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21st and 22nd March
  • Happy Chomby Day! Cap'n Threelegs is offering free training to any Chomby that visits him today. And the surprises won't stop there… next week, new paint brushes and other surprises will be made available to this special species. Stay tuned!

  • New winners have been chosen in the Beauty Contest! Check them out and head on over to vote for your favourite option in this latest round of competition. Congratulations to Sanis, Kassilay, and water_hydus!

  • This Monday March 23rd is your last chance to rule the desert with the Queen of the Lost Desert Dress! Check out this MiniMME in the NC Mall and see what is in store for this two-stage experiment before it's too late!

  • Start off your weekend with the brand new Sparkling Rainbow Gift Box Mystery Capsule! Head over to the NC Mall today to get this sparkly surprise!

20th March

  • When was the last time that you stopped by the Geraptiku ruins? If you are in the market for pesky… err, we mean "precious" Petpet, then you might be overdue for a visit to the Geraptiku Petpets Shop. Two new Gumblesh Petpets await on the shores of Mystery Island! Do you dare to venture through these chilling ruins?

    The Gumblesh can be difficult to tame, so taking on these little critters is no easy feat. However, this fanciful Faerie Gumblesh is perfect for any Neopian looking for a bit of magic and mystery in the dark and daunting corners of the Lost City.

    Or if the Starry Gumblesh is more your style, keep your eyes open for this feisty creature next time the shelves of this Geraptiku Shop are restocked

19th March

  • Today, plushies galore line the shelves of the Toy Shop! Have you been busy adding to your collection? Keep your eyes to this Neopian shop as we restock with a few rare collectibles -

    Magical Electric Lupe Plushie

    Magical Cloud Lupe Plushie

    Magical Fire Lupe Plushie

    Magical Starry Lupe Plushie

    Loyal and brave, Lupes are always ready for adventure no matter what challenges might be heading their way! There is no telling what magical mysteries await with these particular plushies.

  • All-new Easter Grams have arrived in the NC Mall! There will be four grams releasing this year starting with the Gothic Easter Gram. These grams allow you to choose from exclusive themed items to send to a Neofriend (or yourself if you want); no gift box needed! Each gram has a chance of including a Limited Edition NC item. Show some Easter love!

18th March

  • Got to collect them all... the plushies that is! Anyone that knows anything about Zafaras knows that besides their adventurous spirit they are known for bringing about good luck (err... or something like that). Give this angry Zafara plushie something to smile about by adding it to your collection!

    But sure, Zafaras aren't for everyone, so why not visit the Toy Shop today to see what other items we have stocked on the shelves, including this angry (yet loveable) Aisha!

  • Phantoms and ghouls that have escaped from the Haunted Woods - have you joined the efforts of our professional team of Ghoul Catchers yet? Now you can connect with Brave Bren and Glyn in even MORE ways by downloading the Ghoul Catchers mobile game direct from the iTunes App OR Google Play stores (*looks excitedly over at your Android device* yay!). Download and play today or begin this quest with your fellow Neopians at the Facebook App Center!

17th March- Illusen Day

  • A certain Earth Faerie's reach is stretching far beyond the Kingdom of Meridell today. While Jhudora might not be too thrilled about all the pomp and circumstance... we are glad to report that it's Illusen Day!

  • Looking for some added luck before attempting a few tasks at Illusen's Glade? *Crosses fingers* that you might find one of these Potted Shamrock plants in stock at the Neopian Gift Shop.

  • What's a celebration without a little cake, right? Share a slice of our latest festive faerie treat to mark Illusen Day! Everyone's favourite Earth Faerie has even gone as far as to share her family's secret cake recipe with the bakers at the Neopian Fresh Foods Shop! *drool*

  • There's no denying that Illusen's long locks have been the envy of many faerie fans. Perhaps this golden brush from her growing collection of trinkets and treasures will be just the thing to get her gorgeously groomed look? Head to the Grooming Parlour to find out!

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