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Week - 185

The Legend of Hannah: The Pirate Caves - Part One
by riorocks68
Description: She had always wanted a life of danger, yet nothing ever happened in the isolated island of Krawks...

Week - 186

The Legend of Hannah: The Pirate Caves - Part Two
by riorocks68
Description: Once she had every thing she needed, she took the map out of her pocket and let it guide her to the caves. All though, it was near the Academy, Hannah still had difficulty finding it.

Week - 187

The Legend of Hannah: The Pirate Caves - Part Three
by riorocks68
Description: Although she had found her prize and could now find a way out, she felt like something was still deep within the caves that she had to find. But she tried to ignore this thought, as much as she could, and tried to find a way out

Week - 188

The Legend of Hannah: The Pirate Caves - Part Four
by riorocks68
Description: Pirates! the word buzzed in Hannah's ears, as she could not imagine what else could be worse at this time. She started to run down the tunnel again, sometimes turning and changing directions.

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