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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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27th thru 31st May – Yurble Day
  • Happy Yurble Day! Soon you will be able to visit the Rainbow Pool to paint your Yurbles in exciting new colours, like sponge or woodland, in honour of its special theme day!

    Sponge Yurble Woodland Yurble
  • Don’t forget that Cap’n Threelegs offers free training to any Yurble that visits him on Yurble Day!

    Cap'n Threelegs
  • A new selection Poems has been published to mark Yurble Day! Now you can enjoy a few verses from pieces like, "Pssssttt....It's Yurble Day!” or "Behold, the Yurble Raider!”

  • If your Yurble knows a thing or two about food, they might yearn for this new Chef outfit which will be added to the stock at the Clothing Shop!

    Chef Yurble
    Chef Yurble Hat Chef Yurble Shirt Chef Yurble Shoes Chef Yurble Spatula Chef Yurble Trousers
  • The latest issue of the Neopian Times has been released! Check out some of the great new stories like "Of Crepes and Coffee,” or read through the Editorial for the answers to some of the most buzzed-about questions around Neopia.

    Neopian Times
  • Get yourself something special this weekend at Kiko Lake Treats like the new Kiko Taffy pieces in Spaghetti and Pizza flavours!

    Pizza Kiko Taffy Spaghetti Kiko Taffy
  • A new Mystery Picture has arrived. Go there now to submit your best guess for a chance to win a piece of the next prize pool!

    Mystery Picture
  • And last but not least... Monday is a holiday in the US, so the Neopets office is closing early for the week. We will be back on Tuesday with updates to the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, and more – stay tuned!

  • NC MALL NEWS: Last Chance! Loic's latest batch of Dyeworks have been such a hit, they're almost sold out! They'll be leaving the Dyeworks Studio on May 31st, so be sure to stop by the NC Mall now to pick up Hue Brew Potions and get these goodies before they're gone!

    Umbrella Dress Flowers
26th May
  • Pre-Tournament Press has come to an end, which means sign-ups for Altador Cup XI, start today. Head to the Colosseum to secure your spot in the tournament! Details on this year’s event, which include a few rule changes can be found on the updated FAQ page or official TNT board.

    Altador Cup XI
  • A new selection of motes will be moving into Brightvale Motery as they’ve just announced that the Day Mote and Night Mote will be added to their rotating stock of items!

    Day Mote Night Mote
  • A new selection Poems has been published to mark Koi Day! Now you can enjoy a few verses from pieces like, "Ode to the Koi!” or "Koi Warriors.”

  • Think you can beat The Bug Brothers in this week's challenge game - Smug Bug Smite? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

    Better Than You
25th May - Koi Day
  • In honour of Koi day, this special species will soon be taking on new colours at the Rainbow Pool. Which will you choose - stealth or biscuit?

    Biscuit Koi Stealthy Koi
  • Don’t forget that Cap’n Threelegs offers free training to any Koi that visits him on Koi Day!

    Cap'n Threelegs
  • Thinking about dressing your Koi up on its special theme day? These ragdoll inspired items are on their way to the Clothing Shop!

    Ragdoll Koi
    Ragdoll Koi Apron Ragdoll Koi Dress Ragdoll Koi Wig
  • Let’s hear it for all the teams heading into Altador Cup XI! As of today Mystery Island and Faerieland have been announced in Pre-Tournament Press, as the last two teams in the lineup! Which will you be rooting for?

    Altador Cup XI
  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, kaseyam, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their Faeries-themed lookup page.

    User Lookup of the Week - kaseyam
  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Check out the winning selection, titled "Aquatic Toy Shop,” which is owned by moonlightfountain!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a wonderful array of Koi-inspired pieces! Did any of your works of art make the cut?

    Art Gallery
24th May
  • The team at Exotic Foods has uncovered some treats that are almost too cute to eat (almost…)! If you’re lucky, you might just catch the Pandaphant Sushi or Sandan Bite when they restock this shop.

    Pandaphant Sushi Sandan Bite
  • Will you be backing Lost Desert or Shenkuu in Altador Cup XI? They’ve just been added to the tournament. Catch up on all the Pre-Tournament Press to learn more!

    Altador Cup XI
  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Don't forget to come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

    Customisation Spotlight Customisation Spotlight
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