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Week - 171

As Much as a Bori Can Take
by kudou
Description: Aggrajagg the Korbat has it bad for the Soup Faerie. Hilarity ensues.

Week - 174

As Much as a Bori Can Take!
by kudou
Description: Could be worse...

Week - 175

As Much as a Bori Can Take
by kudou
Description: If you like rare food AND soup, you can't lose!

Week - 176

Tantei Magouichi
by kudou
Description: The things that a Buzz has to do for a living...

Week - 177

As Much As a Bori Can Take
by kudou
Description: He's the best....aro-o-ound!

Week - 178

As Much as a Bori Can Take
by kudou
Description: Bori not included.

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