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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

9th and 10th May
  • Calling all Neopian philatelists or uhh… stamp collectors (for all you newbies)! Two never-before-seen stamps are out at the Post Office.

    With no doubt, the Cybunny is a symbol of the spring season! That’s why this Cybunny on a Cycle stamp is surely worth acquiring. Add one to your collection, today!

  • If you happen to be that rare breed of Neopian who collects both stamps and Usuki dolls, there’s something for you too. Check out the all-new Usuki Doll stamp!

  • With the Altador Cup X just around the corner, it is time for the big decision. Which team will you join or support? Stay tuned…more Altador Cup news coming your way soon!

    Oh and don’t forget - if you have prize points remaining from last year’s tournament, you better hurry and redeem them now!

  • Congratulations to the latest set of Beauty Contest winners - Gastawn, Nukua, and Meihuaquan! Head on over to check out these top 3 entries or vote for your favourite submission in this next round of competition!

  • The Art Gallery has just been updated! Enjoy a number of awesome art pieces that honour some of our most popular species.

8th May
  • Sutek’s Scrolls has just stocked their shelves with a few new items, starting with A Manual for Raiding Tombs! A truly useful skill if we do say so ourselves.

  • But maybe, raiding tombs is not your thing? If that’s the case, The Disappearing Scroll might be worth a gander. Next time you spot this special scroll, be sure to grab it before it disappears!

  • The latest round of competition in the Beauty Contest will be coming to a close very soon! Have you been by to cast your vote? There’s still time to help choose our winners!

7th May
  • Craving new hot dog flavours? Those of you with more "refined" tastes might opt for the Caviar Hot Dog that combines the best of two worlds. This savoury treat is the perfect balance of laid-back comfort and rich flavour.

  • If you are less particular when it comes to food, there is Last Summer’s Hot Dog. As the saying goes, old can be gold but occasionally, with traces of mold.

  • Have you heard? The Art Gallery has been updated in honour of the recently celebrated Hissi Day! Don’t miss out on viewing all of these inspiring works of Neopian Art.

  • BIG news, Neopia - the Kadoatery is back online! Have you done your part to help keep each Kadoatie happy until its owner returns?

6th May
  • Sweet smells have been coming from The Bakery. What could that scent of decadence be? Pop in for a bowl of freshly made caramel corn. This sweet and savoury treat is sure to please.

  • And the sweet treats don't stop there! After all, good things come in pairs, don't you think? Dig in to some Pterimisu! Lucky for you... this delectable dessert was made with a recipe that came straight out of the kitchen of a famed Pteri pastry chef.

  • Is your new Hissi slithering around Neopia? Without further delay, we are excited to announce that the water paint brush can now be used on this special species at the Rainbow Pool.

5th May - Hissi Day (late)
  • Happy Hissi Day! When was the last time that you slithered down to the Rainbow Pool? Rumour has it that a new colour will be available for this species later this week. Have you ever seen a Water painted Hissi before?

  • Today, your Hissi can pick up a trick or two for free from none other than the famed Cap'n Threelegs. What are you waiting for? Head over to the academy already!

  • If you've been waiting to own a Hissi, then today is your day! We are releasing a LIMITED number of these special species throughout the day in honour of Hissi Day.

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