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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

17th & 18th June - Kau Day

  • Kau Day isn't until Monday, but we're celebrating early this year! To start things off, Kau royalty can now be yours with a visit to the Rainbow Pool.

  • Character_United the Green Nimmo wins today's Pet Spotlight award! Well done!

  • There are pages and pages of Kau fan pictures on display in the Art Gallery.

  • This week's Neoadventure Spotlight goes to iluvmicats for Anvean's Adventure.

    You clamber up a tall tree, Patcher helping you from time to time. When finally you're level with the top of the boulder, you slide out onto a strong branch and leap from there to the boulder's peak. The view is spectacular..."

  • Altador Cup - Things are heating up as Round Two continues! Each team wants to prove they're the best, but will your team come out on top?

  • The Random Contest has ended and the judges are currently trolling through thousands of entries. Winners will be announced next week!

  • Any Kaus that visit Cap'n Threelegs on their special day will be eligible for free training!

  • Why not give your desktop the royal touch with this new Background?

  • Neopets Premium is now accepting a limited number of additional beta testers! If you're interested, you can click here for more info. Spots will go fast (and may already be gone) so best be quick!

  • Four new Kau-themed Shopkeepers have been released.

  • Any Kau will enjoy having some special Kau-themed food from the Food Shop to celebrate their special day!.

  • The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite.

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like At the Altador Cup Sign-in Tent and Wing Socks: Menace or Marvel?.

  • There is even a Kau themed Shop Blog for you to use in your shop, gallery or webpage.

  • It wouldn't be Kau Day without a new Avatar, now would it?

  • darkdependent wins the Faerie Caves Spotlight with is level - Sealed In TIGHT!

  • Not to be left out of the Kau craze, the Toy Shop has just put some Kau-themed toys on sale.

  • Finally, a new page of Poems has been added, dedicated to all things Kau.

16th June

  • Altador Cup - Round two has begun! The match-ups are posted, and the eight remaining teams are now fighting for their spot in the next round. Get on the field and win some games for your team!

    If your Neofriends need a little nudge in the right direction, you can invite them to join your team! Just view your team's bio page and click the invite link at the top!

  • A new page of Poems has just been added for you to enjoy.

  • All together... AWWWWW! The Plushie Palace has just brought out a whole new group of baby plushies!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Royal Grarrl. 112 people guessed correctly, earning them 17858 NP each.

  • If you really enjoyed the Altador plot then you might want to pick up these new plot-themed Battledome items from the Illustrious Armoury.

  • You have your villain posters and your collection of evil plushies, but you really want to draw something evil... maybe a MSPP? Why not learn How to Draw it?

  • Well done pamperedca! Your outstanding Neohome at 71031 Neopia Avenue, Neopia Central, has just won this week's Neohome Spotlight award.

  • If you love Darigan Acaras, then you are going to love these new Fun Images!

  • Congratulations Snuggles the Plushie Snarhook! You have just won this week's Petpet Spotlight award.

  • Three more JubJub colours have been redrawn in the new style!

  • It looks like there are some very unhappy babies in the new Caption Contest...

  • The fine Furniture Shop has added several new items in a rainbow-theme to their inventory!

15th June - Nimmo Day

  • Pink and Robot are the latest colours to be added to the Nimmo's repertoire.

  • henhammer her Blumaroo, pataria_kye, live the pirate's life and it's won them the Site Spotlight award!

  • Altador Cup - The first round of the staff tournament has come to an end! Some stellar Yooyuball skills were displayed, but eight staff members have been eliminated. The results are listed on the Staff Tournament page and round 2 will be played next week.

    Can you feel the excitement? I know I can!

  • Make sure your Nimmo has all the comforts of home by picking up these new items at the Fine Furniture shop.

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Mutant Crabula. Well done Mr_Flibble, IPinch, Spike, CakeforHandsJones, and all the others.

  • Plushie Nimmo fans will love the new Shop Blog... if they know what's good for them.

  • Perfectly compliment that new shop blog by using one of the Nimmo Shopkeepers that have just been released.

