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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

19th March
  • RUN!!!
    That vile witch Morguss has unleashed her evil Zombie Petpets into the Battle! Does your Neopet have what it takes to defend Meridell?

  • We have made lots of little changes to NeoMail. It's prettier, has a link to the user lookup of the sender, and lots of other stuff.

  • Meepit Juice Break now gives you more Neopoints! (and yes, the music still rocks!)

  • This week's new issue of the Neopian Times is now live. Make sure you check it for the latest tips, game reviews and cool stories.

  • We have added the five General Mills Promo Cards to our TCG Checklist. You may even be able to find them lying around the site :)

  • It appears that Baby Cybunnies have invaded the new Caption Contest... Can you think of something witty to say?

  • Arr there be some more Petpets that can be painted Pirate!

  • Congratulations go to Pclong, owner of 32954 Main Street, Neopia Central. They have just won this week's Neohome Spotlight award.

  • The Faerie Zafara has had a makeover, now it looks much more faerie-like :)

  • We have a new Mystery Pic today. The answer to the last one was 'Caption Contest 301'.

  • Some new Poems have been added to the gallery.

  • Here is a last minute reminder that this Sunday is Mothers Day in the UK. If you want to give your mum something different to chocolates and flowers, why not send her one of these new Neogreetings?

  • If your Neopet is looking for a safe place to store their hard earned cash, one of these Piggy Banks could be just the thing!

  • The last Pet Spotlight of the week goes to CyanSkyz the Cybunny.

18th March
  • SITE UPDATE - Sorry for all those problems last night (pages not loading, and the plot not working). We recently implemented a new method to sync our servers (copy the files from the main server to all the other ones), and we are just ironing out the problems!

  • NEW GAME - The game you have all been waiting for has finally been launched. Yes! Meepit Juice Break is here. It features Meepits, Juppie Juice, pipes, romance, action, dragons, ogres, a prince, and a princess! Well, ok, that may be exaggerating slightly, but it's still a great game.

    *slurp slurp*

  • As if the Skeith Soldiers weren't enough, Kass has sent down a wave of Eyrie Guards. Meridell needs your help once again!!!

  • Neopets the Lunch Box. Neopets the Colouring Book... and now Neopets the Baby Scorchio T-Shirt. Yes, this Saturday, in addition to the event at Limited Too we will also be selling these three cute designs on 99Dogs.Com!

  • Meepit Juice Break also gets a yellow bar button! Wahey!

  • Dare ye venture into No_1_will_ever_know's Pirate Cave?

  • Lenny Conundrum fans should be pleased with this new Desktop Background. The new conundrum should be launched tomorrow, sorry about the delay.

  • Can you beat the Meerca Brothers Trouble at the National Neopian high score? Yes, Better Than You has just been launched!

  • This rather ferocious looking Darigan Scorchio could be yours with the aid of the right brush...

  • Liz55555555555555555 is the lucky winner of this week's Neoadventure Spotlight award with their adventure - JubJubs (an epic poem).

    "What's wrong with you? Are you short 1 brain? I'm gonna leave now. 'Cuz you are insane!"

  • The winner of today's PPL is of course the Meepit. It's getting its own special day and it isn't even a Wednesday! Congratulations to Legolas, Squidgy, Happy Squirrel Guy, Staring Evil and all the other winners!

  • The latest Site Spotlight winners are FlareAngel16 and Slashedwings with their Library of useless knowledge.

  • Love him or hate him, the Pant Devil is known by all. Whether you want to use the punch bag, or happily play with the bouncy ball, you should get hold of one of these rather unusual Toys before they sell out!

17th March - Illusen Day
  • The war continues. Evil Spyders and Darigan Skeiths plunge down from the citadel to wreak havoc on the land. More importantly, the next part of our plot has been released. Yes, click here for the next part of Battle for Meridell!

    We must launch an attack at once!

  • As we had a Jhudora day earlier this year, it only seemed right that Illusen should get her own special day...

  • Today's Mystery Pic has just been launched! The answer to the last one was 'J Boogie from the Winter Ski Lodge'.

  • If you have longed to be able to draw Illusen with ease, here is your chance! We have just added her to the How To Draw pages.

