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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

Latest News

NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

4th June - JubJub Day!
  • Ok, so it is a little early for JubJub Day, but as it falls on a Sunday this year we are starting the celebrations ahead of time.

  • If you have always wanted a JubJub, or you just fancy giving one of your Neopets a change, one of these JubJub Morphing Potions may be just the thing. They are on sale in Kauvara's Magic Shop now.

  • The 143rd issue of the Neopian Times is now live. This issue includes great stories and articles such as the Eliv Thade Masquerade and 100 Ways to Beat Writers Block.

  • Auction Update
    On Monday we will be launching a new and improved Auction system. We have stopped any new auctions being added so all items should be sold in time. You can still bid on existing auctions, and we think you will like the changes.

  • *sniffle* The new Grey JubJub looks soooo sad :(

  • Maybe one of these new JubJub Muffins from the Bakery would cheer him up...

  • This week's Neohome Spotlight award goes to Crue_dawg owner of 216338 Winding Wood Drive, Neopia Central.

  • We have a new Desktop Background featuring the Battle JubJub from the Return of Dr Sloth TCG set.

  • JubJubs can also be painted Shadow at the Rainbow Pool.

  • The final Pet Spotlight of the week has been awarded to Sidnerella the Usul.

  • Some JubJubs appear to be having fun on a beach in the new Caption Contest.

  • Make sure you take your JubJub to see Cap'n Threelegs today. He will be offering FREE training to JubJubs all weekend!

  • If you like Red JubJubs, you will love this new Furniture set. There is a table, chair, bean bag and poster to collect.

  • A new round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin.

  • Plushie collectors should be rushing to the Toy Shop today. Four new JubJub plushies have just been released.

  • There are some new JubJub themed Poems in the gallery.

  • Make your Neopet super-smart by giving them some of these new JubJub themed Books to read.

  • There are three new JubJub Shopkeepers to choose from.

  • There are some new JubJub themed pictures in the Art Gallery. More will be added over the course of the weekend.

3rd June
  • Battle For Meridell Prizes
    Apologies for the delay. If you fought bravely in the war, you can now get your Reward from King Skarl. If you are really lucky, you may receive an I Fought In The War T-shirt :)

  • In the Staff TCG Tournament Captain Canada defeated Astralberry 2-0 and Dragona beat BlueForte 2-0.

  • Yay! A new game has just been released, it's all about a new movie that comes out soon called Two Brothers. Click here to play Bonding Brothers.

  • Do you have what it takes to beat Count Von Roo in this week's Better Than You?

  • If you are lucky enough to have a Virtual Prize Code, you could get one of these cool new plushies when you redeem it!

  • The latest Site Spotlight award goes to Chionah and La_duck.

  • Yurbles can now be painted Starry and Purple!

  • There are some new Poems in the gallery.

  • If you love Krawks, you will be pleased to hear there are three new Krawk Shopkeepers to choose from including Island and Tyrannian Krawks.

  • Kauvara has just finished brewing up some Yurble Morphing Potions. Isn't that nice of her :)

  • Congratulations fett42, your adventure - The Journey Into Dr. Sloth's Evil Lair, has just won this week's Neoadventure Spotlight!

    Dr. Sloth appears from the shadows and laughs at you. "You really thought that was me, didn't you?" said Dr. Sloth. "That was nothing but a clone, a weak one at that."

  • In case you are wondering what they looked like, here are the special prizes that were awarded to the winners of the Battle For Meridell TCG Tournament.

  • We have updated the Checkered Koi.

  • Rush to Usukiland and you may just get your hands on one of these new look Usuki dolls!

  • Lots of people were having problems searching for our new band Gründo because of the ü so we have renamed them to Gruundo.

  • Airax owners will be thrilled to hear they can now paint their favourite Petpet Spotted, Pink, Blue or Plushie.

  • We have a new Pirate Cave Of The Week - Door86's Treasure Dive.

2nd June - Fyora Day!!
  • Today's random theme is


    Being the Faerie Queen, it is only right Fyora gets her own day isn't it :)

  • A new Mystery Pic contest has begun, the answer to the last one was the Glass Bottom Boat on the Kiko Lake map.

  • Fyora has been added to our How To Draw section.

  • Dom Dread has beaten Bouncy Supreme 2-0 in the latest Staff TCG Tournament.

  • Oh dear, it looks like one Uni has discovered the location of the Hidden Tower in our latest Caption Contest!

  • As a reminder, JubJub Day is fast approaching so you should start sending in your JubJub themed poems, spotlights, galleries and pictures very soon.

  • We have added a new page with lots of information about all the different faeries in Neopia. To take a look go to www.neopets.com/faeries.

  • If you have a few million Neopoints going spare, maybe you can get hold of Fyora's Looking Glass...

  • There are some new Poems in the gallery.

  • The Faerie Food Shop has just finished some new recipes in honour of Fyora Day!

  • If you are interested in finding out all the different Fyora themed items out there, you should stop by Miss_cellaneous's Gallery Spotlight award winning shop dedicated to all things Fyora!

  • This week's Petpet Spotlight award goes to Humble the Harris.

  • Oops, we forgot to announce yesterday's Site Spotlight award winners - Newguy7141977 and Luka714.

  • We think Queen Fyora herself would be thrilled to have this cool new avatar on the boards!!

  • Any true Fyora fan has just GOT to get hold of this new Fyora themed merchandise!

  • There is a new Fyora themed Blog for your shop.

  • Striped, Spotted, Robot, Shadow and Tyrannian Kau Battledome poses have been updated.

  • So has the Brown Koi :)

  • A new shop has opened up in Faerieland selling all kinds of Faerie Furniture. If you are looking for something a little more magical for your Neohome, why not stop by?

  • The Desert Kacheek has been updated.

  • If you like Yurbles, you should try adding this new Yurble Blog to your shop.

  • How cute, although somehow this Quiguki doesn't quite do Fyora justice!

  • Kayla's Potion Shop has been added to the Meridell Castle map.

  • Tyrannian Mini Golf has also been added to the Tyrannian Jungle map.

31st May and 1st June
  • As some of you may know, this Monday is a bank holiday in the USA so we are combining Monday and Tuesday's New Features. Happy Memorial Day if you are celebrating it, otherwise, have a great Monday :)

  • The first Pet Spotlight award of the week goes to Tessie191 the Uni.

  • SITE UPDATE - If you've noticed your shop has gone missing this past weekend, not to worry. We're in the process of a database move that's taking longer than expected. Your shop is sitting happily in the old database waiting quietly for its turn.

    If your shop is one that seems to have disappeared, please don't create a new one. Your shop and all your items will return as soon as everything is done moving. Sorry for the wait!

  • A new Caption Contest has just begun and it has a stamp collecting theme.

  • We fixed a problem some of you may have experienced with the pop-up menus in Faerie Bubbles. We have also increased the amount of NP you can earn from it.

  • If you enjoy collecting bottled of sand, you will be pleased to know there are four more bottles to collect.

  • This week's Story Telling Competition features an Usul who seems to be missing her Chokato Pie.

    "Hey! Who ate my Chokato Pie?!?" the young Usul shouted, placing her fists upon her hips. She glared at the empty spot on her windowsill, where only a few minutes ago, her freshly baked pie had been cooling.

  • The new edition of the Neopian Times is now out! For all the latest hints, articles and adventures, read on.

  • The Faerie Elephante has been updated, now it has a proper gem in its forehead.

  • Ooh would you just look at this new Plushie Mynci :)

  • There are four new House Plants for your Neohome.

  • The Lupe How To Draw has been updated to the new look Lupe.

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