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27th June
  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But, lo and behold, you can't see this piece of pure bliss! This special handmade Invisible Cookie tastes far better than those deceptively delicious-looking delicacies. Head to The Bakery and see if you can find it.

  • Who doesn't love munching on short crust pastries? Here's a half-eaten one that a Neopet left at The Bakery. So what if you couldn't get the whole of it! Half of this superlative pastry is as good as the whole, if not better.

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners - Cymron, Ilthigor, and Pizedi! Head on over to check out the top 3 entries or take the time to vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with Altador Cup inspired works of art. Go there now to check it out!

  • The newest issue of the Neopian Times has been released. Take in some of the stories before getting your questions answered in this week’s Editorial!

  • Today is also the last day of the Altador Cup Staff Tournament. The final results will be out soon!

26th June
  • If your Neopet has a sweet tooth, indulge those cravings once in a while and head to the Chocolate Factory. Our latest creation is not for those with a squeamish appetite, though. A luscious layer of toffee caramel on an exotic Neopian brain results in - wait for it - the Toffeed Brain! Ready to try it out?

  • You ever heard of tuna and chocolate uttered in the same sentence? It's time you gave it a thought - Smoked Tuna on Chocolate Toast is here! Get it from the Chocolate Factory.

  • A new Mystery Picture has arrived. Enter for a chance to win a piece of the 2,000,000 Neopoint prize pool today! The first 250 people winners will also get a special bonus prize!

  • Hurray! The final round of the Altador Cup is all set to begin! Where is your team placed? Are you doing enough to help your team win? Get going, this is your last opportunity!

  • NC MALL NEWS: A quick update on the current ewallet transition - Neocash Card redemption will remain unavailable through June 30th, as we continue with scheduled maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. After this date, you will be able to redeem your cards on the site to collect your NC. Additionally, we will be extending the Altador Rising event through July 5th for those unable to purchase their time turners. Thank you!

25th June
  • If you want to spend the Month of Relaxing listening to the soothing sounds of nature, the Music Shop has a Leafy Lyre waiting for you! The perfect instrument to capture the music of petals opening, grass growing and answers blowing in the wind.

  • This musical instrument is guaranteed to make you stand out. Steal the spotlight with this Personality Enhancing Ukulele, only available at the Music Shop. It can draw quite a crowd, we've been told, as it gives one the appearance of being interesting!

  • Think you can beat Sergeant Barkley in this week's challenge game - Warf Rescue Team? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

  • Round 4 of the Altador Cup will be coming to a close soon. Don't forget to keep submitting your top scores!

24th June
  • This one couldn't have come out at a better time. With the Altador Cup in full swing, 'The Key to being an Altadorian' is the perfect book to pick up and read. Head to the Neovian Printing Press and get your hands on a copy.

  • Summer is incomplete without delectable desserts. And if your Neopets think they have had their fill of desserts (like there's any real chance of that happening!), there's still '10,001 Chocolate Cake Recipes' to choose from. Find the book at Booktastic Books.

  • Kiko Lake, Kreludor and Lost Desert have taken the top spots in the Altador Cup's overall standings! Where does your team stand?

  • Rumours have been spreading about some sandwich that has been taking Neopia by storm, but lets get something straight... you saw no sandwich! In fact, there is no sandwich. Got it? Now look over there *points in every direction but here*!

23rd June
  • Beat the sultry summer blues by sipping on a refreshing cup of iced coffee with a shot of sinful double cream! Head to The Coffee Cave for this super special Double Cream Mocha.

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Don't forget to come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

  • NC MALL NEWS: Are you ready for the final installment of the Altador Cup history? Turn back time with The Kickoff Once Upon a Time Turner and explore a time and place long before the Altador Cup became the prestigious tournament we know and love today. Get your time turner at the NC Mall so you can race through the past.

  • Altador Cup X continues! Keep submitting your top scores to help your team secure a top spot in the event rankings.

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