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19th July
  • Sweet, salty, chewy, and round- it's the Salted Kiko Popcorn Ball! Get yours now at Kiko Lake Treats so you can enjoy a tasty snack while riding on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour!

  • Take a close look and give it your best guess on this week's Mystery Picture! It looks familiar doesn't it? You only have a week to give your answer, and if you answer correctly then you'll get some sweet rewards! Don't miss out!

  • NC MALL NEWS: Another Birthday treat awaits you in the NC Mall! This 12th Birthday Garden Party Wish Candle is sweet and baked to perfection, but not only that - once you blow out this wish candle, you will get one of five exclusive fantasy worthy birthday items! And if you are really lucky, there is also a chance of getting a super exclusive bonus item. ;)

  • Hey Neopians! We won't be reporting any news, spotlights, Neopian Times, etc. since TNT will be away at Comic Con. Have a great weekend and we'll see you at the convention - or back here on Monday! Thanks!

18th July
  • Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding at the Staff Tournament Prize Shop, you may have been shown an incorrect amount as your available prize points. However, we have spoken to the cashier and sorted things out, so you should now have no problem spending all the points you earned. Happy shopping!

  • This Burlap Kiko PB will give your Neopet the home-made, patched-together charm it always wanted. And who could say "no" to that lifeless button eye? Whether you find it creepy or adorable, this PB colour is now available at the Rainbow Pool - so go give it a look! .)

  • EEK! This new Spyder Kiko Outfit makes your Neopet look like a giant Spyder! If that's the style you're looking for, then crawl over to Uni's Clothing Shop to capture this look!

  • These Kiko Day Poems are stealing the show! Check them out and then recite them to your Kikos!

  • Don't forget there is free training for all pets on their day! Today all Kikos get FREE training from Cap'n Threelegs, so head on over and get your training on!

  • Do you have what it takes to challenge Mason in Better Than You? Fancy taking up the challenge and winning some wonderful prizes? Play now!

  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for week 712 - Zombie Neucloop. If you get a Neucloop upset, it may give you a nasty sting.

  • NC MALL NEWS: *sighs* Isn't it nice? The smell of flowers, the warmth of the sun, and this 12th Birthday Garden Party Cupcake? You know what's even nicer? This Birthday Cupcake is totally FREE! So make sure you claim it at the NC Mall!

17th July
  • The Altador Cup Staff Tourney Prize Shop has opened its doors and welcomes players to step inside and grab some cool prizes! Head on down today!

  • Kiko Lake Treats has a new Gelupepper Kiko Drink! We're glad it's a gelupepper and not a cornupepper drink... that would be painful!

  • Don't forget to congratulate fellow Neopian, table, for winning User Lookup of the Week with their Scorchio inspired lookup page!

  • The Gallery Spotlight has been updated. Be the first to see this winning selection, titled "1 Fruit 1 Recipe" by bojackh_!

  • We've got so much art for Kiko day that the Art Gallery has 2 pages full of them! There's lots to look at, so get started now!

  • NC MALL NEWS: Today is the last day to claim the 12th Birthday Iridescent Cupcake! Tomorrow a new one will take its place, so act fast!

16th July
  • Tuskaninny day was so great that the Tropical Food Shop didn't want the celebrations to end just yet! So they got these new Flatfruit Tuskaninny Ice Creams for Neopians to enjoy. Get one today!

  • A brand new Story Telling tale was submitted by jokerless. Go check out the beginning of Story 825 before submitting your own additions!

  • The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Come by to see this week's winners and top submissions!

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