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Week - 158

The Disappearance of Choppy: Part One
by charmedhorses
Description: The baby Uni tossed several other plushies out of her way, but returned from her closet without having retrieved the cherished Choppy. She glanced quickly over her unmade bed and frowned. Where could he be?

Week - 159

The Disappearance of Choppy: Part Two
by charmedhorses
Description: Over the time of her life Indipsi had learned that the toy shop had almost everything a Uni could possibly want. She was sure it would come through for her once more.

Week - 162

by charmedhorses
Description: Over dinner that night Indipsi begged her owner into telling her about her many trips to the mystical land. The only place that even compared to the country in her mind was Mystery Island.

Week - 164

Costume Perfection
by charmedhorses
Description: All the way to her Neohome Indipsi thought of the upcoming holiday. Halloween was only a week away and though Indipsi had read many stories, the truth was that she didn't have any costume ideas.

Week - 167

Wet Paint
by charmedhorses
Description: Ramoose grimaced and was about to speak up again when SeaZ0ne said, "Back to what I was saying. Our Neohome's looking a little ragged."

Week - 170

Set for Santa
by charmedhorses
Description: This year Charmed and Indipsi were going full out. They were going to turn their entire hill of property into a rightful place of holiday cheer...

Week - 174

by charmedhorses
Description: "I love it out here. It's just too bad we couldn't make some sort of profit off of it. I'm not real into Neopoints, as you know, but a girl's gotta eat."

Week - 177

A Study of Valentine's Day
by charmedhorses
Description: “What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

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