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Week - 208

Top Ten Petpet Household Appliances
by candykitty
Description: Not many people have noticed, but Petpets also make the most fabulous temporary HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES when your toaster is broken or you’ve lost the scissors!

Week - 213

I Dare You
by candykitty
Description: "Oh, come on, Polly," she sighed, watching the devastated expression on her friend's face. "I'm only asking you to do it once…"

Week - 222

Head in the Clouds
by candykitty
Description: Do not pull.

Week - 223

The Power of Water
by candykitty
Description: "Come on, you guys!" she cried, swiveling back towards the open door of the Neohome. "It's a perfect day for a swim at the beach!"

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