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Week - 208

Buried Treasure
by 0riginal_sin
Description: What does it take to get that darn treasure!? Ooh! I know! LUCK! Grrrr.

Also by cyniska

Week - 228

Cloning for Dummes 101
by 0riginal_sin
Description: Even Sloth has to find new ways to make clones these days.

Week - 234

What's for Dinner, Turmy?
by 0riginal_sin
Description: This is what Turmaculus gets for trying to eat our petpets.

Week - 245

Must Find MEep COokies!
by 0riginal_sin
Description: After seeing this, you'll wonder why anyone would fear a meepit.

Week - 248

A Stock Broker's Best Friend
by 0riginal_sin
Description: Some of us just care way too much about our Neopoints.... MUAHAAHAHHA!

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