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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

25th July - Peophin Day
  • Haaaaaaaaaaaapppppy Peophin Day!!! Well, it's actually tomorrow but since it's the weekend we thought we would change it to today! Stay tuned for lots of exciting content featuring the Uni's aquatic cousin!

  • To start off, here is a Plushie Peophin... now available in a Rainbow Pool near you. Exposure to water will not damage these fabrics or make the colours run!

  • We have a page of Peophin Day Poems!!!

  • Peophins can now use three more special abilities in the Battledome - Peophin Power Shield, Peophin Glare and Peophin Water Blast!

  • Yesterday's Site Spotlight (sorry, we forgot!) was Luenesse's Abode, featuring Luenesse the Desert Aisha!

  • Two new super-rare Peophin Battle Items are now on sale in the Battle Magic Shop!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to Eenot, a beautiful Green Peophin.

  • Well Adam finally decided to fix the NeoCam :) However, it's currently displaying a preview of one of the new Neopets products coming to market soon - JIGSAW PUZZLES!!!

  • NEW RANDOM EVENT!!! Yes, a new random event will magically fill up your NeoDeck with cards that you are missing!

    Something has happened!
    Oh no! We were about to add the Collectable Card 'Shadow Usul' to your NeoDeck, but you don't have enough room!

  • The new Lenny Conundrum has just been launched, sorry about the wait! The answer to the last one was '0 NSU'. In space... nobody can hear Fuzzles roar!

  • Ok, hmmm, err... yeah, we sort of made a, umm mistake with the Wheel of Excitement. Now when you get the Pant Devil he really WILL be given as a challenger!

  • The Rubbish Dump now has some crazy new things to collect!!!

  • The Grooming Parlour has some new extra-special-and-rare Peophin Grooming Items!!!

  • Peophins now take 10% less damage from Earth attacks, in addition to their current resistances!

  • Oops, looks like this Peophin has spent too much time hanging around the Darigan Citadel!

  • The Mystery Pic has just been judged. The answer to the last one was 'Nigel the Chia's Sports Car' (see, now you know where all that commission goes...)

  • Aye, as soon as you read this, all yer Peophins will be getting free trainin' at me Pirate Academy.

  • "You stand up and notice a door that says 'Private! Do not enter at any circumstance!' And gurgling mirgles! The door is ajar!"

    The latest Adventure Spotlight goes to The Adventure on Krawk Island by srbsports93!

  • Those crafty smugglers have just got a hold of a case full of Grey Faerie Dolls!!! Better go and check to see if they have any left!

24th July
  • In two days time (on the 26th July) the Green Kacheek T-Shirt will be launching at 99Dogs.Com!!! Be sure not to miss out!

  • Due to popular demand, Fyora has increased the price of the Baby Paintbrush to 600,000 NP!

  • The latest Caption Competition is ready to go! This latest one features the petpet-chomping Turmaculus!

  • We have uploaded more of your Poems!!!

  • When you play Volcano Run from now on, you will earn 25% more Neopoints! (we noticed that the average per game was rather low!)

  • When Grarrls go bad...

  • The latest entry into the Gallery of Evil is the Tax Beast!

  • Today's Better Than You has been launched - it's you against Grarrg in Destruct-O-Match!

  • If you look closely you may just be able to see the latest Acara Paint Brush colour, Invisible!

  • Awwwwww - the Baby Mynci got redrawn :)

23rd July
  • Oops! Plushie Tycoon had a few problems over the last few days. They are fixed now!

  • For no reason at all we have decided that today should have a fire theme :) To start off with, there are some delightful new Fire themed Neohome accessories to choose from including a delicate Fire Vase and fluffy Fire Pillow.

  • The latest Petpet Spotlight award goes to a Cobrall named Ho-oh.

  • Bruces and Blumaroos can now be painted with the Fire Paint Brush.

  • Today's Mystery Pic has just been released. The answer to the last one was 'The Play Button from Skarl's Scramble'.

  • The maximum amount you can trade on the Trading Post has been raised from 600,000 NP to 800,000 NP.

  • Today's PPL has been judged, and the winner is The Mirgle. Congratulations to all those Mirgle owners who got this week's prize (all 238 of them!)


  • We have increased the amount you get from a winning line of Brucey Bs or Dr. Sloths in Brucey B Slots. Now a line of 5 Bruceys will win 2,000 times your bet!

  • The Tyrannian Weaponry shop has four new Fire based weapons for you to buy.

  • This week's Gallery Spotlight has been awarded to Lord_Nword for his Lair of the Slithering Things.

  • Kauvara has decided to get into the spirit of things by brewing up four new Morphing Potions specially designed for Lupes, Moehogs, Buzzes and Chias.

22nd July
  • YARRRR!!! If ye can find me lurkin' about the site, I'll challenge yer to a duel in the Battledome!

    Poor Plumbeard, just back from cruising the high seas, and he gets a room next door to the noisiest pirate in the whole of Krawk Island. If you can find him, he would be more than willing to teach you a few fighting skills!


  • NEW GAME - For all you people who play Scorchy Slots we have a surprise, yes a great new slot machine based on the adventures of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin - Brucey B Slots. Thanks to all of you who helped us alpha-test it over the last few days, it is now ready to launch and has a new 25 NP bet!

    Win BIG!!!

  • Now whenever the Pant Devil comes up on the Wheel of Excitement, you will get him as a Battledome challenger!

  • What the... it can't be... Grundos aren't made of SPONGE!!!

  • Awww there are three new Petpetpets to collect...

  • We have also increased the prize when you get 2 or more Brucey B's in a row by 50%!

  • The Toy Shop has this rather scraggly looking doll on sale.

  • Well it may be all hot and summery in most of Neopia but this shouldn't stop you painting your Fungree, Poppit, Mallard or Warf with a Christmas Paint Brush if you want to :)

  • We added an Illusen Shop Blog!

  • The latest Site Spotlight award goes to Purrfect1122111 and Orion1122111 for their website - The Cutest Things in Neopia.

  • Reports have come in that some rather spooky looking Gelerts have been spotted lurking around the Haunted Woods.

21st July
  • The Toy Shop has some adorable new Halloween plushies including a Wocky, Lupe, Meerca and Kau.

  • You now earn 20% more Neopoints when playing Dubloon Disaster!!!

  • There are two new Collectable Cards featuring members of the Defenders of Neopia!

  • The Zafara glared at her brother, before turning a wary eye back onto the ominous steel shaft of the Lab Ray. She stared at the huge machine, wires and metal tubes protruding from all around, and strange disks, diminishing in size as they made their way along the ray, coming to a point right between her eyes....

    A new Story Telling Contest has begun.

  • Kougras can now be painted Brown at the Rainbow Pool.

  • There are a few more Desktop Backgrounds to choose from including the Grey Faerie collectable card picture.

  • Today's Pet Spotlight award goes to an aubergine Chia called Chistomise.

  • A new Caption Competition has just been launched, why not give it a whirl?

  • This week's Beauty Contest has just begun, don't forget to cast your vote!

  • If you like collecting things with a Skunk pattern you will be pleased to learn there are three new Skunk themed items on sale.

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