  • Show off your Nimmmo pride with one of these new Buddy Icons. They're icons you use when chatting with buddies. Fantastic!

  • There's not much you can do to beat a pirate in Petpet Cannonball, but if you want a Better Than You trophy, you'll have to give it a shot.

  • Strike fear into the hearts of all who use your computer with this new Nimmo-themed desktop Background.

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was Ogrin. 5,190 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 386 NP each.

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a new page of Nimmo Day art!

  • If you're having trouble deciding on your mood, this new avatar may be just right.

  • Nimmo Cakes! Those Neopets over in the Bakery sure do make some tasty looking desserts.

  • Pirates who enjoy caves are in luck might be interested in Double Face Cave. Its owner, tommyzhangyutao, just won the Pirate Cave Of The Week.

  • Most of these new Nimmo-themed Fun Images are actually fun. There's one we're not too sure about. We'll let you guess which one that is.

  • Visit the Poems page to read the latest Nimmo-themed additions. No one could find a word that rhymed with Nimmo, but they're great poems anyway.

14th June

  • Today is randomly dedicated to:


  • What could be better for starting off a dirt-themed day than some new items from the Garden Centre?

  • The User Lookup of the Week goes to princezzneo4eva for a rather fancy Quiggle-themed lookup!

  • Round 2 Sign-Ups have begun! There are 8 teams left in the Altador Cup tournament and round 2 will begin in a few days. If your team was eliminated, fear not! You can select one of the remaining teams to continue on! (It's a good idea to do so... the more you play, the better your prizes.) ;)

    If you were on a team that advanced, it's a good idea to stay put, but you have the option to switch if you like! Beware of angry teammates, though!

  • There have been reports of some strange events taking place near a rather suspicious looking hole in the ground in Meridell...

  • Three more JubJubs are getting their makeovers today!

  • Congratulations to blobenterprises for winning the latest Gallery Spotlight with Army of Bob.

  • Dirt might help your ability to digest food, so why not try one of these new items from the Food Shop?

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Blarthrox Collectable Card. 365 people guessed correctly, earning them 5480 NP each.

  • cybunny_pops and her Darigan Dungeon are winners! A shiny Meridell Castle Spotlight trophy is now in her cabinet for use when gloating to friends and family.

  • Finally, the Book Shop is encouraging everyone to learn a bit more about dirt today!

13th June - Quiggle Day!

  • Quiggles now come in a rather lovely shade of Purple... but we're not quite sure what happened to the other guy.

  • A new page of Quiggle Day poems are now on display in the Poem Gallery.

  • Altador Cup - Round one ended this morning and we've tallied the winners! To see the results, you can visit the Previous Round Standings page!

  • Learn more about our Quiggle-riffic Site Spotlight winner O_Trobee_O by checking out his petpage.

  • Why not pick up one of these new toys for your Quiggle today? They're on sale now in the Toy Shop.

  • Detour Make a Choice takes this week's Minigolf Spotlight award. Well done, prioryofsion128!

  • Some lovely new Quiggle art is now on display in the Art Gallery.

  • All Quiggles that hop over to say hello to Cap'n Threelegs on their special day will be eligible for free training!

  • If you'd like a change of scenery on your desktop, this new Quiggle Background might be just what you're looking for.

  • A new Story Telling competition has just begun. Read the new story and join in!

    "Umm, that's odd. There shouldn't be any cities out here," Marna said, looking suspicious.

    "Well, no one knew about Qasala. Maybe there are tons of little obscure cities hidden in the desert. It's possible," Tenken said, though he sounded unsure of himself.

  • These new Fun Images might be just the thing to get you hopping.

  • It looks like there might be some trickery going on in the new Caption Contest.

  • These delicious new Quiggle foods from the Food Shop are perfect for a nice Quiggle Day lunch.

  • princessandtoby should be quite proud of Aoshi__Shinomori the Faerie Cybunny... he's just won the Pet Spotlight.

  • We're quite sure no one would want this hideous avatar!

  • Using one of these new Quiggle Day Buddy Icons is a great way to show off your fandom.

  • Try to match up the photos in our new sponsor game Garfield: Matching Madness.

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