  • Caption Competition 389 has just been released. Can you think of anything funny for this Illusen-themed caption?

  • These tasty treats were made in honour of Meridell's resident faerie - Illusen. They are even in her colours, pretty cool eh!

  • We have updated our Terms and Conditions, make sure you take a look.

  • We have a new Gallery Spotlight winner - Kamehime with their Green Gallery that we are sure Illusen would approve of :)

  • There are lots of Illusen themed pictures in the Art Gallery.

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to Saphira the Gallion.

  • Why not brighten up your Desktop with this rather spectacular new Illusen background?

  • We couldn't have an Illusen themed day without released a new Blog in her honour could we :)

  • If your Neopet is dying to hear more about the lovely Illusen, they should try to get hold of some of these new Books.

  • Show the world just how big an Illusen fan you are with this new avatar.

16th March
  • Just a quick note to remind you about the User Lookup Shields. There was a bit of confusion over the Darigan war and not everybody kept their shields. If you get over 10 points in this war you will be able to keep them!

  • Ooh with this you are spoiling us.. there is a Mazzew blog too (a bit late, but who's counting?)

  • We have added better navigation to our War Room pages. Now there is a link to the plot and back to the war room, and Meridell now has the correct links.

  • The Tyrannian Draik has had a makeover, we think it looks much better now :)

  • We have added a Trouble at the National Neopian button to our yellow bar rotation! We have also added it to the list of games that can be our daily Featured Game!

  • Fans of Lord Kass should add this new Blog to their shop!

  • There are two new Desktop Backgrounds to choose from. One featuring The Three and one with Lord Kass and Jeran facing each other.

  • Today's Site Spotlight award goes to Wong_Look_Kwang2003 and _Bian_Su_ for the Bian Su Negg Restaurant.

  • The checkered Acara has been fixed, now it doesn't look so chubby :)

  • The Neopedia article about the Soup Kitchen has been updated.

  • This Sunday is Mother's Day in the UK. Why not make your mum feel super special with one of these unique Neogreetings?

15th March
  • Sorry about the delays, as you know we were a bit behind on content last week (and got confused about what day it was!) This week should be a lot more organised - honest! :)

  • MERIDELL WAR ROOM - We have launched a new page that tells you about the war. Yes, you may now proceed to the Meridell War Room! We did mean to launch this before the Spyders, but .. oh well.

    The invaders must be stopped!

  • NEW CHALLENGER - Spyders? Pah they were only there to distract you from the REAL opponents. Darigan Skeiths have landed in the fields of Meridell and the onslaught continues...

    Death to Skarl!

  • It seemed that those Red Codestones were just so powerful that they brought the entire of Neopia crashing down. Sorry about that, we had to recode it slightly, but it's working now, so click here to visit the Volcano. As you guessed these special new codestones will be used for training higher level Neopets.

  • Those cunning pirates at Smuggler's Cove have managed to get their hands on a few Sacks Of Sneezing Powder. Why don't you see if they have any left?

  • This week's Caption Contest has just been launched. Seems like that there is a lot more than just trouble at the National Neopian!

  • Today's Pet Spotlight goes to a rather girlie Scorchio called Eilonwyvern.

  • This week's Story Telling Competition has a bit of a Test Your Strength theme...

    "Hey Karina, as long as we're here, why don't we try Test Your Strength?" the Cybunny said, tugging on her friend's sleeve. "Oh, come on, Sunny..." Karina said, rolling her eyes. "Everyone knows that game is rigged."

  • He came from being enslaved by one evil villain just to be corrupted by another. Awww, spare a thought for the poor Darigan Grundo!

  • Make sure you cast your votes in this week's new Beauty Contest...

  • Snowickles can be painted yellow, fire, pink or green at the Petpet Puddle.

  • If you own a Spotted Gelert, Island Koi or Strawberry JubJub, you may notice all of their poses have now been fixed.

  • Spardel lovers everywhere will be flocking to the Toy Shop to get their hands on one of these cool new gadgets.

  • Two more Battle For Meridell stamps have just gone on sale at the Post Office - Usul-in-waiting and Castle Defender.

  • The Art Gallery has some new pictures on display.

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