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Week - 236

The Callahan Files
by caloriemuncher
Description: Bored already?

Week - 240

The Callahan Files
by caloriemuncher
Description: There's an echo in here.

Week - 243

The Callahan Files
by caloriemuncher
Description: What could be taking so long?

Week - 248

So You Want to Be a Neopian Cartoonist, eh?
by caloriemuncher
Description: As soon as you're finished reading this, you'll be that much closer to being the next Neopian Times cartoonist.

Week - 247

The Callahan Files
by caloriemuncher
Description: What do you want?

Week - 249

To Work or Not to Work
by caloriemuncher
Description: "I'm serious! I really wanna work! You know I'm a really good worker - I manage the shop since Nelly isn't old enough! Please... I need some Neopoints! I can do it!"

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