these new Rainbow coloured Faerie Books.

  • A new round of Plushie Tycoon has begun!

  • As if that wasn't enough Rainbow coloured stuff, you can now decorate your Neohome with this new Rainbow coloured Furniture :)

30th June
  • Thursday is Flotsam Day so make sure you send in your Flotsam pictures, poems and spotlight entries now if you want a chance of being chosen.

  • There are some new Buddy Icons to choose from.

  • Did you know that web pages on neopets.com have been loaded 91,160,495,900 times since the site was launched in 1999? In fact that number may be slightly bigger since you started reading this page :)

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun. Due to a glitch in the matrix there are no winners for last week's competition - sorry about that :( Our database went mad and deleted the entries :(

  • We are just releasing Friday's Mystery Pic as we forgot about it. The answer was 'A note from Rink Runner'. Good luck with this week's competition!

  • Fed up with that boring old Nova furniture? Why not get the latest in Neohome design - Ultranova furniture?!!?

  • The White and Red Cybunnies have been updated. More of the new redrawn Cybunny coming very soon!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award is shared by Cheetarina and Wong_Look_Kwang_.

    The Art Gallery has a Darigan Battle special on display.

  • "You have done well, my son," said Ryshu, bowing to the Lupe. "You have learned to fight with justice and honour during these many years at our school." - a new Story Telling Contest has just begun.

  • Blumaroos can now be painted a rather nice shade of Pink at the Rainbow Pool.


  • The new Beauty Contest has begun, don't forget to cast your votes.

  • The Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop has some delicious new frozen treats on sale.

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