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4th and 5th May - Hissi Day

  • If you have the correct paint brush, Hissis can now be painted Zombie and Checkered at the Rainbow Pool!

  • A new Random Contest has begun! Good luck to all the entrants, and congratulations to last week's winners.

  • The next round of the Beauty Contest is about to begin! Head on over and vote for your favourite. You can also take a look at the three winners of the last round! Congratulations to Scorch90054, Kummi, and Tenderchubchubby!

  • The Bakery is now offering Hissi-themed cupcakes that were created just to celebrate Hissi Day!

  • The Poems page contains a new selection of works, including titles such as 'Echo The Ghostly Knight' and 'My Hissi Lunchbox'.

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Keep your eyes open for great stories and adventures like Beneath the City and Safety Deposit Box Scouts.

  • Hissis everywhere! Check out all the Hissi images that are up on display at the Art Gallery. :)

  • Cap'n Threelegs is offering free training to Hissis who visit him on Hissi Day.

  • Can't wait to dress up? There are two brand new outfits for Hissis to choose from at the Clothing Shop.

    I feel fancy!

  • We heard some odd clinking and clanking around the Castle Nox Corridor of Chance, so we went to investigate. It looks like for this weekend only the Transfabulator is mistakenly giving away NC items from the first launch of the Corridor of Chance! Keep on listening though, the malfunctioning Transfabulator may be giving out items from previous launches each weekend this month.

    What's behind the door, you ask? Find out with Castle Nox Corridor of Chance Keys - just beware, they will be gone... FOREVER after May 27th. (Also, this weekend is your last chance to pick up Blumaroll Travelling Cases before they also roll out for good!)

3rd May

  • Daily Faerie Quests are here! Visit every day to have a random quest assigned to you. Once you complete each task, you will receive a reward from the faerie you assisted. (And if you visit every day, Queen Fyora will award you with an extra special prize at the end!)

  • 'An Ode To Cookie Neggs', 'Magma Petpet Paint Brush', and more Poems titles are available for your enjoyment.

  • Whether you have a SUPER appetite, or barely enough room for a snack, the Neopian Health Foods shop has just the soups for you!

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Green Tentacle. 554 people guessed correctly, earning them 3,611 NP each.

  • Welcome to 6318 Kass St. - potential_ruler's Neohomes Spotlight winning residence in Darigan Citadel!

  • Winston the Spyder has won the Petpet Spotlight this week!

  • If you have the right Petpet Paint Brush handy, you can now visit the Petpet Puddle to have your Darblat or Gwalla painted Water!

  • There is a brand new page of images up for view at the Art Gallery!

2nd May - Lupe Day

  • Hoorah for Lupe Day! Lupes can now visit the Rainbow Pool to get painted Biscuit. And if they are lucky, they might get zapped into 8-Bit at the Lab Ray!

  • Codswobble's Petpage, 'Loveneo!', has won the Site Spotlight this week!

  • This week's PPL award has been given to the Purple Cirrus. Well done Fluffs, Cloudy, Thunder, marshmallowfluff, and all the others.

  • A new Lenny Conundrum competition has begun. The answer to last week's was Djuti. 3422 people guessed the correct answer earning themselves 1169 NP each.

  • Kauvara's Magic Shop has two new potions for sale. These potions will change you into a Lupe!

  • Fireblaster1000's cave, 'Improbably', has won Kreludor Cave Of The Week!

  • Bonju has taken a break from cooking long enough to challenge everyone at Better Than You! Better defeat him fast so his dishes don't get ruined!

  • Celebrate Lupe Day with Poems titles such as 'Hulgar The Werelupe' and 'The Triumph Of The Dire Lupe'!

  • The Art Gallery has a selection of wonderful Lupe related images for you to admire!

  • Lupes, don't forget to visit Cap'n Threelegs on Lupe Day for free training!

  • The Clothing Shop is now offering two new outfits for Lupes to wear.

    Time to cook up something new!

  • The 5th and final NC Collectible from the Defenders of Neopia series has arrived! Qasalan Mummy Collector's Shirt will make any pet look fashionably undead. This collectible will only be available for the month of May at the NC Mall. Better start shuffling over there now! (Mummies take a while to get anywhere.)

1st May

  • There is nothing like reading a guide written by a Neovian. Head on over to the Neovian Printing Press if you would like to pick up their latest books today!

  • Belliana's lovely Spring-themed lookup has won User Lookup of the Week. Congratulations! :)

  • Visit juicyballetdancer's Gallery Spotlight winning gallery and just 'Dance! Dance! Dance!'

  • A talented Neopian must have crafted the latest items from the Toy Shop. These balloons look just like a Quiggle and Bori!

  • Oh, dear. There appears to be a very oblivious Lupe in today's Caption Contest image...

  • There is a new Mystery Pic competition. The answer to the last one was Scores Galore Spring New Features Banner. 327 people guessed correctly, earning them 6,117 NP each.

  • We hope you like today's selection of Art Gallery images as much as we do!

  • Did you hear? When you redeem a Nickelodeon Game Card you might receive an all-new bonus item! What could they be? Click here to find a retailer near you and see what you get! :)

30th April

  • Tyrannian Battleground! - It seems that the boons bestowed by the oracle have faded and the battlefield has been cleared for the next skirmish. It's again time for the factions to fight to claim the oracle's blessing for themselves! The oracle will choose three factions (excluding the previous winner) to fight in each Battleground. Choose a faction to support, aid your fellows in battle, and be rewarded!

  • Now you can take Plumpy with you wherever you go! This new plush wearable from the Neopian Gift Shop looks so pleased to be accompanying you on your travels.

    Plumpy looks like this even when he's smiling...

  • This week's brand new Story Telling beginning was sent in by dr_tomoe.

    "At last!" Sachiel declared. "I'm here! My vacation can finally begin!"

    The Lupe practically jumped off the ship once it docked on Mystery Island. The sun was shining brightly overhead in the tropical paradise. The sea breeze carried the smell of salt and the gentle sounds of waves crashing along the beach filled the air...

  • The Chocolate Factory is offering some new marshmallows up for sale! These marshmallows are shaped just like Plumpies and Flouds. Aww, how could you eat them?

  • Kogecookie the Cybunny has won the Pet Spotlight this week!

  • Congratulations go out to an and Zevv! Each has proven spiffier than the rest in the Customisation Spotlight. Voting for this week's contest has begun. Good luck to this week's entrants!

  • The Poems page has new titles up! Please check out such works as 'Ode To The Shop Wizard' and 'Inside Of My Closet'!

  • Is that a new mystery capsule in the NC Mall? It's difficult to see from here without our contacts in. ;) But hey, now you can look around with new eyes with the Assorted Contacts Mystery Capsule #2! They probably won't help you see better though...

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