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Visit this page for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site - games, items, contests, and loads of other stuff. We update every weekday so there's always something new to see!

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NOTE: This page is archived and is no longer updated, so there may be broken links. In other words, click at your own peril!

1st and 2nd December
  • Sadly, there will be no more spotlights for this weekend - including Thursday's and Friday's usual spotlights. We should be back up and running in no time, though!

  • It seems Kaia's visions are actually changing, what could this new message mean? Also, the Faeries have encountered a new wraith! Saddle up and start battling, these wraiths aren't going to fight themselves.

  • Looks like The Coffee Cave is brewing something new, it's Frozen Hot Chocolate!

  • The Month of Celebrating has begun, and the Winter Starlight Celebration is back in full swing at Terror Mountain! Head there now to take in all of the festive splendor, including the Advent Calendar. Visit daily to enjoy festive animations and collect your prize!

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners- Olpion, Influence, and DarkNastyGoo! Head over to the contest page to check out the top 3 entries or vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a random assortment of submissions to get you through the weekend. Check them out!

  • A new issue of the Neopian Times is coming soon! You'll be able to check out some of the great new stories from the issue or read through the Editorial for the answers to some of the most buzzed-about questions around Neopia.

  • NC MALL NEWS: The NC Mall has released the final NC Collectible of the Family Ties series! See through Lanie and Lillie's eyes with the all new Collector's Contacts! Gaze into this world and beyond to see things you truly can't imagine....

  • MORE NC MALL NEWS: December is here! And so is Stocking Stufftacular! It's the time to spread joy and to head over to the Holiday Shop! Pre-sale begins this weekend for your Stocking Stufftacular ticket packs! So get your packs from the NC Mall and hang your stockings before your stocking stuffers get delievered on December 8th!

30th November -Xweetok Day
  • Update: This just in!!! Fyora wants to thank everyone for their continued effort in helping to battle, decode and concoct everything necessary to rid of this Wraith. And although we've made considerable progress, word is, that there is more to worry about than just this one wraith…they're saying….there might be more…… Well, stay tuned here, this is the first place we'll know any further updates.

  • Games Master Challenge: (late) What a success Games Master Challenge was this year! HUUUGE congratulations to all the users who gamed hard and won this year's challenge amoung the Living! Although the Dead showed a strong effort, Life was the one to prevail in the end! Thanks for taking the challenge, AAA will be eagerly awaiting for you next year!

  • Hip hip Hoooray! It's Xweetok Day! There are all new colours in the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray, welcoming Wraith and Transparent Xweetok!

  • The Clothing Shop has just the thing for your inner flower child, with all new apparel for Xweetok Day!

  • Think you can beat Meuka in this week's challenge game – Snot Splatter? A new Better Than You contest has begun. Go there now to submit your best score!

  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 630 – Starry Surzard!

  • A new selection of Poems awaits to celebrate Xweetok Day! Did any of your verses make the cut?

  • NC MALL NEWS: Can you believe it? The Month of Celebrating is almost upon us! Which means the NC Mall Holiday Shop is officially open for business! So pop on in and make merry because the time to shop till you drop has finally come!

  • MORE NC MALL NEWS: ‘Tis the season for shopping, specifically for the Gift of NC! Treat your neopets this year to a few goodies, and earn BONUS NC while you are already holiday shopping!

29th November
  • Looks like the Bakery has whipped up a Purplum pie and some yummy Jelly Biscuits, the perfect comfort foods for the cold weather!

  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, vampchik_999, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their Wraith Resurgence inspired lookup page.

  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Don’t miss out on seeing the winning selection, titled "Xweetok Tsatskes,” which is owned by minnesotan!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a wonderful array of submissions in honour of Usul Day and upcoming Xweetok Day! Don’t miss out on seeing them for yourself!

28th November - Usul Day
  • In honour of Usul Day, dip into the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray as we debut this Neopet in shades of woodland and swamp gas style.

  • Don’t forget that Cap'n Threelegs offers free training to any Neopet that visits him on their special theme day!

  • It's time to fight! Claim what's rightfully yours in your all new Usul Armour from the Clothing Shop. With this rough and tough Warrior Suit you'll be protected from head to toe!

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Come by to see the top submissions now that we have announced this week's winners.

  • A brand new Story Telling tale was submitted by fire_earth_aqua__77. Go check out the beginning of Story 796, before submitting your own additions!

  • A very special shout out to chantili_doce and their Maraquan Draik, Jaru, for winning this week's Neopet Pet Spotlight!

  • Congratulations to the latest Beauty Contest winners – Ursim, Veno, and Balllonists! Head over to the contest page to check out the top 3 entries or vote for your favourite entry in the next round of competition!

  • The Art Gallery has been updated with a wonderful array of submissions to get you through the week. Don’t miss out on seeing them for yourself!

  • Final Reminder for this month's Caption Contest! Make sure to submit those last minute votes for the November Caption Contest, as they will be ranked and the winners will be awarded amazing prizes. Then before you know it, our new December caption contest will be here!

  • A new selection of Poems awaits from our Usul Day Special! Did any of your verses make the cut?

  • NC MALL NEWS: Last Reminder! As Fall winds down to a close, so does the Fall Shop. Today is the last day for the Fall Shop, so go grab all your last minute items to commemorate this amazing season!

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